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Blaine & Jane

please note: this entry is continued on the next page, too. yes, it's just that long.

listening to: "Roxanne", and quite appropriately

it feels like all of the people i ever knew in high school are completely gone to me now, as well as the people i met last year at utsa. they seem to have vanished entirely, a faint memory, and i see now that they have moved on to better places by their personal websites--facebook, myspace, xanga. they're happy, they're out living their lives. they're free. and so am i, but somehow i still feel tied down, bound to my strange addictions, one of them newfound which i will go into detail here. the people i have always known are scattered in more places than i can imagine, and for once i care that it's all gone. i never felt nostalgic about high school, i hated most of it and i know inside i would never want to return to that life. last year i was ecstatic about never seeing most of these people ever again, and i didn't miss them at all, nor did i want to be with them. but now i am at this gigantic school where a large number of us attend, yet i never see anyone i know. no face is a familiar one, except cristy's, and she and i are different as can be in more ways than you can imagine. i dream about my parents in a negative light, i dream about them controlling myself and my future. i don't want their voices in my head, and they're not. i just want to go away and not see them anymore, form new connections with people in my new city, and have a home here. or somewhere else, i don't know. oh to move to paris!

"Paris was a place you could hardly wait
If you felt you didn't fit in..."
- "One Way Out", The Allman Brothers Band

and i finally found out how to copy and paste from a soulseek chatroom! you just press Ctrl + C and voila copy.

and i've decided to make this diary always an underground operation, pretty much. i've revealed way too much of myself within these pages for anyone to see them and not think differently about me. i want people to understand, but not to hate me, and hate i fear is what people would do if they saw this. i will from here on out be happy as a clam typing away into the void, knowing nobody in my own life sees this, and i am determined to be satisfied that my thoughts and feelings are relieved by writing here. my new and first internet lover's name will be blaine, since i do not wish to reveal his real screenname in this diary. i don't want anybody getting on soulseek and finding him or crap like that. i guess i'm a bit jealous of what i have with him. i don't really want to believe he does this with other girls, although it's ridiculous to think he might not, which sucks. my fake soulseek name from here on out will be jane. it's a good name, too--i'm play an innocent little girl in this light...kind of. and besides, blaine and jane rhyme.

Disclaimer: i just want to warn you first that this entry is probably the most R-rated one that i've ever posted. if you're reading this and don't wish to read rough language, or about cyber sex, then this is not for you. i suggest that if you are this kind of person (and hey, i was once), you go look at some other entry. thanks. and yeah...i'm not kidding at all.

[jane] i have this adorable picture of carrie fisher--it's black and white, and she's in her white outfit giggling and covering her mouth
[jane] very out of character for leia of course, but it's how i think carrie fisher is
[jane] then again, maybe not, but i like to think so
(0:11) [blaine] that's awesome
[jane] i'll see if i can find it to show you
(0:17) * blaine notices she has let her guard down and kisses her neck
* Jane whispers softly in his ear
[jane] no
[jane] i wouldn't know what to say
[jane] and i don't now
(0:19) [blaine] "watch it or i'll drop kick you?"
[jane] heh
[jane] no
[jane] i don't know
* jane embraces blaine
(0:22) * blaine hugs her too and strokes her back
* jane rests her head on his shoulder
(0:23) * blaine wonders if she has fallen asleep on him
[jane] hahaha
[jane] no
* jane lifts her head and rests her lips on his
* jane massages his tongue with hers
(0:25) * blaine tastes like minty gum
* jane tastes like sweet raisins
[jane] ew. honestly i don't like raisins all that much. i just eat them because they're healthy
[jane] i'm going to change it
* Jane tastes like milk chocolate
(0:27) [blaine] haha
(0:27) * blaine thinks that she tastes like glosettes with that combination!
[jane] what are those?
(0:28) [blaine] glossette raisins and peanuts
[jane] chocolate covered raisins?
(0:28) [blaine] raisins or peanuts with chocolate
(0:28) [blaine] yeah!
[jane] ah
(0:28) [blaine] they're yummy
(0:28) [blaine] so then you would taste yummy too!
[jane] hahaha
* Jane tastes like glosettes then
[jane] which blends well with the mint
(0:29) [blaine] mint and chocolate go GREAT together!
[jane] yeah i love york mint patties!
[jane] they give me a sensation!
(0:31) [blaine] ooh la la
(0:31) * blaine likes it when she gets sensations ;)
[jane] hahaha
* jane nibbles his earlobes
[jane] do people actually like that?
[jane] i never understood it really
[jane] Blaaaaaaaine?
(0:33) [blaine] haha
(0:33) [blaine] i am right here jane!

