backyard crowing


Blaine & Jane, evolved into great friends/bus ride

and now, without the sex part...

[jane] ok i'm back
[jane] but i'll be right back
[jane] je suis revenue
(0:34) [blaine] hello
[jane] nice to meet you
[jane] j'ai fait la lessive beaucoup aujourd'hui
(0:35) [blaine] nice to meet you too
[jane] enchantee
[jane] monsieur
[jane] hey topher grace is in this movie. he's in that 70s show as eric
[jane] he reminds me of what i think my dad was like when he was younger
[jane] in the face
(0:38) [blaine] which movie is that
[jane] traffic
[jane] bien sur
[jane] embouteillages
(0:38) [blaine] oh yeah
[jane] did you ever want to do anything else besides english/hockey?
(0:40) [blaine] author
(0:40) [blaine] i can still do that if i want
[jane] sure
[jane] no other professions? wow
(0:40) [blaine] not really, maybe baseball
(0:40) [blaine] sports writer
[jane] what kind of books do you want to write?
[jane] books about sports?
[jane] traffic is tv 14? i thought it was r
(0:43) [blaine] i'm not really sure
(0:43) [blaine] novels i guess
(0:43) [blaine] maybe a thematic collection of poetry or something
[jane] oh that would be cool
[jane] did you ever read shel silverstein?
(0:43) [blaine] yeah
(0:44) [blaine] sure did
[jane] i remember vaguely when he died
[jane] what did he die of? do you remember?
[jane] may 10, 1999 of heart failure is what google says
(0:45) [blaine] i'm not sure
(0:45) [blaine] oh
(0:45) [blaine] that's too bad
(0:45) [blaine] but he did some good things in his time
[jane] yeah
[jane] 1999 feels like ages ago
[jane] that was 7th grade for me
[jane] the turn of the century!
(0:46) [blaine] that is ages ago
[jane] only six or seven years
[jane] which is significant b/c we haven't lived that long
(0:47) [blaine] it's true
(0:47) [blaine] the better part of a decade
[jane] have you ever seen those "books of questions"?
[jane] where every page is a question?
[jane] they're for getting to know people better i guess
[jane] or getting to know oneself
(0:51) [blaine] no i haven't to be honest
(0:52) [blaine] that doesn't sound too entertaining to read haha
[jane] they're interesting
(0:52) [blaine] you should write one, you love questions
[jane] no? oh it's fun! you can sit there and ask people questions and learn more about them than you think they ever would
[jane] hehehehe
* jane feels nosy
(0:53) [blaine] that's all right
[jane] it's hard to keep a conversation without questions
[jane] at least a few, anyway
[jane] i should look into hip replacement
[jane] that's what the television tells me anyway
(0:56) [blaine] i know
(0:56) [blaine] you should be an investigative reporter
(0:56) [blaine] or chat show host
[jane] jane walters!
[jane] that would be fantastic
[jane] truly
[jane] that would mean majoring in journalism, no?
[jane] oh well maybe i could double major like you
(0:57) [blaine] maybe
(0:57) [blaine] do you think you would like doing that
[jane] yeah, definitely
[jane] i like listening
[jane] it's something i do fairly well
[jane] or so i'm told
[jane] although i think that changed somewhat after high school
[jane] when i came out of my shell a little
[jane] i took journalism in high school
(1:00) [blaine] did you?
(1:00) [blaine] how did you find it
[jane] i wrote an article on the ffa and how people tend to think it's only about raising cattle--but they get no respect! there's much more to it than that
[jane] i took the first semester of journalism during my first semester of high school, and my second semester during my last year of high school. i had two different teachers, the first was somewhat tough but the second didn't care what we i don't think i can judge that last semester
[jane] she (the teacher) would give us a small project every two weeks
[jane] sad
[jane] but the first semester was interesting. i remember the other teacher told us that if one of us came up with a particularly good article it could go into the newspaper
