backyard crowing


Blaine & Jane have a breakup of sorts

so tonight we stopped! we are all the better for it.

[jane] hello
(23:10) [blaine] howdy!
[jane] that's an aggie saying
[jane] :D
(23:11) [blaine] haha
[jane] i'm a t-sip
(23:11) [blaine] well i'm borrowing it
(23:11) [blaine] what's t-sip
[jane] okay then :)
[jane] longhorn
[jane] ut
[jane] there it is now i've said it
[jane] do you guys have a mascot?
(23:13) [blaine] awesome :D
(23:13) [blaine] is that the orange and white one?
[jane] yup
(23:13) [blaine] yeah, georgian grizzlies
[jane] a school of 50,000
[jane] really? cool!
[jane] hey have you ever seen that documentary called grizzly man?
[jane] it's fantastic
(23:14) [blaine] no i sure haven't
(23:14) [blaine] what's it about
[jane] it's about a guy who spent 13 summers in alaska living amongst grizzly bears. he was an alcoholic before he started living with them and
[jane] during the non-summer months he went to schools and told kids about bears
[jane] for free
[jane] and people thought he was crazy for doing it
[jane] but infact he had his priorities right
(23:15) [blaine] yeah
[jane] he was doing what he loved
(23:15) [blaine] if he dug hanging out with bears
(23:15) [blaine] he should hang out with bears
[jane] absolutely!
[jane] so the documentary isn't about bears at all, it's about a man finding what he's passionate about, and then doing it now matter what other people say
[jane] inspiring and completely
[jane] he did die doing it though, and so did his girlfriend
[jane] that's the sad part
(23:17) [blaine] how?
[jane] but he even said in the documentary, "I will die for these bears, I will die for these bears, I will die for these bears. You try to do this and you will get killed."
[jane] by a bear
[jane] no less
(23:17) [blaine] that sucks
(23:18) [blaine] did the bear just get mad and swat him
[jane] yeah, but still, he loved it
[jane] yeah, it was a bear he didn't "know" too well
[jane] he made friends with them
[jane] and the one who killed him and his girlfriend was new to the area
[jane] there might be a trailer on the internet
(23:19) [blaine] huh
[jane] a trailer--you know, an ad, a preview
[jane] maybe it's called something different au canada
[jane] for example we don't call serviettes napkins
(23:20) [blaine] haha, i know what both are
(23:20) [blaine] that was more of a declarative huh
(23:20) [blaine] like, i should check it out
[jane] if you want
[jane] it's there
(23:23) [blaine] i'm going to right now
(23:23) [blaine] :D
[jane] okay :)
(23:32) [blaine] i need to see that
[jane] yeah, it was interesting
[jane] so what are you up to tonight?
(23:35) [blaine] i don't know
(23:36) [blaine] i went and say syriana
(23:36) [blaine] liked it
(23:36) [blaine] now i just sat down to relax for a bit
(23:36) [blaine] what about you
[jane] i've heard of that. what was it about?
[jane] studying for english tommorow
(23:36) [blaine] oil companies
(23:36) [blaine] that's what i was doing yesterday
(23:36) [blaine] oil companies and the role of government in big business
[jane] yup yup yup
(23:36) [blaine] i enjoyed it, but it wouldn't be for everyone
[jane] and how did the english test go
[jane] i'll check it out then
[jane] it's taking a while to download the trailer but i am
[jane] that looks suspenseful
[jane] anyways i bet you're wearing more clothes than i am now
(23:48) [blaine] well
(23:48) [blaine] i have a t-shirt and a pair of basketball shorts on
(23:48) [blaine] how about you
[jane] i have a hairtie in my hair
[jane] the roommate is gone ce soir :)
[jane] i'm under black fuzzy blankets
(23:49) [blaine] uh oh!
(23:49) [blaine] yeah, that's not much clothing now is it
[jane] no it isn't!
[jane] you're not saying much
[jane] i'm not lying, you know
(23:50) [blaine] i know, i got watching those movie trailers
(23:50) [blaine] haha
[jane] well i'm not!
(23:50) * blaine is embarassed now
[jane] hehehe
(23:50) [blaine] i figured once you said you were going to be studying
(23:50) [blaine] i would give you some time and space
[jane] yes, but i don't have the test until tommorow evening
[jane] i can probably be on here thirty minutes or so
[jane] but that's very nice of you
* jane takes out her hairtie
[jane] and of course if you need to study we can always do this another time ;)
(23:53) [blaine] jane
(23:53) [blaine] what kind of person would i be
[jane] hehehe
[jane] to keep me begging for more?
(23:53) * blaine kisses jane deeply
* jane presses her naked body up against him
(23:54) * blaine lifts his shirt up over his head so he can feel jane's chest against his
* jane finds blaine's shirt unneccessary again, too
(23:54) * blaine kisses jane's neck, allowing his tongue to drag against it just a touch
* jane is truly shivering
* jane's wet hair makes her colder yet
(23:55) * blaine lays jane down and presses his body against hers, on top of her
* jane shakes wildly, clawing his basketball shorts down
* jane's teeth are starting to chatter
(23:56) * blaine drags the shaft of his cock up and down by moving his hips across jane's
(23:56) * blaine grinds against her as his lips and tongue dance across hers
* jane sighs and closes her eyes
* jane breathes hard and focuses her eyes on his
(23:57) * blaine kisses jane's lips, then her chin
(23:58) * blaine kisses against jane's neck, between her breasts
* jane wishes he would lick her nipples a bit to keep her warm
* jane is still shaking like a leaf from the cold
(23:59) * blaine obliges jane and circles his tongue around her nipple slowly
* jane cries out
(23:59) * blaine sucks the tip of it into his mouth just a bit, flicking the tip of his tongue across it
* jane "Oh wow, oh blaine!"