(0:33) [blaine] just had to get himself some water
[jane] oh. ok, that's acceptable
(0:34) [blaine] and yeah, it can be nice, but kissing and lips and tongues around there is much nicer
* jane wouldn't want her blaine to get thirsty
* jane licks his earlobes
(0:36) * blaine thinks jane is absolutely sweet
* jane proves her sweetness by moving back to his mouth
(0:37) * blaine kisses jane gently
* jane presses up against him
* jane takes blaine's hands and leads him into the bathroom
(0:39) * blaine would follow jane almost anywhere
* jane turns the shower on and adjusts the temperature until the water is near scalding
(0:42) * blaine watches his little minx jane
(0:42) * blaine wonders what she has in store for him
* jane steps underneath the shower head, her clothes still on
* jane tells blaine to wait a moment
* jane takes off her clothes as fast as she can, throwing them out to him
* jane beckons him to come in
(0:44) * blaine catches jane's wet clothes and places them down
(0:44) * blaine does as jane wants. coming in with her
* jane kisses blaine deeply, struggling to rip his shirt off
(0:46) * blaine feels the hot water against his body, as well as one hot girl
* jane needs help taking off his clothes, his jeans are sticking to him because now he's all wet
(0:48) * blaine looks down at the bulge in his tighter fitting wet jeans and starts hauling them down with jane
* jane is stunned at the size and hardness of his cock
(0:49) * blaine's cock springs free, already in a state of arousal for his jane
* jane brings his head under the shower, running her fingers through his soaked hair
* jane takes the shower head from the wall and positions it above blaine's cokc
[jane] cock
[jane] oh no
(0:51) [blaine] don't worry sweetie
(0:51) * blaine gasps at the sensation
[jane] hahaha
(0:52) * blaine reminds jane that we all make mistakes
* jane returns the shower head to its sheath and bends down
* jane wraps her lips around his balls, suckling them
(0:54) * blaine watches his cock lift the rest of the way, hardening completely at jane's touch
* jane takes him in her mouth as far as she can swallow it, squeezing gently
* jane lets her wet fingers roam across his stomach
(0:56) * blaine groans and touches jane's wet hair
(0:56) * blaine thinks being in the shower like this is very very sexy
* jane continues her tight squeezing and sucking, and then runs her tongue up and down his cock
(0:58) * blaine opens his eyes and looks down at jane and can hardly believe how hot it is to see her doing that
* jane looks closes her eyes and continues
(0:59) * blaine loves the way jane's pink tongue looks caressing the head of his cock
* jane massages his bum
* jane swirls her tongue around his head, sucking only it
(1:01) * blaine groans loudly as jane works his most sensitive part
* jane continues to whip her tongue over this spot
* jane loves to make blaine crazy like this
(1:03) * blaine is getting so worked up, holding the back of jane's head
* blaine rubs the back of his calves
(1:04) * blaine lets slip out of his lips in spite of himself that he loves the way jane sucks his big cock
* jane thinks maybe he is about to come
* jane stands up and continues her work on his cock with her fingers
* jane returns to lick blaine's earlobes
(1:06) * blaine settles his breathing and tells his jane that he is nowhere near done with her yet
(1:06) * blaine growls in her ear that he needs to get his engorged cock inside of her body
* jane whispers in his ear
* jane "Lick me first!"
* jane "Come on, I'm not prepared!"
(1:07) * blaine teasingly asks his jane where
(1:07) * blaine's fingers trace along her stomach
* jane breathes hard
* jane "Come on, lick me!"
(1:08) * blaine runs his tongue along jane's lips and asks "here?"
(1:08) * blaine smiles wickedly
* jane "No, goodness, BLAINE!"
* jane whimpers
(1:08) * blaine leans over and circles his tongue around her nipple and asks again "here?"
* jane "Put your tongue on me!"
* jane "No! Come on now!"
* jane "Please...please, blaine, please!"
(1:09) * blaine loves seeing his little jane getting worked up
* jane "Lick my cunt!"
(1:09) * blaine is shocked at jane
* jane "Put your tongue on my pussy, blaine!"
* jane "PLEASE!"
(1:10) * blaine goes down on his knees in front of her
* jane shakes wildly
* jane wants blaine to hurry up
(1:10) * blaine pushes his face between jane's legs
* jane is up against the tile wall
(1:11) *blaine swirls his tongue around jane's clit
* jane exhales suddenly
* jane's chest heaves
(1:11) * blaine then takes his tongue and licks all the way from the bottom of her pussy lips and ends with a stroke against her clitoris
(1:12) *blaine does this again and again, getting a little quicker each time
* jane "Keep going!"
(1:12) * blaine hungrily laps at jane's pussy, loving how she tastes
* jane puts her fingers through his sexy red locks
(1:13) * blaine starts to suck on jane's clitoris
* jane shivers frantically
(1:13) *blaine pushes against it with the tip of his tongue as he does this
*jane cries, "Okay, OKAY!"
(1:14) *blaine can feel his jane's juices on his chin and loves turning her on
*jane "I'm ready for you now!"
(1:14) *blaine then ask
*jane "Come on, blaine!"
*jane "Stand up, stand up!"
(1:15) *blaine rises in front of jane
*jane hopes her blaine is still ready for her
(1:15) * blaine pulls jane up with him, holding her up against the tile wall
*jane glances down at his cock, still hard as ever
(1:16) * blaine has his arms hooked under jane's legs, holding her up with her back pressed against the wall
*jane loves being pinned to the wall like this
(1:16) *blaine tells jane to ask and he will give it to her like she wouldn't believe
* jane "I need it now!"
(1:17) * blaine "what do you need"
*jane whines, "Give it to me!"
(1:17) *blaine 'don't whine, just say it'
(1:17) *blaine 'be a good little girl and say what i want to hear'
*jane "Oh, Blaine! You know what I need!"
(1:18) *Blaine angrily growls in jane's ear 'SAY IT'
* jane "You're driving me crazy!"
* jane is helpless
(1:19) * blaine knows and likes this fact very much
* jane leans toward him and whispers in his ear
* jane narrows her eyes
* jane "Fuck me now. I'm ready."
(1:20) * Blaine pulls jane down hard, impaling her pussy with his rock hard cock
[jane] ouch!
[jane] impaling?!
(1:20) * blaine shivers as he feels jane open up around him
* jane loves it anyway
(1:21) * blaine keeps going until all of him is inside of jane and groans
* jane the mouth of her pussy stretches on the outside of his cock and squeezes
* jane won't let go
* jane lets out a heavy sigh
(1:22) * blaine savours the feeling of being buried inside of his beautiful jane
* jane loves to feel blaine penetrating her
* jane rotates her pelvis rythmically
(1:23) * blaine pushes against jane, trapping her between himself and the wall, loving how her breasts feel against his chest
* jane's breasts tingle with pleasure
(1:25) * blaine breathes heavily beside jane's ear
(1:25) * blaine can't believe how good her body feels with his
* jane moans and moves her head side to side
(1:26) * blaine matches jane's movements with his hips, keeping his cock buried deep inside of her
* jane loves the feeling of being in between the cold hard wall and his warm skin
* jane notices steam coming off of their bodies
(1:27) * blaine tells jane to wrap her legs around him
* jane does this, willingly
* jane can't wait for what's next
(1:28) * blaine puts his freed hands underneath of jane's ass and starts to lift her slowly off of his cock, before slowly letting her slide back down on it
(1:29) * blaine shivers as he feels her tight pussy all up and down the lenth of his cock
* jane finds herself looking at the ceiling again, eyes closed, gasping
* jane meets his eyes and stares intently
(1:30) * blaine lifts jane again and holds her when only the head of his cock is left in her
(1:31) * blaine looks in jane's eyes and asks her if she's ready
* jane asks, "Ready for what?"
(1:32) * blaine "ready to be fucked"
* jane "Come on, YES!"
* jane "Go!"
(1:33) * blaine "you want to be fucked do you?" pushing his cock inside of jane hard and then pulling back
* jane "Oh good grief! YES!"
* jane whimpers again
(1:33) * blaine "you want me to fill this pussy up with my cock?" pushing again harder
* jane "Yes! YES!"
* jane "Just do it!"
* jane "NOW!" Oh Blaine, Blaine I need it bad..."