(1:02) [blaine] so you like to be challenged better
[jane] yes, definitely
[jane] the first semester was much more interesting
[jane] i remember we presented current events every week and i was the first person to go the first time we did it
[jane] and i hate being first, usually
[jane] people watching jane = SCARED jane!
(1:04) [blaine] what made that time different
[jane] which time?
(1:05) [blaine] really
(1:05) [blaine] i don't mind public speaking
[jane] good!
[jane] it's a necessary skill
[jane] my roommate is double majoring in journalism and something else, i can't remember what
[jane] at the moment
(1:07) [blaine] oh really
(1:07) [blaine] that's cool
(1:07) [blaine] you should ask her what it's like
[jane] yeah, i will
[jane] she doesn't have any journalism classes yet
[jane] but maybe next year
[jane] 2006!
[jane] look out
(1:09) [blaine] haha
(1:09) [blaine] jane will hit the scnee
(1:09) [blaine] scene
[jane] hehehe
[jane] fwap!
[jane] brb
[jane] back again!
(1:26) [blaine] hullo
[jane] hey hey hey!
[jane] what are you listening to?
(1:27) [blaine] nothing actually
(1:27) [blaine] how about you
[jane] when i am an investigative reporter i will ask you about your bestselling book!
[jane] nothing either
[jane] i was about to choose
[jane] "So tell me blaine, what inspired you to write your book?"
(1:29) [blaine] all that blank paper needed filling
[jane] hehehe
[jane] good answer
[jane] very vague
* jane listens to the distillers for the first time ever
(1:33) [blaine] how do you like it
(1:33) [blaine] i haven't heard much of them
[jane] actually i stopped listening to it so i could hear a cover of hanson's mmmbop done by phish
[jane] hilarious!
[jane] do you like what you've heard?
[jane] hanson is one of those bands i grew up with....i can't hate them really
[jane] i'm unashamed!
(1:35) [blaine] that's all right
(1:35) [blaine] i know plenty of girls who really like them
[jane] they're still around, i saw them last august
[jane] but their sound has changed, as have their voices
[jane] they're indie now, they have their own record label called 3CG, short for three car garage
(1:37) [blaine] really
(1:37) [blaine] do you still like their music
[jane] mercury screwed them over apparently
[jane] yeah, it has only improved
[jane] they were the beginning of my cd collection
[jane] so they can do no wrong in my eyes :)
[jane] two of them got married, one has a kid
(1:38) [blaine] wow really
(1:38) [blaine] i didn't know that
[jane] yup
[jane] the youngest of the three was 11 when they started getting famous
[jane] now he's 20
[jane] and married
(1:39) [blaine] 11
(1:39) [blaine] jeez
[jane] yes, an eleven year old drummer!
[jane] go zac!
[jane] hehe
[jane] and then the middle child, taylor, got married and had a kid a few months later
(1:40) [blaine] huh wow
[jane] ezra is the kid's name
[jane] very cute
(1:41) [blaine] how old is the kid
[jane] and the three have three or four other siblings that aren't in the band with them
[jane] hmmm....not sure
[jane] just a sec
(1:42) [blaine] huge family
[jane] born on halloween of 2002
[jane] yeah, definitely huge
[jane] and their parents divorced
[jane] so ezra is three
[jane] my aunt was born on april fool's day
(1:43) [blaine] do people let her off the hook for jokes
(1:44) [blaine] since it's her birthday
[jane] hehe
[jane] noooo
[jane] not in this [email protected]
[jane] !
[jane] ~
[jane] i can't make an exclamation mark to save my life~
[jane] but she also doesn't have a middle name, and no one seems to believe her. one of her co-workers thinks she just has an awful embarrassing middle name and isn't telling
(1:45) [blaine] that's all right
(1:45) [blaine] well jane, i have to be up early for work
(1:45) [blaine] so i will talk to you later
(1:45) [blaine] have a good sleep
[jane] you too!
(1:45) [blaine] g'night
[jane] bonne nuit