* jane's nipples poke out and form gooesbumps
(0:00) * blaine suckles at them a little more insistently, loving jane's reaction to what his mouth is doing
* jane licks her lips and sighs
(0:01) * blaine has her other nipple between his fingers, rolling and tweaking it a bit
* jane pulls her black fleece blanket around them
* jane it doesn't take much until both of her nipples are both excited, together
* jane has her legs tightly shut
* jane doesn't want to be tempted
(0:03) * blaine lingers on them, switching which one he is paying attention to with his mouth
* jane shudders
* jane licks her lips again, wondering if she'll last
(0:04) * blaine has his mouth fastened on it, brushing it with his tongue again and again
* jane can feel blaine's hands roaming around every inch of her body's surface
(0:05) * blaine has them stroking her hips and inner thighs, strategically avoiding her special spot to tease jane
* jane whines just a bit as he nears where she needs it most
* jane takes her pearls from the bedside table
* jane whispers to him, "Maybe these will come in handy."
(0:07) * blaine hears jane's frustrations and strokes his fingers just through her pubic area, narrowly avoiding her pussy
* jane cries out as he is coming awfully close
* jane puts her hand on his cock and rubs gently
(0:08) * blaine loves teasing his jane like this
(0:09) [blaine] feels his cock start to grow in her hands
* jane is crazed at the moment but loves the teasing as well
* jane loves the way it hardens quickly at the command of her fingers
* jane knew she ought to help him get to her level
* jane still has her legs shut, but they seem a little looser now
* jane is starting to give in
(0:11) * blaine finally allows his finger tips to brush against jane's clitoris
(0:11) * blaine presses it against her gently and starts to rub it in a small rhythmic circle
* jane's legs spring open, she can't stand it anymore
* jane is already quite wet inside
(0:13) * blaine takes advantage of this and slides two of his fingers into jane very slowly
* jane's hips pop up at every circle
(0:13) * blaine uses his thumb to continue to brush against jane's clitoris
* jane gasps at the touch of his fingers inside her
(0:14) * blaine starts slowly slowly making jane's favourite motion against the front of her pussy inside of her
* jane shrieks and knows she's in for it
* jane puts her tongue in blaine's mouth to half distract him
* jane shivers like a madwoman
(0:16) * blaine swirls his around jane's as he starts making his motions inside of her faster and more insistent
(0:16) * blaine loves how wet his little jane feels
* jane is plenty warm inside and slicker than before
(0:17) * blaine keeps his thumb depressing her clitoris as he strokes her inside
(0:17) * blaine breaks his kiss so that his mouth can pay attention to her nipple once again
* jane has never had a guy pay this much attention to her and loves it
* jane sighs loudly
(0:19) * blaine is working jane's pussy at a quickish pace now, suckling at her nipple hungrily
* jane moves her hips so that his fingers can hit just the right spot
* jane thinks tonight they're typing slower as they both have their fingers busy
* jane is getting more intense by the minute
* jane "blaine, that's enough! Come on in blaine!"
(0:21) * blaine lets his tongue slide down jane's body as he replaces his thumb on her clitoris with his warm, probing tongue
* jane "Oh wait, yes, yes, do that!"
(0:21) * blaine "not without getting a taste of my jane first"
(0:21) * blaine laps at her clitoris as he strokes inside of her pussy
(0:22) * blaine loves the way jane tastes, clean and fresh out of the shower and very worked up for him
* jane really did just get out of the shower, her hair is still tousled and damp
* jane is so glad her roommate decided to go see a movie
(0:23) * blaine knows and is licking at her pussy hungrily
* jane enjoys blaine's incessant teasing, letting her needs linger just a bit more
(0:24) * blaine is really grinding his fingers against her special spot inside of her as he continues licking
* jane yells, "Enough!"
* jane then whispers, "You didn't think I would forget you, did you?"
(0:25) * blaine "it's not about me tonight at all jane"
* jane "Yes, but do you need some help?"
* jane "I'm here to help, you know, if you need me."
* jane gasps
* jane "Oh good grief blaine let's hurry it up!"
* jane "Do you need my help or not?"
(0:26) * blaine "all i need you to do is get in whatever position you want me to enter you in"
* jane "Okay. OKAY!"
* jane takes his cock in her little hands and shows him precisely where
* jane pushes into him slowly, wincing
(0:28) * blaine leans into jane, pushing his cock through her tiny opening
(0:29) * blaine watches the head of it disappear into her
* jane screams feeling him penetrate her, finally something other than his fingers!
* jane develops a steady pulse between them
* jane's orgasm grows
(0:31) * blaine keeps up his momentum, driving himself all the way into his jane, feeling his cock sink all the way in
* jane shakes her head from side to side, pleading and breathing ever harder
* jane savors the sensation of him warm and hard inside herself
(0:32) * blaine lays on jane with his cock as deep inside of her as he can get it and starts to grind his hips against her
* jane shivers more as she feels him massaging her inside
* jane squeezes him intently
* jane grabs at him, insane
(0:33) * blaine groans out as he feels jane doing this
(0:33) * blaine rhythmically moves his hips back and forth
* jane sharply pulls him in and keeps him there for a moment
* jane "Stop."