(1:34) * Blaine "you like when i shove my cock in and out of you like this?" starting to fuck jane with a steady rhythm
* jane "I need it so bad..."
* jane sighs, so glad he didn't wait any longer
(1:35) * Blaine moves his hips back and forth, gaining momentum
* jane cries out
* jane's mouth falls open
(1:36) * Blaine "you don't want me to stop do you" fucking jane increasingly harder
* jane "No, NO! Keep going"
* jane "Don't stop!"
(1:37) * blaine "then stop talking like a good girl" stuffing jane's pussy with cock
* jane's eyelids are getting heavier and heavier
(1:38) * Blaine "i'll take this big cock out of you if i have to" pounding jane hard by this time, loving that she's against the wall, feeling so dominant over her
* jane knows she just needs to be teased sometimes
* jane shrieks
* jane "I need it Blaine don't you dare stop!"
(1:39) * Blaine "need what, damnit, tell me babygirl, god i love it when you do"
* jane "Fuck me! Keep fucking me! Don't let up!"
(1:40) * Blaine groans loudly
* jane shivers and feels the pulse between them
(1:40) * Blaine fucks jane so hard he can hear their hips meeting with each thrust
* jane is shocked at how fast Blaine can go
(1:41) * Blaine "good girl, god you are such a good girl for me" going deep and hard into jane
* jane groans, grasping his shoulders and clawing into his back
* jane's pussy tingles like mad
(1:43) * Blaine loves to hear jane making dirty noises and continues roughly fucking her body
(1:43) * Blaine's cock is so swollen and hard inside of his jane
* jane sighs softly and suddenly screams
* jane makes room for every last centimeter of him
(1:44) * Blaine loves the way his little jane's pussy fits him like a glove
* jane opens wide around his cock
(1:45) * Blaine 'god your pussy feels so fucking good'
* jane thinks she could do this for days on end
* jane "I love it when you come inside"
(1:46) * Blaine groans
* jane "You're welcome to come back any time"
(1:46) * Blaine chuckles and tells his jane to stop reminding him of "come"
* jane grins at him baring all her teeth
(1:47) * Blaine "is that what you want babygirl"
* jane loves his deep dark chuckle
(1:48) * Blaine "all you have to do is ask"
* jane "Blaine you know it's what I want"
* jane "What I NEED Blaine, what I NEED!"
(1:48) * Blaine "ask me like a bad little girl"
(1:48) * Blaine knows his balls are full of it for his jane
* jane "Don't leave now!"
* jane "Come on, Blaine! Blaine come ON!"
(1:49) * Blaine "what jane what, say it, beg for it"
(1:49) * Blaine can feel it stirring inside him
* jane "please Blaine,"
* jane "PLEASE!"
* jane is so impatient
* jane is being driven mad
(1:50) * Blaine angrily "FUCKING SAY IT JANE" his teeth clenched
* jane whines "Oh no, oh no!"
* jane "fuck me Blaine! fuck me until I can't do it anymore!"
(1:51) * Blaine growling "YES", fucking her animalistically, so close to unleashing it inside of her
* jane is relieved but shaking all at once
* jane chokes
* jane feels her breasts heaving up against his chest
(1:52) * Blaine feels his hot cum run up the shaft of his cock and burst into his jane's pussy
(1:53) * Blaine groans loudly
* Jane loves the feel of his warm liquid deep inside her especially amongst the heat of the shower water coming down around them
(1:53) * Blaine cums in burst after burst, his whole body shivering as he unleashes a full load inside of her
* jane screams in short screeches, one after another
(1:55) * Blaine "oh my god, oh jane!"
* jane orgasms with him
(1:56) * Blaine presses his lips tightly against hers
* jane cannot escape
* jane wouldn't want to anyway!
(1:56) * Blaine holds his jane so tightly against him
(1:57) * Blaine is still breathing so hard
* Jane puts her hands on his face, smoothing his hair, coaxing her baby back to normalcy
* Jane "Shhhhhh..."
* Jane rests Blaine's head on her chest
(1:58) * Blaine kisses her again "oh you were so wonderful" still inside of her, softening
* jane sighs softly
* jane "That was lovely."
* jane "Blaine."
(1:59) * Blaine kisses her so deeply
(2:00) * Blaine lifts her off of his cock setting jane down with her feet back on the tub floor
* jane places her fingers around his neck
* jane wipes water off of Blaine's face
(2:01) * Blaine wraps his arms around her
* jane is thisclose to him
* jane puts her head on his shoulder and her arms around him
* jane is contented
(2:02) * Blaine is completely
* jane sighs
(2:02) * Blaine picks his jane up and carries her out of the bathroom. laying her on the bed
* Jane grins, dizzier than she has ever felt
* Jane lays listless on the down comforter
* Jane is quite relaxed now
(2:04) * Blaine covers jane's body with his and kisses her neck, whispering that she's so lovely in her ear
* jane curls up, sighing some more
* jane brings him in close to her
* jane laughs at how wet the comforter is getting
* jane thinks they might ruin this comforter
(2:05) * Blaine didn't think things through and laughs as well
* jane whispers back to him
* jane "We always do have wonderful times, don't we?"
(2:07) * Blaine "that's a fact, whether we're being very good, or very bad" laughing
* jane chortles quietly
(2:08) * Blaine kisses jane again
(2:08) * Blaine "good jane and bad jane are both absolutely wonderful"
* Blaine silently enjoys his tongue next to hers
* jane holds him tighter for this
* a tear rolls down jane's cheek
(2:09) * Blaine kisses jane's cheek where the tear was
(2:10) * Blaine "why little jane"
* jane "I don't really know anymore."
(2:11) * Blaine "all i know is that there's nothing i'd rather be doing right now" and kisses jane again
* jane starts to sob, getting up off the bed
(2:12) * Blaine "jane! what's wrong!"
* jane closes her eyes and wipes the new tears from her cheeks
* jane says nothing, but continues to break down
(2:13) * Blaine stands up and wraps his arms around her
(2:13) * Blaine "tell me... please"
(2:14) * Blaine "was that your favourite comforter?"
* jane falls into his arms again and looks up into his eyes
* jane laughs lightly
* jane "No...i just...don't know."
(2:15) * Blaine "please jane, i can't bear to see you like this"
* jane "Thank you for being here."
(2:15) * Blaine "like i said, there's nowhere i'd rather be"
* jane "I'm just unhappy, I guess."
* jane "Blaine, you are so sweet to me."
* jane's tears stop falling
(2:17) * Blaine "everybody is a little unhappy jane, but i do what i can to make you feel good"
* jane "I just need sleep Blaine, sleep and you here."
* jane "Yes, yes you do."
(2:18) * Blaine "i want you to feel lucky to know me, like i do with you"
* jane "i feel very lucky, in some senses."
* jane pecks Blaine on the cheek
(2:19) * Blaine blushes
* jane smiles up at him
* jane "Blaine, let's go to sleep. I'll see you again in my dreams."
(2:21) * Blaine thinks that is a good idea
* jane crawls back into bed
(2:21) * Blaine "you wore me out you little fox"
(2:21) * Blaine crawls in with jane and pulls her so she's laying on top of him
* jane giggles
* jane gives Blaine a knowing smile
(2:21) * Blaine whispers in jane's ear "slide me inside of you and let's sleep like that, together"
[jane] do people actually do that? it sounds like might feel good
(2:22) [Blaine] i don't know, i just thought of it and got really turned on though
[jane] but would it be weird if you woke up
[jane] okay!
* jane reaches for his cock and rubs it up and down, warming him up again
(2:23) * Blaine loves jane's touch
(2:23) * Blaine hardens in jane's soft hand
* jane feels him go from hard to soft and shivers, crazed
(2:24) * Blaine was sleepy but is re-invigorated wow
* jane's pussy flexes like mad
* jane kisses her Blaine deeply
(2:26) * Blaine strokes jane's stomach knowingly, getting turned on thinking of his seed inside of his little girl
(2:27) * Blaine moves past and settles his fingers on her clitoris, stroking it in a small circle
* jane "Touch me."
* jane "Keep it up!"
(2:27) * Blaine strokes his fingers up and down her pussy lips
(2:27) * Blaine slides them inside of her, feeling how hot jane is inside
(2:27) * Blaine starts to work jane's clitoris intently with his newly lubricated fingers
* jane feels the warmth from his fingers
* jane "Put them back in!"
(2:28) * Blaine shoves his fingers back into jane, shaking with lust hearing her express what she wants
* jane shakes with delight!
(2:29) * Blaine starts fucking jane with his fingers