on the bus today i wrote a series of random things, and here they are transcribed:

Why is it I never hear the term "German American"? I hear African American, Mexican American, and Native American, but I guess people tend to think Germans in America aren't Germans at all--they're American. And I bet if I was a black American and moved to Ireland, I'd be referred to as the black chick, not an American.

Why are we like this?

There is only 1 other white person on this bus, excluding the driver. I'm beginning to remember my black Sociology professor last year and all he taught. Minorities are typically less wealthy than whites. He gave us some percentages and whatnot, I can't recall it all; but that's the gist of it. Buses are for people who don't have cars or friends with cars. And I must admit I'm wishing I hadn't drunk all that water. I'm not too comfortable with leaving my bags unattended to use the closet in the back.

We have just stopped at a random gas stateion, I'm not quite sure why. We didn't get gas or anything, only the driver got out for a few minutes and then jumped back in. And we're off. It's 3:35 pm, but I feel like we only just got out of Austin. We left the Greyhound station at 3pm, although departure time is supposedly 2:30. I wish I could have taken the late bus--it leaves at 5:10 pm and arrives at 8:15 pm. Mom would be furious if I did that though, she doesn't want to go at all. I'm not so certain she likes me on this bus either, but she managed to let go. She kept bugging me to ask my "friends" from high school for a lift, but I wasn't too keen on it. I just wanted to write. You can't do that among people really. That is, I suppose, why I hate timed tests so. That and the fact that writing on a topic that doesn't fascinate me makes Janeane a dull girl. But I get to go to college, I'm one of the lucky ones. And no, that wasn't sarcasm at all.

4:02 - We're in Giddings and for some reason stopped at another gas station. Methinks 5:30 is looking pretty unlikely. In Giddings we wait for a train and I count 78 cars. I didn't start at the beginning though, so there were more. We passed a new fangled Dairy Queen, I remember seeing it with Granddad and Grandma and Mom on the way to Austin. I missed that big ancient clock though. Man I don't want to go home. My pen ran out. I'm one of two females on this bus. Glad I'm not alone in my gender, that makes me nervous; I'm nervous already.

4:39 pm - Brenham arrival
A sign welcomes me to historic downtown. We stop at what I guess is a truck stop on the corner of Clinton and East Alamo. The driver, finding a sudden wave of niceness, tells us we will stop here for 10 minutes and about a nice old couple who owns this joint. He advertises for the little operation, telling us it offers a wide variety of sandwiches.

4:58 pm
the engines start again, we bump along as before.

5:01 pm
we pass the intersection at Limit St. and Blue Bell Rd. Ah yes, the cow's heaven is Brenham, or so one ice cream company says.

5:16 pm
we pass a "Welcome to Washington County" sign, and I do indeed feel welcome.

What is she? What is Cristy?

-pale, for a Hispanic person
-a germophobe
-a tomboy
-a punk fan
-a wearer of eyebrow rings
-talkative, sometimes
-high-pitched voice
-"mentally exhausted" when she studies for hours on end
-my roommate
-an advice-giver
-thinks of everything
-an underdog
-a spanish speaker
-a liberal
-at home in the country
-a lover of cold weather
-a Tim Burton fan
-a news and weather watcher
-a no-makeup kind of gal
-wants the best for people she cares about
-doesn't curse a lot if you don't
-a middle child
-a sister
-a studier

I'm wishing now I had brought my portable CD player like the girl across from me.

Thank goodness this bus isn't crowded.

This trip is nothing like a band trip. I wasn't expecting it to, though.

-I know no one
-the bus driver is extremely unfriendly and stops occasionally without telling us why
-there is a lack of instruments
-we have TVs, but no movie is playing
-we'll stop 3 times, and different people will get off at different stops
-we have plenty of room to spread out our stuff
-I would rather be at home in Austin
-I am wary of my fellow passengers
-no one speaks, let alone sings offensive drumline ditties
-I want to get to Houston already even though Houston is not where I want to be right now, if this were a band trip I wouldn't care if we spent 18 hours in th bus, and the arrival time wouldn't seem important
-I'm dead tired and this trip has only just begun
-I lack enthusiasm

Now, how is this trip like a band trip?

-the bus is cold if you're jacketless (and I am not)
-countryside is out my window
-I have probably overpacked
-the attributes of the bus itself (TVs, air conditioning and lights above one's head, large windows) are not too different from a band trip bus
-we're in Texas (3 out of 4 of my high school band trips were au Texas)...which makes me wonder where were those trips?

High School - San Antonio, Dallas, Los Angeles, and ____?
Jr. High - Dallas, and...San Antonio? I can't believe I can't remember!

I guess I'm growing us is all. I thought I had already done that. Perhaps it's an ongoing thing.
Yes...must be.

5:34 pm
We make another pointless stop and my one female friend leaves my side. Pshhh...5:30, yeah right. Somebody needs to tell Kerrville bus lines to adjust their wildly misleading website.
5:30 my ass.

5:57 pm
I call mom, as we've just passed Cy-Fair, my former rival high school. She went looking for a grocery store but now she's going back to the station. It won't be long now. At least this bus is comfortable. I have been on it since 2:10, and now it's dark. I ought to turn on the light above my head to see what I'm writing, but I don't feel like it.

I miss Blaine.
I miss him and I don't even know him. Maybe it's just in my head, maybe I only think he'd be wonderful. Anyways soulseek is a fairly strange way to meet a soulmate.
But maybe that's what I'm looking for. I never want to be ordinary.

- 2005-12-17


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