* jane lets go after a moment after this sudden halt and then keeps pumping again
* jane's feeling grows and grows
(0:35) * blaine can feel jane trembling within and loves it
(0:36) * blaine "you feel so good inside jane, it's amazing"
* jane shakes her hair off of her face
* all she can do is whimper
(0:36) * blaine feels every movement of jane's inside through the sensitive head of his cock
(0:36) * blaine moves it so it strokes against her favourite spot
* jane enjoys his steady motions and head inside her deeply
* jane gapes at the thrill of it all
(0:38) * blaine does this more intensely, but yet not much faster
* jane loves having her pussy filled like this, loves the pumping
* jane shoves her tongue inside blaine's mouth
* jane doesn't let up on what's happening below
(0:40) * blaine is pumping along with jane, while kissing her deeply
(0:40) * blaine really hopes jane is having a good time
* jane "You don't need to worry big boy, she's delighted."
* jane "This is it."
(0:41) * blaine starts fucking jane harder, feels his animal side taking over, seeing his lovely jane spread out under him
* jane comes all over blaine, drowning him in her wet juice
* jane sighs louder than before
* jane lies without moving a muscle
* jane is exhausted
* jane whispers to blaine, "You know exactly what you're doing."
(0:44) * blaine loves the way it feels on him
(0:44) [blaine] really jane
(0:44) [blaine] were you able to touch yourself at all
[jane] yes
(0:44) [blaine] was it good?
[jane] i got a bit worried though
(0:44) [blaine] poor jane :(
[jane] with my fingers sometimes on the keys...i'm not sure what all is on these keys
(0:45) [blaine] don't worry
[jane] yeah, it was nice
(0:45) [blaine] that's nothing to concern yourself with
[jane] hehehe
(0:45) [blaine] really
(0:45) [blaine] you felt good?
[jane] yeah, i did!
(0:45) [blaine] yeah!!!
(0:45) [blaine] awesome jane
[jane] i mean (and i'll be honest) i didn't come but it was nice!
(0:45) [blaine] i'm really really glad to hear that you know
(0:46) [blaine] i know, i wasn't expecting you to
[jane] i guess it just takes practice :)
[jane] and you, monsieur?
[jane] i realize if i had helped you it might have been better for you
(0:48) [blaine] no
(0:48) [blaine] not at all
(0:48) [blaine] i just wanted to make you happy
[jane] awww
[jane] thank you :)
[jane] maybe i'll try and fall asleep tonight just like this
[jane] i would like to
[jane] but alas the studying
[jane] only until friday though will i have tests!
(0:49) [blaine] poor jane
[jane] hehe
[jane] are you done with yours yet?
(0:50) [blaine] i'm glad that i made you feel good for a little bit
(0:50) [blaine] i have a take home exam that needs to be done by friday
[jane] thank you blaine :D it was really wow
[jane] oh cool, a take home exam
[jane] do you like it?
* jane flips the lights back on
(0:52) [blaine] i don't mind it
(0:52) [blaine] i don't really want to find the time to do it
(0:52) [blaine] but it's better than some exams
[jane] do you have to write?
(0:54) [blaine] yes i do
(0:54) [blaine] not now though
* jane listens to "Roxanne", oddly enough
[jane] ;)
(0:54) * blaine kisses jane
* jane smiles sweetly
* jane sings, "Put on the red light Roxaaaaane"
* jane twirls her hair
(0:55) * blaine chuckles and kisses jane again
[jane] do you have a favorite movie?
(0:57) [blaine] not particularly i guess
(0:57) [blaine] movies are really tied to moods with me
[jane] so it depends on your mood, which movie you'd like to see
(0:57) [blaine] definitely
[jane] have you seen
[jane] amelie?
[jane] it's one of my favorites
(0:59) [blaine] yes i have
(0:59) [blaine] very cute movie :)
[jane] alongside mr. holland's opus and moulin rouge
[jane] yeah, i love audrey taotao
[jane] however you spell it
[jane] i guess i like movies i feel like i can relate to
[jane] or that i can relate to, but distantly
(1:01) [blaine] that's true
(1:01) [blaine] music movies on your list
(1:01) [blaine] that's cute
(1:01) [blaine] mr. holland's opus was a really nice movie
(1:01) [blaine] i remember seeing it and it was much better than i thought it would be
[jane] it's the reason i decided to play clarinet. i saw that red head (remember, with the pigtails) and wanted to become her
(1:02) [blaine] oh yeah, i do remember
[jane] she was discouraged but then succeeded!
[jane] it came out when i was in fifth grade, about a year after my parents had split up
(1:03) * blaine hugs jane
[jane] i remember dad and i went to see it one wednesday night, but we couldn't stay till the end b/c i had to be back at mom's by a certain time
[jane] boy i was miffed
[jane] aww
[jane] it was a long time ago though
[jane] ten years, infact
[jane] ten years last november
[jane] er wait
(1:04) [blaine] miffed
(1:04) [blaine] that's such a good word
[jane] hehe
[jane] yeah, that's right. ten years!
[jane] blaine is such a good word
(1:05) [blaine] it's all right
(1:05) [blaine] jane has more syllables though
(1:05) [blaine] same amount of letters, more syllables
[jane] jane has fewer letters, no?
