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Monday Dec. 12, 2005

[jane] it's the blaininator!

[jane] i had this weird dream last night

[jane] the first part is where i went to work at the office, although i was there on a day when no one else was, and i worked that day out of niceness, i was volunteering and didn't want any pay. none of the other employees knew i was there that day. i remember wondering how i got into the office, since i don't have my keys anymore, but maybe dad let me in, and also i thought about mom, since she wouldn't want me working a day for free. i sat with my head over the counter looking down at the book of season ticket holders for a long time, sad and i'm not quite sure why. soon a blonde kid came into our kitchen transformed to office to get some water like it was his home, and said something to me casually. he was working construction outside of the church building and laughed when he saw me staring at the book. he made a comment on the differences between our jobs, and how some require much physical activity. i can't recall exactly what he said, but his words were good natured, i wasn't offended at all. as he waltzed out i tried to keep talking to him, i really liked his lighthearted attitude all of a sudden. i'm pretty sure he caught on, and i regretted not asking him his name. then i remember turning on the computer (one of the two that we have) and noticing there was no monitor mounted to the wall anymore, and so i couldn't use the computer without it. i wondered why someone took it away.

[jane] part II: i went to some sort of strange Christians on Campus meeting, where we all went to this mallish sort of place and one of the leaders explained the game that we would play. Christa wasn't there, and that's part of the reason i showed up in the first place--because i wouldn't see her and feel bad for not having contacted her. i planned in my head to go find her. i won't really do this though, unless i lose my mind. anyways as i was saying a leader held up a bouncy ball, informing us that each person in the circle would say something that a member of the opposite sex had done for them, and it had to be a love interest, not when your dad gave you money for college or something. then that person would throw the ball to the floor as hard as he could, and whoever's throw made the ball jump highest got something, only i can't devine what. i was nervous of course because i was second up, and racked my brain for a nice act that wasn't too risquee for such a group as this. the first person threw the ball, and it went fairly high, but then someone else caught it and handed it to me. i told them, "When a guy asked me out," and threw the ball hard at the tile floor before anyone could comment, and then something of a miracle happened. it reached a mere two inches away from the heightened ceiling and then bounced out of our sights, almost like flubber. we were able to follow its frenzied path into another area of the mall where glass cases of priceless items filled rooms, and somebody fortunately caught it again before it did any damage. we all agreed we should go someplace outside of the mall to continue this game. the place was closed and there weren't lights on, but we didn't wish to have a lawsuit. one of the girls in the group took me aside and into another area of the mall, a place where it was open and people milled around. every store was top-of-the-line, and i saw brand names right and left that i had never heard of. we saw a spa and i tried to ask her if she knew whether or not it had a pool inside, but she was too busy talking. i was in awe as we walked along, the walls were made of breathtaking shining white marble, and there were gigantic white greek-style pillars on one side of the open hallway. i was reminded that i had seen this before, only in another dream, because it looked familiar. only before it wasn't complete, construction was still taking place. now we saw a list of names etched into the bright cool marble of all the people who paid for this grand addition to an otherwise plain mall, and some of them even had their faces chiseled into the stone. i asked her if these were the patrons, and she told me yes. if anything more happened during this dream, i don't remember it.

(17:52) [Blaine] what a description!!!

(17:52) [Blaine] i wish i could remember my dreams that in depth!

[jane] i love having dreams and then remembering and analyzing them

[jane] how did your history test go?

(17:54) [Blaine] it was quite all right

(17:54) [Blaine] and now i have english tomorrow morning

(17:54) [Blaine] which i am unprepared for

(17:54) [Blaine] so i am studying

[jane] i have english day after tommorow

(17:55) [Blaine] are you pumped up for it?

[jane] hmmm, not really

(17:55) [Blaine] me neither :D

(17:56) [Blaine] but i will still study

[jane] i'm just hoping for a d in that class, which is crazy since i do like english

[jane] do you get your test results on line?

(17:57) [Blaine] yeah

(17:57) [Blaine] i never check them though

[jane] no?

(17:57) [Blaine] it's christmas, that's no time to do that stuff

[jane] haha true that

(17:57) [Blaine] and

(17:57) [Blaine] in the summer, i truly don't care

(17:57) [Blaine] it's time to just have fun

[jane] i didn't mean to overwhelm you with that dream

[jane] it was just an interesting journal entry

[jane] and i thought you might have feedback

[jane] sometimes my mother sees things in my dreams that i don't

(18:00) [Blaine] no it was great

(18:00) [Blaine] really descriptive

[jane] i've heard if you take drugs you dream more often

[jane] and of course there are quite a few famous musicians who went on drugs and then wrote songs

[jane] and authors too

(18:02) [Blaine] that's true i guess

(18:02) [Blaine] i don't know much about it

[jane] me neither

* jane peers over Blaine's studies

(18:04) * Blaine hugs jane

[jane] what author(s) is it?

(18:06) [Blaine] tennyson, shakespeare, whoever wrote beowulf and john milton are what i'm concentrating on

[jane] oh i read beowulf in my senior year, it was neat

[jane] i remember thinking it sounded like something you'd read to your kids as a bedtime story

[jane] gory, but stilll

(18:08) [Blaine] yeah, i think it's pretty cool

(18:08) [Blaine] i'm glad to have read it

* jane ruffles Blaine's hair, kissing his forehead

(18:10) * Blaine smiles

(18:10) [Blaine] i wish i didn't have so much to do

[jane] okaaay

[jane] ditto

(18:11) [Blaine] :-(

[jane] hehehe

[jane] will i see you later then?

(18:14) [Blaine] i'll be around all night i think

[jane] cool

(18:14) [Blaine] i can't move far from my desk while still being productive!

[jane] hehe okay

[jane] "See ya later, babe i'll see ya later" -franz ferdinand

(18:16) [Blaine] haha

(18:16) [Blaine] :D

8:50 p.m. - 2005-12-12


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