* jane "Pull them forward Blaine, please Blaine do it!"
(2:29) * Blaine makes a come here motion with his fingers, stroking against the front of jane's pussy
(2:30) [Blaine] 'come here'
* jane loves this more than ever!
* jane "Keep doing it, keep doing it!"
* jane "Tell me! Tell me to come!"
(2:31) * Blaine strokes the front of jane's pussy intently
(2:31) * Blaine "come for me jane, i know you want to, i want to feel you come"
* jane screams out
(2:31) * Blaine strokes jane's special spot again and again
* jane is almost there
* Blaine has reached it
(2:32) * Blaine "be a good girl and come for daddy, come jane, come on my fingers"
* jane "Okay, big guy. You want to slide on in?"
(2:33) * Blaine strokes faster and faster
(2:33) * Blaine can feel jane's pussy clutching his fingers
(2:33) * Blaine "grab it and put it inside, i know you want that cock"
* jane boy, does she!
* jane "I don't know Blaine!"
* jane "Can't you put it in me?"
(2:34) * Blaine laughs "are you scared little girl"
* jane "Blaine I know you need it! Do it!"
(2:35) * Blaine "or do you just want your man to take control of you"
* jane is angry now, and grabs Blaine's cock, thrusting it into her
* jane screams repeatedly
(2:36) * Blaine groans out as he once again penetrates his jane
(2:36) * Blaine "bad girl, very bad girl and now you're going to get fucked like one"
* jane "Oh Blaine...Blaine you're the best!"
(2:37) * Blaine moves his cock through jane's hot wet pussy
(2:37) * Blaine spanks jane's ass lightly with his hand
* jane feels him slipping inside of her and laughs loudly
* jane 's laugh echoes
(2:38) * Blaine "this cock belongs inside of you"
* jane "all the time, i want it all the time"
* jane "you're so good at this!"
(2:40) * Blaine spanks jane lightly again "tell me how much you love this cock"
* jane jumps at the touch of her lover's hand
* jane "Blaaaaaine..."
* jane "Blaaaaaine!"
* jane screams, trembling
(2:41) * Blaine hears jane moaning his name "that's not what i told you to say"
* jane "But...but BLAINE!"
(2:42) * Blaine "are you my bad little girl or aren't you"
* jane feels him, gloriously hard and pumping inside her
(2:42) * Blaine "i can take it out of you if that's what you want"
(2:42) * Blaine "tell me you love getting fucked my my big cock"
* jane "NO! Blaine i need it badly, i need it so much more than you know!"
* jane "oooh...Blaine it's so huge!"
(2:43) * Blaine "tell me you love it, tell me you love getting fucked by my cock"
* jane "i love how hard you get!"
* jane "Oh...ooooh..."
* jane "Blaine don't stop now! DON'T STOP!"
* jane shivers
(2:45) * Blaine "i will if you don't do what you're told, do what i say, when i say it"
(2:45) * Blaine loves dominating his little jane and making her BAD
* jane whimpers, "Blaine, baby, baby give it here..."
* jane "Blaine please...."
(2:46) * Blaine "use the bad words i taught you babygirl, i love it when you do that"
* jane "Blaine i love it!"
* jane "Blaine i love it when your cock is inside of me!"
(2:46) * Blaine groans loudly, loving his little jane's submission
* jane "You make me wild like never before!"
(2:47) * Blaine "doing what babydoll, doing what to you"
* jane "Please Blaine, please do it!"
* jane "You know what to do!"
(2:48) * Blaine "do you want to keep getting fucked or not"
* jane "I love it when you move in me!"
* jane "Fuck me as hard as you can, BLAINE!"
(2:48) * Blaine "when i move slow? when i make love to you? or do you love to get fucked"
* jane loves it all, loves every moment of it ALL
(2:49) * Blaine "i want to fuck you like a bad girl jane, but you've got to act like one for me"
(2:49) * Blaine "submit to me jane, i know that you want to, i can feel it in your pussy"
* jane "I am! I'm your bad girl Blaine!"
* jane shudders at the thought of this
(2:50) * Blaine has been pumping jane harder and harder this whole time
* jane breathes heavier still
* jane pants
(2:51) * Blaine "god i love to fuck you jane, i love to fuck you with my big cock until it cums"
* jane says breathlessly, "Blaine you never fail to make me hot"
(2:52) * Blaine "now put that like a bad little girl would jane, do it, come ON"
* jane "all you have to do is...walk (gulp)...walk into a room!"
(2:52) * Blaine "i know my little jane can do it COME ON"
* jane whines impatiently
* jane "Fuck me! Do it ! "
(2:53) * Blaine is pumping jane relentlessly at this point "JANE DO IT.. say it like a bad girl, i can feel your pussy so hot and wet"
* jane "I know you can, come on now, come ON now!"
(2:55) * Blaine is fucking jane roughly and wildly
* jane whispers, "...i love it. i love to feel your strong, hard cock in my frail body!"
(2:55) * Blaine "fuck jane, god i know you do, i love to fuck my little girl with my hard cock, i love to dominate her"
(2:56) [Blaine] oh my god i am so turned on
[jane] me too!
[jane] i really wish you were here
[jane] and my roommate wasn't
(2:57) [Blaine] oh god, if you saw the state of my cock i don't think you would be saying that
[jane] why?!
(2:57) [Blaine] it's so big and hard right now
(2:57) [Blaine] there's precum at the tip of it
[jane] well that's good then!
[jane] precum?
[jane] i've never heard of that. wow.
(2:57) [Blaine] yes, it's like what a cock makes to lubricate itself a bit
(2:57) [Blaine] and it only happens to me when i'm REALLY turned on
* jane blushes
[jane] is your sister up?
(2:58) [jane] no
(2:58) [Blaine] she sure isn't
[jane] i'm so glad this worked for you too
[jane] how cool
[jane] :)
(2:59) [Blaine] i know
(2:59) [Blaine] i love being dominant with you it's so hot
[jane] i love all the teasing, it's crazy
[jane] and when you growl!
[jane] hah!
(3:01) [Blaine] god i would feel like that if you were such a good little thing, even when i was pumping you full of cock
(3:01) [Blaine] that's when i want wild, bad jane to come out
(3:01) [Blaine] just for me, just because my big cock is making her out of control
(3:01) [Blaine] that is such a hot idea
(3:01) [Blaine] are you wet jane
[jane] yes
[jane] of course :)
[jane] like the other times
[jane] but this was the best yet
(3:02) [Blaine] oh god yes
[jane] and probably the longest time running, too
(3:02) [Blaine] hehe jane the little time keeper
[jane] hehehehe
[jane] so does it...oh gosh, how do i say this....when you're up, does the front of your cock go kind of at a 45 degree angle?
[jane] or is it high enough that it touches the skin of your stomach?
[jane] not now necessarily, just in general
(sent while offline) [Blaine] that is so much sexier than you finishing me off with your hand
(sent while offline) [Blaine] i wanted to stroke my cock and cum for real when we were talking about that
(sent while offline) [Blaine] inside of you... oh wow
[jane] what is so much sexier than me finishing you off with my hand?
(3:07) [Blaine] finishing together
(3:07) [Blaine] both of us coming at the same time
[jane] ah, gotcha!
[jane] i am liking the word 'come' tonight!
(3:08) [Blaine] hehe
(3:08) [Blaine] bad jane
[jane] when you're up, does the front of you cock go kind of at a 45 degree angle?
[jane] or is it high enough that it touches the skin of your stomach?
[jane] out of curiosity....
[jane] and how hard do you get? is it like a cooked potato?
(3:10) [Blaine] haha jane cooked potato
(3:10) [Blaine] it gets very hard
(3:11) [Blaine] the skin still feels like skin
(3:11) [Blaine] but underneath you can feel that it's very hard
[jane] soft but strong!
(3:11) [Blaine] exactly
[jane] nice
(3:11) [Blaine] and when i'm standing, my cock points up at an angle
[jane] okay
(3:12) [Blaine] my cock is approx. 7 inches long i would guess, quite thick and it has a little bit of a curve to the left, just slightly
[jane] hahaha
[jane] sorry i just.....this conversation just took an interesting turn
(3:13) [Blaine] oh, i thought you were curious
[jane] i wasn't expecting that just then
[jane] no, i was!
(3:13) [Blaine] and i don't mind, i'm not shy with you, i trust you
(3:13) [Blaine] i thought you were just trying to picture it better
[jane] and i you, to a certain extent
(3:13) [Blaine] sorry if i made you feel weird
[jane] yes, i was, and thank you
[jane] no, it's okay
(3:14) * Blaine hugs jane
[jane] awww
(3:14) [Blaine] i'm all for you thinking about my cock ;)
[jane] hehehehehe
[jane] i look forward to this
[jane] oh the wonders of the imagination!
(3:15) [Blaine] ours sure are active, wow