[jane] only five
[jane] my real name has a whopping THREE syllables though
[jane] it must be extra cool then
[jane] haha
[jane] i get the feeling sometimes my words appear on the screen faster than yours do
[jane] oh Shaaaaayne
(1:08) [blaine] oh jane
(1:08) [blaine] i was just getting a glass of water, that's why my letters were slow in coming
[jane] haha
* jane wouldn't want her blaine getting thirsty, as usual
[jane] comme d'habitude
[jane] you really do pay less attention when we're not at it :(
[jane] i think i've gotten old at this
[jane] trite
[jane] you probably do this with five other girls
[jane] yet you are my only internet lover
[jane] honestly
(1:13) [blaine] no jane
(1:13) [blaine] you're quite wrong
(1:13) [blaine] a lot of people do like to talk to me though
[jane] like this?
(1:13) [blaine] mostly about damn school questions
(1:13) [blaine] no, nothing like this
(1:13) [blaine] i mean people on my MSN and stuff that i have added that i know
(1:13) [blaine] for some reason i am a big advice person for them
[jane] are you the smart one in your class
(1:14) [blaine] not really, i do as little as possible
[jane] are your classes small and easy to discuss in?
[jane] my lit class is like 200 strong
[jane] so we have a separate study session
(1:15) [blaine] yeah they are
(1:15) [blaine] my biggest class is about 40
[jane] that's awesome!
[jane] wow
[jane] i'm jealous ;)
(1:15) [blaine] it has it's ups and it's downs
[jane] and glad to hear this is unusual for you too
(1:15) [blaine] it's difficult to cut class which i don't like
(1:16) [blaine] if i don't want to be there, i don't go
(1:16) [blaine] and some of your teachers take it personally
[jane] i have and 8 oclock with about 25 people which sucks
[jane] but then all of my other classes are huge
(1:17) [blaine] i hate early classes with a passion
[jane] if you don't want to be there, you don't go? wow, i rarely want to go
(1:17) [blaine] well, i won't learn anything
(1:17) [blaine] so even if i just sleep in i feel like i spent my time more effectively
(1:17) [blaine] rather than being tired and not able to concentrate on reading
[jane] yeah, i signed up for classes late because i worked all summer long and didn't have time to come for orientation
[jane] you must have a ton to read as an english major
[jane] i'm definitely a night owl too
[jane] although i suppose that's obvious
(1:19) [blaine] i do have a lot
(1:19) [blaine] but i do it selectively now
(1:19) [blaine] you don't need to know everything
(1:19) [blaine] just have to focus on what you'll need for essays/exams
[jane] really? that's what i've discovered works for my lit exams
[jane] but it's frustrating to think that he believes we will truly read all of the stuff "required"
(1:20) [blaine] i don't even buy it all
(1:20) [blaine] if i think it's going to be garbage, i don't bother
(1:21) [blaine] it's up to me after all
[jane] i've never read EVERYTHING he assigns us
(1:21) [blaine] i can get it later if it turns out to be essential
[jane] you don't buy it all? wow
[jane] well, i don't buy the recommended stuff unless the prof says we absolutely need it
[jane] but if it's required it's in my backpack
[jane] i suppose you do have quite a few books then
(1:22) [blaine] i'm a lazy, selective student
(1:22) [blaine] i educate myself more than school educates me
(1:22) [blaine] i read indepedantly and follow current events
(1:22) [blaine] bad spelling there, but whatever
* jane isn't caring
(1:23) [blaine] yeah, most of the time when i'm sat here, i'm just avoiding talking to people that i don't want to talk to and reading articles
[jane] i try to avoid my family on msn and my "friends" on im
[jane] and i chat with you and download music and write in my journal everyday
(1:24) [blaine] yeah, same pretty much
[jane] what current events do you like reading about?
[jane] hey do you think you write differently when you type vs. when you write on paper?
[jane] i know i tend to write better stuff when it's on paper, but i do type faster
(1:27) [blaine] i don't know, i try to keep my writing style clear and concise
[jane] what do you enjoy writing about most?
[jane] oh dear now i am throwing school type questions at you i suppose
(1:29) [blaine] that's all right
(1:29) [blaine] i like to write about just relationships i guess
(1:29) [blaine] not even love ones
(1:29) [blaine] just the way people affect each other
[jane] do you think being out in nature helps you write?
(1:31) [blaine] no
(1:31) [blaine] i honestly don't use many adjectives when i do
(1:31) [blaine] i like dialogue better than description
[jane] would you say you prefer reading and writing dialogue better than description?
(1:33) [blaine] yes
[jane] i was just thinking it's good that you enjoy reading the news and whatnot, it will help you when you're a sportswriter
[jane] i would think
(1:34) [blaine] i just like to know things
[jane] you've got that innate curiosity, that's great
[jane] so have you ever published anything?
[jane] i won't ask what
(1:36) [blaine] no, i haven't
(1:36) [blaine] i don't really know how yet
(1:36) [blaine] nor do i want to until i
(1:36) [blaine] i'm finished with school
(1:36) [blaine] or else i'll just drop out
[jane] you're really thinking about dropping out?
(1:37) [blaine] i would if i had something better i thought i could be doing
[jane] that's a good standard to live by!
[jane] i don't think i would drop out. my mother wants so badly for me to have a degree
[jane] and i know she's right
[jane] although i can't say i haven't thought about it
[jane] briefly though, only briefly
[jane] i want a degree too
(1:38) [blaine] my parents would be pissed
(1:39) [blaine] but if i thought i was doing the right thing, i would be more pissed at myself for passing it up
(1:39) [blaine] plus i pay my own way
(1:39) [blaine] so it would be my own success or failure
[jane] i think that makes a major difference
[jane] i pay part of my way
[jane] but i rely a lot on my mom financially
[jane] i can't say i don't
(1:41) [blaine] yeah, it definitely makes you feel more obligated
(1:41) [blaine] which can be a good push in the right direction in some ways
[jane] but i think it means more, the more money you put into getting your own degree the more you want it
[jane] maybe
[jane] for some people anyway
[jane] anyways i wouldn't have any idea what to do if i dropped out. i mean, what then? go work at walmart and live at home? no way.