(3:16) [Blaine] i got a big time second wind
[jane] now?
(3:16) [Blaine] you should have seen how quickly my cock got back hard
(3:16) [Blaine] no before
[jane] when i did what?
(3:16) [Blaine] talking about you laying on top of me with my cock inside of you and drifting off to sleep
(3:16) [Blaine] i wound up getting extremely turned on by that
[jane] that does sound good!
[jane] but what about when you wake up?
[jane] i mean, wouldn't you soften inside me?
[jane] would it be all weird in the morning?
(3:17) [Blaine] if i did as soon as i realised that our naked bodies were tangled together, that wouldn't last
[jane] hahahah, that's a wonderful idea
(3:18) [Blaine] i would be back up and hard in no time
(3:18) [Blaine] then i would nuzzle you awake and wonder if you wanted to start the day off right
[jane] "Good morning, let's get at it!"
[jane] haha, how lovely
[jane] what a way to start off the day
(3:19) [Blaine] that would be absolutely incredible
[jane] it would be nice to wake up so relaxed and cool with everything
(3:19) [Blaine] and then
(3:19) [Blaine] hit the shower ;)
(3:19) [Blaine] together
[jane] HAHAHA oh yeah :D
[jane] gotta be nice and clean!
(3:20) [Blaine] or bad and dirty
[jane] hehehehe
[jane] or that, yes, or that
(3:21) [Blaine] even if my jane does take some coaxing to get that way :P
[jane] oh, but i love your coaxing me
[jane] like i said, the teasing is wonderful
(3:22) [Blaine] oh god it is
(3:22) [Blaine] it makes it so much more intense
(3:22) [Blaine] being the bad man corrupting the good little girl
(3:22) [Blaine] that is just hot
[jane] oh wow
[jane] kind of amazing to be so many miles away...and this can still affect us both
[jane] it's neat
(3:24) [Blaine] it really really is
(3:24) [Blaine] wow when i read that again, bad man corrupting the good little girl, it gave me a shiver
[jane] and then the other night when you said you were breathing on my pussy before you put your tongue on it!
[jane] that was great
[jane] i wonder if people really do tell each other this stuff
[jane] hopefully so, then the sex will be better
(3:25) [Blaine] oh wow and i think it would be great
[jane] i enjoy the corrupting
[jane] ;)
(3:26) [Blaine] then finally say it little girl
(3:26) [Blaine] say you love to be fucked by my big cock
* jane screams, "I love fucking you!"
(3:27) [Blaine] and what do you love fucking you?
[jane] saying i love to be fucked by your big cock implies that it's the only part of you that i want, which is untrue
(3:27) [Blaine] don't be pedantic hehe
[jane] as if you and your cock were two separate entities, yeah right
(3:27) [Blaine] just do as you're told!
[jane] pedantic????
[jane] what does that mean?
(3:28) [Blaine] keyed in on details!
[jane] and no, sorry, i won't do it
(3:28) [Blaine] hahaha awww
(3:28) * Blaine hugs jane tightly
[jane] because i don't think that way
(3:28) [Blaine] you win!
* jane is happy he understands
(3:28) [Blaine] i do, i do
[jane] say what you mean and mean what you say
(3:29) [Blaine] i don't like to lose
[jane] hahahaha
(3:29) [Blaine] but i guess i don't mind this time ;)
[jane] of course not
[jane] you're a sports guy
[jane] :D
[jane] and we make beautiful music together
(3:29) [Blaine] we sure do
(3:29) [Blaine] even if it's rated R music
[jane] hehehe
(3:30) [Blaine] but only two people have to like it
[jane] yeah! definitely not pg 13
(3:30) [Blaine] and evidently those two people really do
[jane] evidently!
[jane] mmmm....
(3:30) [Blaine] is it evident all over your panties young lady ;)
[jane] hahaha yes Blaine
(3:31) [Blaine] and it's evident by my hard cock
(3:31) [Blaine] still
[jane] indeed!
[jane] still? wow
[jane] how long do they last?
(3:31) [Blaine] i know
(3:31) [Blaine] variable
(3:32) [Blaine] but you really did a number on this one
[jane] ;) i try
(3:32) [Blaine] did you ever get turned on enough that you wished you could touch your pussy
[jane] yeah, but what with my roommate present
[jane] otherwise i would have
(3:33) [Blaine] wow that is so hot
[jane] i mean, she's asleep, but if she woke up?
[jane] oh, the horror
(3:33) [Blaine] i know
[jane] you do?
(3:33) [Blaine] but that you wanted to, that's very hot for me
[jane] ;D
[jane] you sound like you have experience in getting 'caught'?
(3:33) [Blaine] no i don't
[jane] how horrible
[jane] oh i'm glad for you then
(3:34) [Blaine] but it wouldn't be pleasant i'm sure
(3:34) [Blaine] although that's just somewhat judgemental
[jane] you are a good boy sometimes then :D
(3:34) [Blaine] don't you think
(3:34) [Blaine] everybody has needs
(3:34) [Blaine] even good little band girls
[jane] what do you mean 'that's just somewhat judgemental'?
[jane] hehehe, yes even us
(3:35) [Blaine] to get angry with someone just for masturbating
(3:35) [Blaine] bodies need all kinds of things
[jane] ah, okay
(3:35) [Blaine] but i agree, it should be done in privacy
(3:35) [Blaine] obviously
(3:36) [Blaine] but we have all explored ourselves at some time or another
(3:36) [Blaine] i'm sure of it
[jane] well i don't think anyone would be angry if they caught me doing it (and as i've said, i really don't), but it would just be so embarassing
[jane] i would feel like i could never look them in the eye again ever
[jane] it would just be weird
(3:37) [Blaine] i know
(3:37) [Blaine] but if she's ever out for the night with her boyfriend
(3:37) [Blaine] hehehe
[jane] i don't even know why either
[jane] hmm? oooh, you mean if HE catches her
(3:37) [Blaine] no no
[jane] oh well that wouldn't be bad at all!
(3:37) [Blaine] i mean if you have that room to yourself
(3:38) [Blaine] oh wow, imagine that
(3:38) [Blaine] i would tell you that i was here to finish you off properly
[jane] you walk in and i'm at it! ha!
[jane] :D
(3:39) [Blaine] if you get that room to yourself, we will have lots of fun
[jane] indeed ;D
(3:39) [Blaine] away from prying eyes hehe
[jane] yes
(3:39) [Blaine] imagine if we were being bad together, me inside of you and we got caught
[jane] seems like either she's here and you are or you're not or she's not and you're not
[jane] so it's weird, i wonder if by my facial expression she has any idea
[jane] haha wow what would we do then?
[jane] gasp!
(3:41) [Blaine] hope they got a good eyeful is about all we could
[jane] HAHAHA
(3:41) [Blaine] and hope it wasn't just as i tempted a filthy expression out of your good girl mouth
[jane] oh wow yes, i wouldn't want people thinking i was my alter sex personality
(3:42) [Blaine] that is so sexy
(3:42) [Blaine] my good little girl has a dirty little secret now doesn't she
[jane] yes, actually
[jane] hehe
(3:43) [Blaine] that turns me on
[jane] so do you
(3:43) [Blaine] yes but i'm glad
[jane] so am i!
(3:43) [Blaine] i admit it
(3:43) [Blaine] i love it
[jane] i never really thought i would be so into this kind of thing
(3:44) [Blaine] same, it just took the right kind of person and situatoin
[jane] ditto, Blaine
[jane] awww...
(3:44) [Blaine] and it's making me aware of things i like more than others
(3:44) [Blaine] like being dominant and aggressive with you
(3:45) [Blaine] making you do things
[jane] i like it when you make me wait
(3:45) [Blaine] mm yes
(3:45) [Blaine] make you say the magic words
[jane] as if there's some good reason to
(3:45) [Blaine] make you open up
[jane] the words kind of weird me out though
(3:45) [Blaine] sometimes me too but in the moment
[jane] and i love your licking me
(3:46) [Blaine] in the moment they are very good
[jane] in the moment?
[jane] ah ok
(3:46) [Blaine] wow do you
[jane] yeah, oral sex does sound pretty good honestly
(3:46) [Blaine] i mean sometimes bad words seem like bad manners to me, but that's part of the thrill
(3:47) [Blaine] it's us getting to be bad
(3:47) [Blaine] i know and i would love doing it to you, hearing the different sounds that you would make
[jane] yeah, i find it hard to think of good descriptive words of the sounds i would make
[jane] even though i have a good idea of what they would be in my head
(3:48) [Blaine] me too
[jane] alas, while chatting there is no tone of voice
(3:48) [Blaine] but i have a good imagination that is for sure
[jane] good i'm glad ;D
(3:49) [Blaine] thinking of having you pinned against a wall like that
(3:49) [Blaine] that was very intense for me
[jane] yeah, i totally loved being pinned too!
[jane] i didn't expect that, but nice addition if i do say so myself!
(3:50) [Blaine] it reminds me of the position of being behind you
(3:50) [Blaine] just being able to control what i do to you totally
(3:50) [Blaine] having you at my whim
(3:50) [Blaine] i love that
[jane] this thrills me so much
(3:51) [Blaine] and i must admit, i do get quite excited when you describe oral sex on me too
[jane] really? oh good, i'm never quite sure what to say!
[jane] but i just hope i don't use the same words too often
(3:53) [Blaine] it's ok jane you do very well
(3:53) [Blaine] VERY VERY well haha
[jane] you know? i don't want them trite
(3:53) * Blaine kisses jane deeply "don't worry"
[jane] mmmmm
[jane] minty!
[jane] have you ever really had oral sex?
(3:54) * Blaine "you are my perfect lover and you drive me wild" using his tongue against jane's
(3:54) [Blaine] yes
(3:54) [Blaine] have you
[jane] no
(3:54) [Blaine] wow well then you have a very good imagination
[jane] but i never wanted to before now, it grossed me out
(3:55) [Blaine] not now though?
[jane] well, in many ways a cock is not too different from a tongue. it's wet and smooth and can penetrate!
[jane] so yeah, not now
(3:56) [Blaine] that's a good thing
(3:56) [Blaine] i wouldn't want you to do things just cause you thought i liked them
[jane] have you ever given oral sex then? is it really disgusting tasting?
(3:56) [Blaine] unless i'm making you ;)
(3:56) [Blaine] no not at all
[jane] are you serious?
(3:56) [Blaine] see for yourself some time
[jane] it doesn't taste bad?
(3:57) [Blaine] i doubt you taste "disgusting"
(3:57) [Blaine] at all
[jane] that amazes me that it wouldn't be revolting
[jane] it really does
[jane] hehehe :D
(3:57) [Blaine] i'm sure if you didn't wash
[jane] HAHAHA oh well yeah. then there's that!
[jane] ew!
(3:57) [Blaine] or take any care of your "area"
[jane] i like area. area is a good word.
(3:58) [Blaine] haha it's a stupid word
[jane] we should write a romance novel together!
(3:58) [Blaine] but i'm sure you don't taste as bad as you've been lead to believe
(3:58) [Blaine] it's a myth
(3:58) [Blaine] see for yourself some time
[jane] what?! area is a nice word
[jane] i will :D
(3:58) [Blaine] are you still wet
[jane] a myth from keeping the nice janes out there from having it!
[jane] yes.....
(3:59) [Blaine] try
(3:59) [Blaine] i can't believe you even thought that
[jane] ?
(4:00) * Blaine kisses jane
[jane] hehe do you like that idea?
(4:00) [Blaine] yes
[jane] good then
[jane] :)
[jane] are you there? it says 'offline'
(4:01) [Blaine] just keep your "area' neat and tidy, don't send me into a murky jungle
[jane] hahaha, okay don't worry i won't
(4:01) [Blaine] and i'll pay it a lot of attention
(4:01) [Blaine] lots and lots
[jane] oh good, because i need a lot of attention!
(4:02) [Blaine] i know you do
(4:02) [Blaine] you're a horny little thing
[jane] i admit it i am
[jane] but so are you, hon :)
(4:03) [Blaine] i know, i'm stroking my cock right now imagining your pussy so i must be
[jane] is it in your pants or out?
(4:04) [Blaine] out
(4:04) [Blaine] i took it out, do you like that
[jane] woah. so sister must be asleep
[jane] yes i do my gosh!
(4:05) [Blaine] for hours and hours
(4:05) [Blaine] two floors away
[jane] my roommate wakes to the drop of a pin, she's almost two feet away
(4:05) [Blaine] you wish you could join me don't you
[jane] she's moving around even now!
[jane] yes, i certainly do
(4:06) [Blaine] do you wish you could stroke the front of your pussy like you told me to do
[jane] yeah, that sounds great
[jane] i read about it in a magazine
(4:06) [Blaine] do you like to play with your clitoris
[jane] and was enlightened :D
(4:07) [Blaine] some girls like it more than others
[jane] yeah, that i do on occasion without actually penetrating with my fingers
(4:07) [Blaine] do you ever put your fingers in and fuck yourself with them
[jane] especially with your tongue on my clit--oh yeah
[jane] no, that i don't do
(4:07) [Blaine] why not
[jane] because like i said, i haven't REALLY masturbated in a long time
[jane] and i don't really know why
(4:08) [Blaine] i want you to start again for me!
[jane] for you? hm.
[jane] maybe.
(4:08) [Blaine] for both of us!
(4:09) [Blaine] but i want it to be my lips and tongue you imagine ;)
[jane] sure, okay. that'll work
[jane] i so love the red hair
(4:09) [Blaine] i put it wrong, FOR you, because of me
[jane] i kid you not i am so attracted to redheads, i really am
(4:10) [Blaine] wow
(4:10) [Blaine] you could play with my hair
(4:10) [Blaine] while i kiss where your hair is its natural colour ;)
[jane] i could! haha.....ahhh
[jane] oh how sweet :)
[jane] OH!
[jane] ok i get it now
[jane] i was thinking at my roots...........
(4:11) [Blaine] hehe no innocent little jane
[jane] yeah, no, i would like a kiss there too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[jane] nice!
(4:11) [Blaine] how about a long, french kiss
[jane] mmmhmmm!
[jane] i could vouch for that
(4:12) [Blaine] you could put your fingers in my hair and push my face against you
[jane] that sounds wonderful blaine
(4:13) [Blaine] make me really lick it properly
(4:13) [Blaine] grind it against my tongue
[jane] i am!
(4:14) * Blaine licks and sucks on jane's clitoris, while his fingers probe inside her
[jane] i love putting you into position......
(4:15) [Blaine] mmm tell me
[jane] keep up the probing
(4:15) [Blaine] tell me what position you would put me in
[jane] first just breathe on my pussy, tempting me
[jane] swish your fingers around in light strokes
[jane] make me need it
(4:16) [Blaine] i always do jane
(4:16) [Blaine] i love to make you want it
[jane] i love to want it! i do!
[jane] and then go in for the kill with your warm slick tongue
(4:17) [Blaine] mmm your sweet innocent pussy my prey
(4:18) [Blaine] wanting to conquer it and make it cum
[jane] lick it and dive deep inside with your tongue
[jane] open me up with your hot tongue
[jane] you know that's how i like it
[jane] come on, play with me
[jane] get your fingers in too!
(4:19) [Blaine] oh god wow
(4:19) [Blaine] penetrate you with them
[jane] yes, yes!
(4:19) [Blaine] work your entire pussy, your clitoris, inside of you
[jane] yes, absolutely, it's what i need
(4:20) [Blaine] shove them into you and stroke the front of your pussy
(4:20) [Blaine] just like my baby jane needs
[jane] oh my gosh yes!
(4:20) [Blaine] start slow and methodical
(4:20) [Blaine] and work you up, going faster and faster
[jane] oooh, oh yes exactly
(4:21) [Blaine] your pussy soaking me, so wet and hot
[jane] i'm so glad i washed
(4:21) [Blaine] until my mouth, my fingers are working together
(4:21) [Blaine] working together to make you feel so good
(4:21) [Blaine] to make you come
[jane] yes
[jane] yes
[jane] i love oral sex
[jane] thank you
(4:23) [Blaine] no thank you
(4:23) [Blaine] because my cock is very close to cumming
(4:23) [Blaine] i am stroking it very hard
[jane] oh i am sitting here re-reading
[jane] wow
[jane] my gosh
(4:24) [Blaine] tell me
[jane] tell me what? ;)
(4:25) [Blaine] tell me what you'd do to get the cum out of my cock
(4:25) [Blaine] it's close jane
[jane] i would suck vigorously on it at first, moving off and onto it
[jane] rythmically
[jane] i would wait until you started breathing harder
[jane] then take it with my hands and place deep inside me
[jane] and squeeze like never before
[jane] and pulsate and move you in and out of me with a firm grip
[jane] and shove my tongue in your mouth to throw you even more!
(4:28) [Blaine] oh wow talk about me coming im going to
[jane] come on blaine! come on!
[jane] i wouldn't stop till you came, i would never leave you unsatisfied
(4:29) [Blaine] oh god i did
(4:29) [Blaine] oh wow all over myself
[jane] oh wow!
[jane] are you serious? don't lie now
(4:29) [Blaine] i'm totally serious
[jane] !
[jane] that's really awesome Blaine
[jane] i'm so glad i was of assistance!
(4:30) [Blaine] jane i need to go clean this up and get in bed
(4:30) [Blaine] oh wow
(4:30) [Blaine] jane good night wow, honestly
[jane] you help me too, you know
(4:30) [Blaine] i'm glad
[jane] ok Blaine
(4:30) [Blaine] good night jane
[jane] nighty night :)
(4:30) [Blaine] <3
[jane] mwah!
(4:30) [Blaine] you are wonderful
[jane] so are you
[jane] i think i will re read some of this before i go.......
[jane] so don't feel like i have to be the last one to leave