[jane] i have bigger dreams than that
[jane] of course then there are people who don't even have the option of a college education
(1:43) [blaine] i would only if i thought i was abandoning it for something that made me happier
[jane] sounds like you know what you're doing
(1:43) [blaine] maybe
(1:44) [blaine] we'll see about that i guess
[jane] what would you do? just work and write?
(1:44) [blaine] sure
(1:44) [blaine] if somebody would pay me enough that i wasn't living a bad life
(1:44) [blaine] i don't need much stuff
[jane] just time and a pencil!
[jane] oh no. that wasn't a double meaning that time
[jane] hehehe
(1:46) [blaine] :P
(1:46) * blaine hugs jane
[jane] you are cute always
(1:47) [blaine] you dwarf me in cuteness
[jane] hahahahahaha
[jane] now that i'm sure is untrue
* jane kisses blaine
[jane] next time you get a girlfriend do write her love letters if you never had before
[jane] she will love it
(1:49) [blaine] really?
[jane] yes! are you kidding?
[jane] definitely
(1:49) [blaine] won't she just throw them all out after she starts hating me
[jane] girls LOVE love letters
[jane] yeah, but what if she doesn't?
[jane] some girls keep their love letters even if they never get back with the guy! it can be a real boost of confidence!
(1:50) [blaine] i don't know
(1:50) [blaine] i don't know much about it
[jane] ?!
[jane] you're a friggin' english major
[jane] i mean i don't think you should sit down and force yourself to come up with poems that don't flow naturally
[jane] but just when you're thinking of her, it's so sweet really
[jane] then again, it's not really too important what i think you should and should not do
[jane] these are just ideas
(1:52) [blaine] most of the time i think about people who fight with each other
(1:52) [blaine] because i think it's more interesting
(1:52) [blaine] i like people that argue with me
(1:53) [blaine] because i have a big ego and think that i am always right
(1:53) [blaine] that makes me sound crazy, but it's the truth
[jane] no, i get it
[jane] you need a challenge, that's normal
[jane] and healthy
[jane] so maybe you liked it more when i was
* jane kicks blaine in balls
[jane] and you're competitive i guess what with your sports background, it makes sense
(1:54) [blaine] haha
(1:55) [blaine] yes, i need repeated kicks in the gonads
(1:55) [blaine] i don't like either more or less
(1:55) [blaine] you're somebody that i care about
[jane] you are too :)
[jane] don't like either what?
(1:56) [blaine] if you act nice to me or mean
(1:56) [blaine] just act the way you feel like acting
[jane] well that's a relief
[jane] truly it is
(1:56) [blaine] yeah, sometimes it takes me a minute to talk or whatever
(1:56) [blaine] but it's not because i'm not interested
(1:57) [blaine] there's too many things to do in this world
[jane] yes, there are
* jane smiles
[jane] so how did you find out about soulseek? my former roommate's ex told her about it
[jane] and she in turn told me
(1:58) [blaine] i don't really even remember
(1:58) [blaine] it was a long while ago
(1:58) [blaine] somebody told me that it was similar to napster and i liked napster
[jane] i heard somebody say in the indie chat a few days ago that in canada they can't press charges if you steal music
[jane] i wasn't saavy enough when napster was popular to get into it
[jane] i had a friend who did the napster thing though
(1:59) [blaine] yeah, i think that's true about pressing charges
[jane] and i've done napster legally, with the little card
[jane] of course, in the indie one is safe
[jane] from utter beration!
(2:00) [blaine] haha really?
(2:00) [blaine] oh ha ha
[jane] haha i don't even know if that's a word
(2:01) [blaine] if not, it's close enough that it should enter the english language
(2:01) [blaine] it conveys its meaning
[jane] yay then!
[jane] oh hey what do you think of questionable content?
(2:02) [blaine] it was good
[jane] i admit it is a litle weird sometimes
(2:02) [blaine] i read about 100 or so, then i gave up
[jane] there are i think at least 400
[jane] it's a big time waster but fun
(2:03) [blaine] i like to waste time every now and again
[jane] so yeah, faye is i guess where i got some of my "violence" earlier
[jane] she's a riot, i love how angry she is
(2:04) [blaine] seemed like a pretty cool person to know
[jane] and marten, my gosh what a sweetie
[jane] but the author (jeph jacques) claims that he doesn't base his cartoon on real life at all
(2:05) [blaine] really?
(2:05) [blaine] i wonder how you can do that
[jane] yup. but my dad doesn't believe it
[jane] the people ARE rather outlandish but i don't know
[jane] maybe he just doesn't want to admit he uses people he knows
[jane] b/c those people read his stuff
(2:06) [blaine] probably
(2:06) [blaine] you could get yourself into trouble that way
[jane] hehe, yeah
* jane listens to deathcab for cutie's 'title and registration'
(2:08) [blaine] i'm listening to a band called the cramps
[jane] ouch!
[jane] are they good?
[jane] i had a friend who had these terrible cramps on a band trip. she was curled up in the corner in front of everybody, poor thing
[jane] mine are never that bad thank goodness
(2:09) [blaine] i like them, but i don't see how a lot of people would
(2:10) [blaine] that's good
[jane] hehe yeah too much information i'm sure
(2:10) [blaine] not really
(2:10) [blaine] i know what goes on
(2:10) [blaine] but getting them to a crippling degree would be lousy
[jane] would it be different if i told you to your face these things?
(2:11) [blaine] no
[jane] yeah, she was reduced to tears
[jane] really?
(2:11) [blaine] i'm not naive
[jane] i think i probably wouldn't say any of that at all
[jane] i would be looking over my shoulder, thinking she was somehow in the same room and listening
[jane] yes, naive you're not :)
[jane] and that's a good thing!
(2:12) [blaine] :)
[jane] it probably sounded rude though
(2:12) [blaine] no
(2:12) [blaine] not at all
[jane] well good then
[jane] i don't seem to anger you too much
(2:13) [blaine] nobody does
[jane] then again i don't anger anyone too much except my mother
[jane] but yet you enjoy fighting? oh but i guess you mean arguing, not fighting
(2:14) [blaine] debate
(2:14) [blaine] i don't take much personally
(2:14) [blaine] no point
[jane] did you say you were a Christian?
[jane] i can't remember
(2:15) [blaine] i like jesus, i'm not religious
[jane] i ought to go to church and pray more often. i'm not religious either, but i am a Christian.
[jane] and it feels almost odd to say that to you
(2:16) [blaine] it doesn't bother me if i go to church or not
[jane] have you read emily dickinson?
(2:17) [blaine] people who go to church and then treat people like garbage aren't better than me
(2:17) [blaine] yeah, some of it
[jane] well she has some poems--one in particular--that pertain to the whole not going to church thing
[jane] "Some Keep The Sabbath"
[jane] i think is the title
[jane] and she also says "The Bible is an ancient volume"
[jane] i don't think i'd mind being her
[jane] sitting around writing poems all day
(2:19) [blaine] i wouldn't want to be intimidated by leaving my house
[jane] she was intimidated by leaving her house?
(2:19) [blaine] she was a complete recluse
[jane] i wonder if she would go in chatrooms if she were born a bit later
[jane] we're reading prufrock right now
(2:20) [blaine] do you like it
[jane] t.s. eliot, crazy stuff. i don't know if i understand it
[jane] he has explained it a few times though
[jane] so i think i have it
[jane] but honestly i haven't even finished reading it yet
[jane] do you like it?
* jane gets out her lit book
(2:21) [blaine] i was fine with it
(2:21) [blaine] some parts were better than others for me
(2:22) [blaine] i don't enjoy repetition
[jane] he was a sort of recluse, no?
[jane] i mean good grief if he can't even eat a peach
[jane] or maybe not
(2:23) [blaine] seems like more of an antisocial person than a true recluse
(2:23) [blaine] but that's just hair splitting anyway
[jane] hair splitting?
(2:23) [blaine] you know
(2:23) [blaine] splitting hairs
(2:23) [blaine] looking at minor, insignificant details
[jane] like frightening or scary?
[jane] oh, true, gotcha
(2:26) [blaine] i'm getting tired
(2:26) [blaine] it sucks
[jane] to get tired?
[jane] me too
[jane] the caffeine in my smoothie is wearing off
[jane] do you need to go?
(2:27) [blaine] no
(2:27) [blaine] i just wish i was more awake
[jane] are you still studying
(2:28) [blaine] no
(2:28) [blaine] gave up
[jane] would you call what we do sometimes cyber sex? i'm pretty sure that's us defined sometimes
[jane] but i never thought i was the type to do it
[jane] like...ever
[jane] and i'm hating talking about it right now, actually
(2:30) [blaine] i don't know
[jane] ohdo change the subject
(2:30) [blaine] it doesn't bother me one way or another, i like to make you happy because i like you
(2:31) [blaine] it means nothing to me as a title or anything because it's private
[jane] thank you
(2:32) [blaine] you can call two people having sex fornication and feel bad about it if you want too
[jane] i guess i feel a little less bad for doing it then, whatever "it" is
(2:32) [blaine] ugly titles for things between two people are just tools for people who aren't involved to judge
[jane] but if they're married?
[jane] i like that.
(2:32) [blaine] to me it's no big deal if they are or aren't, as long as nobody is using anybody
(2:33) [blaine] it's private
* jane hugs blaine tightly
(2:34) * blaine hugs jane
(2:34) [blaine] i don't give a fuck about anybody but myself and the people i care about
(2:34) [blaine] everybody else can keep to themselves
[jane] do you make friends easily?
[jane] so do you hate politics then?
(2:35) [blaine] sure
[jane] because honestly i hate politics
(2:35) [blaine] i don't hate it, but i don't sit around thinking i can change it
[jane] you can vote at 18 in canada, right?
(2:35) [blaine] me arguing with somebody about it doesn't accomplish much
(2:35) [blaine] and i don't like people who talk and then don't bother to act
(2:35) [blaine] yes
[jane] so you enjoy arguing about things other than politics
(2:36) [blaine] sure
[jane] like about the truth?
[jane] but what kind of truths?
(2:36) [blaine] sure
(2:36) [blaine] people always ask my opinion on stuff for some reason
[jane] i guess i am no exception then!
[jane] maybe that's God telling you something
[jane] what i don't know
[jane] i do quiz you quite a bit
(2:38) [blaine] it's all right, i'm used to it
[jane] would you rather be the one asking the questions?
[jane] i mean, are you uncomfortable that people come to you with their uncertainties?
[jane] because you know you don't know everything?
(2:39) [blaine] no, i don't mind
(2:40) [blaine] i don't like to ask a bunch of questions because people normally let you know what they're like
(2:40) [blaine] everybody likes to learn things differently
(2:40) [blaine] so i don't mind questions
[jane] in high school were you more outgoing than you are now?