.......and then later on.......

* jane listens to classical gas c/o Blaine
(22:16) [Blaine] jane!
[jane] what's up?
(22:17) [Blaine] studying unfortunately
[jane] oh :(
[jane] hey i just learned jen lives in ontario and so asked her if she had a brother on here, just out of curiostiy
[jane] so if she's messaging you thats why
(22:19) [Blaine] oh
(22:19) [Blaine] cool
(22:19) [Blaine] that's where she's from?
[jane] yeah, that's what she told me
[jane] well i don't want to bother you if you're studying
(22:20) [Blaine] yes you do
(22:21) [Blaine] and i want you to :D
[jane] hehe i DO love getting you all hot and bothered
(22:27) [Blaine] haha
(22:27) * Blaine kisses jane
(22:27) [Blaine] sorry, i was getting some water and a cookie haha
[jane] that's okay :)
* jane wouldn't want her Blaine to go hungry
(22:32) * Blaine hugs jane tight and wonders if he should have brought her a cookie too
* jane says, "that's okay, i'm not hungry anyway."
* jane "Not for that....."
(22:33) * Blaine wonders if jane is referring to how much she wants some chips
* jane "Nooooo....."
* jane licks Blaine's neck
(22:35) * Blaine wonders if his neck tastes like food
* jane smiles wickedly
(22:37) * Blaine kisses jane deeply and lets his hand run over her breast
* jane shows Blaine exactly how to massage them, pressing gently around her nipple
(22:39) * Blaine wants to know just what drives his jane wild
* jane whispers in his ear
* jane "Are you ready?"
(22:42) * Blaine is always ready for his jane
* jane "Where do you want to go tonight?"
(22:43) * Blaine "into you jane"
* jane "Hmmm...yeees, but where do you want to go into me? Somewhere besides the shower? Hmmm?"
(22:45) * Blaine lowers his zipper and fishes his cock out of his pants, exposing it to jane
(22:46) * Blaine "what's wrong with here"
* jane wonders where it is they are
* jane "Won't your sister hear?"
* jane's mouth falls open at how eager he is to get going
* jane wraps her arms around Blaine's neck and puts her tongue in his mouth