(2:42) [blaine] no, i don't mind being alone and i don't mind being around friends
(2:43) [blaine] i'm comfortable with alone time, i don't get bored or feel bad
[jane] you sound very level-headed
(2:43) [blaine] thanks
[jane] i'm not too talented socially
[jane] you're welcome
[jane] (i suppose that's why i'm in a chatroom rather than out clubbing, cha!)
[jane] but perhaps people who ask questions only want the person answering to feel like they can go on and on about themselves if they really want to
(2:45) [blaine] yeah
(2:45) [blaine] sometimes i feel like that
(2:46) [blaine] sometimes i don't
[jane] whereas if the question answerers aren't questioned, they feel they shouldn't talk about themselves
(2:46) [blaine] tonight i'm in a pretty relaxed mood
[jane] and then there are professors
[jane] the most long-winded of them all
[jane] but also the most interesting
[jane] er, sometimes
(2:47) [blaine] it depends on if i get the impression that they know what they're talking about
[jane] i can't believe my roommate is still not here
(2:49) [blaine] must be some movie!
[jane] hahahaha
[jane] must be!
[jane] that or she's spending the night
[jane] i wonder if they'll get married
[jane] i don't have any married friends
(2:50) [blaine] i have one set
[jane] not young ones, anyway
[jane] yeah? how do they like it?
(2:50) [blaine] their wedding was fun
(2:50) [blaine] they seem fine with it, but it's not like i'm there
[jane] haha yeah
[jane] are your parents together?
(2:52) [blaine] yeah, they are
(2:52) [blaine] they live in a different city, remember
[jane] oh yeah
[jane] and left the house to you guys
[jane] do you have house parties
[jane] that could be fun
[jane] oh and you're all of age
[jane] how cool
* jane realizes she is a dork american
* who doesn't have of-age friends
(2:54) [blaine] no way
(2:54) [blaine] our house is pretty tidy
(2:54) [blaine] i would hate to have to clean that kind of crap up
[jane] that's cool
[jane] yep
(2:54) [blaine] cans and pizza boxes all over
(2:54) [blaine] forget it
[jane] total pain
[jane] plus i am assuming your parents own or rent the place? or maybe not, i don't know
[jane] oh don't feel like you have to answer that
[jane] or any of my questions, for that matter
[jane] that's prying an awful lot
(2:56) [blaine] own, yeah
* jane listens to "The Sound of Settling"
(2:57) [blaine] i should put some music on
[jane] is your sister this much of a night person too
* jane's roomie walks in
(2:59) [blaine] not that much, no
(2:59) [blaine] oh really
[jane] yup
(2:59) [blaine] well, i guess it was good while it lasted eh ;)
[jane] hehe it sure was
[jane] i have to wash my face
[jane] just a minute
(3:00) [blaine] ok
[jane] i'm baaaack
[jane] good morning, blaine!
(3:11) [blaine] good morning jane
[jane] and in case i don't see ya, good afternoon good evening and goodnight!
[jane] that's from that movie the truman show
(3:12) [blaine] yeah, i recognised it
(3:13) * blaine hugs jane
* jane kisses blaine
(3:13) [blaine] cute little jand
(3:13) [blaine] :D
* jane runs her fingers through blaine's hair
(3:14) * blaine wraps his arms around jane's waist
[jane] "I need you so much closer."
[jane] that's a song lyric
(3:15) [blaine] it suits
[jane] it does
(3:15) [blaine] i want to be as close to you as two people can get
(3:16) [blaine] right inside
* jane rubs her cheek along his
(3:17) * blaine strokes up and down jane's back
* jane whispers, "I need you so much closer."
* jane "So come on."
* jane "Come on. Come on."
(3:18) * blaine holds his cock and slides it into his jane's pussy
(3:18) * blaine "back where it belongs"
* jane's feet feel nailed into the floor
* jane wraps her arms around him
* jane lays her face on his neck, kissing it
(3:19) * blaine presses his chest so tight to hers
* jane can feel his very heart beat
(3:21) * blaine presses as much of his body against jane as he can
[jane] is that too much? no, that's too much. too real
(3:21) [blaine] no
(3:21) [blaine] it's not
(3:21) [blaine] it was nice
(3:21) [blaine] just rela
(3:21) [blaine] relax
[jane] but i want that with a real lover
[jane] or husband
(3:21) [blaine] anyone does
[jane] i don't know i guess imagining it seems
[jane] sad
[jane] like i'd want to discover that without imagining it first
[jane] you know? with that person
[jane] but i digress...but i want to digress
[jane] i'm sure you don't
(3:23) [blaine] i don't mind
(3:23) [blaine] you can do whatever you feel like you have to do
(3:23) [blaine] you sound like you feel guilty or something and if you do, we don't have to do anything
(3:24) [blaine] i like making you feel good about yourself, not bad
[jane] ok
[jane] well i like it and then later i'm not sure if i did or not
(3:24) [blaine] then don't
[jane] i guess i just like the idea of being close to a guy
[jane] i'm sorry, i am
(3:25) [blaine] don't worry about it
[jane] this is a rotten way to try and cure loneliness, if that's what it is
[jane] and now i'm depressing blaine in Canada
(3:26) [blaine] no you're not
(3:26) [blaine] the only person who can do that is myself
(3:26) [blaine] i like you, but if you feel bad about me, then it's a bad situation for you
[jane] no, i like you too
(3:27) [blaine] and i'm not here to make people feel bad
[jane] well me neither!
[jane] i don't do it on purpose anyway
[jane] i'm glad you understand
(3:27) [blaine] you do things perfectly, it's my fault
(3:27) [blaine] i'm sorry
[jane] no really, it's okay
[jane] i did enjoy it
[jane] but like i said afterwards i wasn't so sure
(3:28) [blaine] i never wanted to make you feel bad
[jane] i know you didn't
[jane] it's not a big deal
[jane] but now a significant part of our little history is gone
[jane] that's okay though
(3:29) [blaine] it's something that made you feel bad so it's for the best really
[jane] yeah, for sure
[jane] so have you ever played a musical instrument?
(3:30) [blaine] you should have told me
(3:30) [blaine] i'm sorry
[jane] no, like i said it's really okay
(3:31) [blaine] i can be an idiot i guess
[jane] it's done now, and i'm glad
(3:31) [blaine] no, not really
[jane] no! blaine!
[jane] what?
(3:31) [blaine] i haven't played an instrument
[jane] ah, okay
(3:33) [blaine] i wish i knew how, but i guess that's life
[jane] why did you start chatting with me anyway?
[jane] i probably said something in the indie chat
(3:34) [blaine] i thought you seemed like a really nice person
(3:34) [blaine] i didn't set out to make you feel crappy or any of that stuff
[jane] awww
(3:34) [blaine] i'm not a bad person really
[jane] i know. don't worry about it
(3:35) [blaine] i feel so stupid
[jane] neither am i, which somehow you believe
[jane] don't, i still really enjoy chatting with you
[jane] and i'm glad i've got that off my chest
[jane] and hopefully this won't get boring, i don't think it will at all though
(3:36) [blaine] i think i'm gonna go to bed
[jane] ok
(3:36) [blaine] i don't feel so good
[jane] i'm sorry.
(3:37) [blaine] it's my own fault
[jane] what?
[jane] oh blaine
[jane] please
(3:37) [blaine] i acted like a fool
[jane] so did i
(3:37) [blaine] no
[jane] we're only human
[jane] no? i could have stopped it from the beginning
[jane] 'we're only human" --i'm pretty sure you said that to me once
(3:38) [blaine] you did in your head by not liking it
(3:38) [blaine] and then i just kept acting like an idiot
[jane] well don't feel like i am holding it against you.
(3:39) [blaine] who wouldn't
[jane] what?
(3:40) [blaine] like what did you do, laugh or just ignore it or what
[jane] ignore it?!
[jane] no, i was into it
[jane] imagining it
(3:40) [blaine] i bet
[jane] i was trying to make it interesting
(3:41) [blaine] yeah, can't be easy to do
[jane] just afterwards i didn't know if i felt like it was right
(3:41) [blaine] i wish you had just told me to stop
[jane] i did!
[jane] basically
[jane] and you caught on
(3:41) [blaine] i'm stupid
[jane] no, you're not
(3:42) [blaine] like honestly, you can admit it
[jane] if you feel so bad just pray for forgiveness, He'll give it!
[jane] i don't know, that's what i'm doing
[jane] this really is a weird way to sin
[jane] but it's everywhere
(3:43) [blaine] you didn't
(3:43) [blaine] i did
(3:43) [blaine] you were just trying to be nice
[jane] who are you to say when i'm not sinning? hmmm?
[jane] can't only two beings truly know that? (the beings being God and myself?)
(3:44) [blaine] you didn't because you didn't buy into it
(3:44) [blaine] i thought we were making each other happy but you knew better
[jane] i guess we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one
[jane] what? we were.
[jane] i just don't think it's right (for me) to continue
[jane] voila. there it is.
(3:45) [blaine] i know
(3:45) [blaine] and i'm really sorry
[jane] it's okay.
[jane] like i said, i enjoy chatting with you
[jane] well, i guess i'll talk to you later then
(3:47) [blaine] you're gonna go to bed?
[jane] what am i saying? of course i will. that sounded awfully final.
[jane] i thought you were
(3:47) [blaine] i wouldn't blame you if it was final
[jane] well, it's not :)
(3:48) [blaine] i am but i have a bunch of stuff downloading
[jane] cool
[jane] what are you downloading?
[jane] ahhh, and on with the questions...
[jane] hehe
(3:49) [blaine] some classical guitar stuff
[jane] my uncle was very into guitar for a while
[jane] he was a perfectionist and practiced (or is it practised in canada?) tout le temps
(3:52) [blaine] i should try
(3:52) [blaine] but it frustrates me to be bad at things
[jane] it does me too
[jane] i didn't play the clarinet because i was any good at it, just to have a room full of (mostly) friends around
[jane] i remember i was horrible in jr. high especially
[jane] i almost quit band every year i was in it
(3:54) [blaine] but you stuck with it
[jane] sometimes i'm astounded i didn't just leave
[jane] yeah, until the bitter end. but it wasn't a bitter end
[jane] although i was glad to be through with it
[jane] but i will always have those band memories
[jane] and i'll focus on the good times, forgetting the negative stuff altogether
[jane] like any good old person would
[jane] probably
(3:56) [blaine] that's true
[jane] what about hockey?
[jane] is it the same?
(3:56) [blaine] i don't have time
(3:56) [blaine] i play now and again
(3:57) [blaine] but i don't have time for a league right now
[jane] hey blaine?
(4:05) [blaine] hi
[jane] i'm going to really go to bed now.
(4:05) [blaine] me too in a minute
[jane] so, a tout a l'heure
(4:05) [blaine] have a really good sleep jane
[jane] you too, blaine

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