.......a little later.......

* Blaine "she's upstairs reading and has been since i got home"
(sent while offline) * Blaine misses his jane
* jane yay i'm back!
(23:21) * Blaine hugs jane tightly
(23:21) [Blaine] welcome back cutie!
[jane] crazy computers
* jane shakes Blaine's hand
* jane pulls him in close
* jane listens to Shuggie Otis and agrees that it is rather sexy music
(23:24) * Blaine agrees that jane is a rather sexy girl
[jane] hehehe.....
* jane "So, have you decided on a place?"
[jane] my roommate is present once again :(
(23:27) [Blaine] she can watch us go at it
(23:27) [Blaine] we'll give her a good show
[jane] hehehe
[jane] does she need an eyeful?
[jane] is she an uptight chica?
(23:27) [Blaine] i think she does
(23:27) [Blaine] she's too used to good jane
(23:28) [Blaine] she probably doesn't even know there's a bad jane
[jane] what does she study?
(23:28) [Blaine] i don't know, what does she study
[jane] hehe last night i was leaning on my elbow (i was laying on my bed) for so long that when i finally went to bed that elbow was incredibly sore
[jane] i mean in college
[jane] i feel like i'm not getting some underlying joke here
[jane] now i have pillows underneath my elbows
[jane] so it's much better ;)
(23:29) [Blaine] poor injured jane
(23:30) [Blaine] i thought you meant your roommate
(23:30) [Blaine] my sister studies history if that's who you were asking about
[jane] oh, yeah that's what i was asking about
[jane] you guys sound cool, liberal arts majors are nice people
[jane] my roomie cant decide yet
[jane] maybe psych, maybe rtf
[jane] maybe medical school
[jane] but she's a freshman and has lots of credits already from high school
(23:31) [Blaine] what's rtf
[jane] so she's got time to decide
[jane] radio/television/film
[jane] i'm taking an rtf course next semester just to see what it's all about
[jane] who knows i might even change my major if i decide i like it enough
(23:32) [Blaine] oh cool
[jane] or my minor or sthg
(23:32) [Blaine] that does sound pretty awesome
[jane] yeah, she says the rtf people are neat
[jane] and i'd love to do sthg related to movie making or radio
[jane] not tv though
[jane] that would not do anything for me
[jane] unlike you ;)
[jane] i'm talkative tonight
(23:33) [Blaine] i'm glad!
[jane] hehe
[jane] that jen girl kept messaging me like crazy i'm sort of glad she went to bed
[jane] but she was nice
[jane] i hope i didn't weird you out by telling her you were from ontario
[jane] i just thought if she happened to be your sister (and i realize ontario is a big place)
(23:35) [Blaine] nope, not at all
[jane] oh good
(23:35) [Blaine] it's not something that bugged me
[jane] i wish i could find that photo of princess leia to show you
[jane] i'll still look, it's adorable
(23:38) [Blaine] aww jane
(23:38) [Blaine] you're adorable!
[jane] thank you :D
[jane] i was leia one year for halloween
[jane] my mom did lots of sewing back then, so it was a nicely made costume
[jane] i don't think i realized until later how cool she was for sewing my costumes (she did it every year pretty much)
[jane] most kids just put together a combo of what they already have and add face paint, or buy one from target that hundreds of other kids will wear
(23:40) [Blaine] home made ones are definitely the nicest
(23:40) [Blaine] i bet you looked cute as a button
[jane] hehehe :)
[jane] did you ever dress up for halloween?
[jane] i have been a clown (twice), a witch, a ladybug, harriet the spy, and i can't remember what else
(23:42) [Blaine] all sorts of times
(23:43) [Blaine] pretty standard stuff
(23:43) [Blaine] cowboy, soldier, beat up hockey player, police officer, super man when i was little
[jane] oh cool beat up hockey player that must have been fun for you
[jane] i'm sure you were stunning
(23:44) [Blaine] :P
* jane threads her fingers through Blaine's hair, cooing at him
* jane "So..."
[jane] hey if you're studying we can not do this if you want
[jane] man i feel like such a whore doing this!
[jane] good grief
(23:46) [Blaine] what
(23:46) [Blaine] are you kidding me jane
[jane] no
(23:46) * Blaine hugs jane tightly
(23:46) [Blaine] you're the complete opposite of that word
(23:46) [Blaine] get that out of your mind immediately
(23:46) * Blaine kisses jane
[jane] awww
[jane] that's really sweet
(23:47) [Blaine] and so are you
* jane smiles
(23:47) [Blaine] i won't have any jane bashing, even if it's coming from you
[jane] hehe
[jane] my little defender
[jane] if you're ever in texas...
(23:48) [Blaine] i would love to be there
(23:49) [Blaine] far away from snow and history exams
[jane] and i in canada
[jane] if i ever meet a redheaded blaine in canada, i'll ask him for sure if he knows a jane
[jane] infact i'll probably just go asking redheads if their name is blaine
(23:51) [Blaine] and then you had better brace yourself, because you are in for a good hug
[jane] hehe....and a handshake
[jane] it would be so awkward though
[jane] but i'd still be pleased to have really met you
[jane] and who knows? stranger things have happened
(23:53) [Blaine] sure have
* jane is suddenly really embarassed to have said all that
(23:53) [Blaine] than two nice people shaking hands
(23:53) [Blaine] in fact i would even consider that to be normal :D
[jane] awww...
(23:54) * Blaine kisses jane's cheek
* jane sits on his lap
* jane holds onto his neck
(23:56) * Blaine wraps his arms around jane's waist
* jane the corner of her lips curl up
* jane decides she wants a Blaine chair
(23:59) * Blaine thinks it would be a good, if sometimes bumpy place to sit
(23:59) * Blaine (particularly in one area)
* jane doesn't mind the bumps, infact it's one of the benefits
* jane ruffles Blaine's hair and looks fondly at his lips
(0:01) * Blaine pushes them against jane's
* jane has a difficult time not smiling as he does this
* jane's tongue moves under and around his
(0:02) * Blaine lets his tongue meet jane's and gently strokes against it
* jane sighs at how smooth and warm his tongue is
* jane runs her fingers underneath his shirt, using her cold thumbs to remind Blaine's nipples
(0:05) * Blaine doesn't really consider the shirt a necessary piece of his wardrobe right now and lifts it off
* jane hopes this does him some good, but isn't quite sure, as his nipples are considerably different from hers
* jane is thrilled to see his shirt off again
* jane would rather never see him with a shirt on again
[jane] hehehe.....
* jane agrees that shirts on Blaine aren't really necessary
(0:07) * Blaine thinks the same thing about jane in fact
(0:07) * Blaine doesn't have very sensitive nipples in fact haha
[jane] haha really? hmmm somewhere else then....
[jane] i didn't know that about guys
[jane] but now i do, thanks
[jane] oh i hope i haven't ruined it
[jane] :(
(0:09) [Blaine] no way
(0:09) [Blaine] haha
(0:09) [Blaine] jane!
(0:09) [Blaine] relax!
[jane] oh i am
(0:09) [Blaine] you're jumpy tonight!!!
[jane] i just got out of the shower
(0:09) * Blaine puhses his tongue into jane's mouth once again to keep her from slandering herself
* jane shivers at this, not expecting it
* jane tastes like chocolate covered popcorn
(0:11) * Blaine runs his hands down jane's back to her bum, squeezing gently as his tongue probes her mouth
* jane straddles Blaine, eager as ever to get things done
* jane enjoys a slow start like this
(0:13) * Blaine lets his fingers wander underneath of jane's shirt and starts to lift
* jane helps him do this, letting her breasts linger in front of his eyes so he can better admire them
* jane listens to Inspiration Information, and finds herself very inspired indeed
(0:16) * Blaine takes them in visually, before letting his sense of taste discover them as well
(0:16) * Blaine gently flicks the tip of his tongue over jane's nipples
* jane puts Blaine's hands on her waist, shifting them back and forth
* jane loves doing her little dance to the inspiring music
* jane's nipples quickly harden, they are almost hurting now
(0:17) * Blaine loves it as well, as evidenced by the growing bulge in his basketball shorts
* jane likes his basketball shorts, but not enough to let him keep wearing them
* jane works them down to his knees
* jane soon changes her mind, pulling them to the floor
* jane doesn't want any hindrances
(0:19) * Blaine agrees
(0:19) * Blaine strokes his cock in front of his jane a few times, letting her watch it grow to its full girth
* jane slips off her own shorts and rushes over to him, pressing his cock against her
* jane looks up at him, grinning and excited
(0:21) * Blaine shares jane's excitement wholeheartedly
* jane whispers in his ear, "Do you want to go outside in the snow for this?"
* jane knows he might really prefer the heat of his nearby fireplace
(sent while offline) * Blaine pulls jane in close so that his hot, hard cock presses against her body tightly
(sent while offline) * Blaine "i love to see my girl when she wants it this badly"
* jane "Where? Where do want to go?"
* jane "I just got out of the shower. I don't really want to go back there, but I'm willing to."
(0:25) * Blaine sits back down in the chair and holds his cock straight up with his hand
(0:25) * Blaine "come sit in my lap jane"
* jane "Blaine baby, what a great idea!"
* jane waltzes over to him
* jane takes her time, showing him her cute little dance moves and dancing hips
(0:27) * Blaine has his eyes locked on jane
* jane loves to be stared at like this, and dances her way onto his lap
* jane snaps her fingers to the beat and then plants her tongue on his
(0:28) * Blaine hungrily sucks on jane's tongue, stroking it with his own, turned on by seeing her naked body moving to the music
* Blaine sings to him, "You're...makin' me happier...makin' me snappier..."
(0:29) * Blaine laughs a little as he starts grinding his hips to hers with the music
* jane puts his hands on her waist and raises her arms, softly clapping her hands above her head
* jane whispers in his ear, "You ready, big boy?"
(0:32) * Blaine "take a look down and you tell me if you think i'm ready"
* jane's eyes widen and she gets off of the chair and walks a couple of feet away
* jane continues to dance in front of him a little longer

- 2005-12-11


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