backyard crowing


frustrating night made better

blaine is a sweetie. he keeps my mind off of my problems, as seen here. he lets me blab about them.

[jane] hi
[jane] hey blaine?
(1:22) [blaine] hey
(1:22) [blaine] how are you tonight
[jane] i'm okay.
[jane] and you?
(1:22) [blaine] pretty tired and my nose is stuffy
[jane] awww :(
[jane] i just got home yesterday
[jane] are you at home yet?
(1:23) [blaine] not yet
(1:24) [blaine] tuesday
[jane] so still some time to chill. that's cool
[jane] or work
[jane] why do people get married? that's what i'm wondering tonight
(1:25) [blaine] works for some
[jane] yeah
[jane] i always was 'into' the whole getting married thing but lately i'm not so sure. my mom says my father is 'inconsiderate' and only thinks about himself. she really tore him to pieces in front of me tonight and i didn't do a lick about it. the thing is, this has happened before, and i never do.
[jane] (he wasn't present i mean, she just talked to me about him)
[jane] and she's right, he IS messy and he isn't very responsible a lot of the time
[jane] but he's still my father
(1:28) [blaine] i guess all you can do is try to pick someone out that you don't think that stuff about
[jane] true that
[jane] and honestly she has pretty high standards, probably because of her parents
[jane] and his mother cleaned his room for him and bought him clothes to wear
[jane] he hates shopping
[jane] and so do i, so i guess i take after him in that sense
[jane] but hey--my mother never thought she'd think such things of him as she walked down the aisle. then again no one who divorces does
[jane] or hopefully not, i don't know
[jane] he has invited me to his house tommorow, to help him clean.
(1:32) [blaine] are you gonna go
[jane] i don't know what i want anymore! oh good grief. maybe this is part of why i feel like i need to expatriate. if i am off in france my parents are pretty much a non-issue
[jane] i'm not sure if i'll go or not. i certainly don't have to, but it would be nice and the Christian thing to do
[jane] it might tick off my mother though
[jane] and i have other things i could be doing
(1:34) [blaine] it's all political
[jane] and hey, i did just finish my finals
[jane] what's all political?
(1:34) [blaine] relationships like that
[jane] whether or not to go to his house tommorow is not that big of a deal, really. it's where i'm spending Christmas, and if i'm going to travel to both households in one day to make everybody smile
[jane] but i don't even talk!
[jane] and i never thought about it being 'political', that's really a good way of thinking
[jane] are you going to please dad or mom? that's it. whose good opinion do you need most?
[jane] ugh! i didn't mean to be so depressing. this is just what's on my mind at the moment
(1:38) [blaine] that's all right
(1:39) [blaine] i don't mind listening
(1:39) [blaine] sometimes it helps to write it out
[jane] yes, it definitely does
[jane] do you feel like that sometimes with your parents? i mean i'm sure they've had their issues like any other couple
[jane] and thank you for your attentive ear
[jane] it is much appreciated
[jane] (er....attentive eye, whatever)
(1:41) [blaine] no, not really
[jane] no?
(1:42) [blaine] no
(1:42) [blaine] my parents don't really care about all that
[jane] have they been married a long time?
[jane] i hate politics
(sent while offline) [blaine] 26 years i believe
(sent while offline) [blaine] they're just happy so long as nobody is doing anything stupid
(sent while offline) [blaine] yeah
[jane] testing
[jane] oh i got back on
(1:47) [blaine] hi
[jane] why, hello!
[jane] would you like to talk about yourself now? i've blabbed about all i can
[jane] hehe :)
(1:48) [blaine] nah
(1:48) [blaine] i think i'm good for tonight
(1:49) [blaine] my nose is stuffy and it's annoying me
(1:49) [blaine] that's about all i got
* jane passes the kleenex to blaine
(1:49) [blaine] thank you
[jane] you're welcome
[jane] de rien
(1:50) [blaine] :)
[jane] do you think you can tell when people are praying for you?
[jane] like, you have sort of a gut feeling
[jane] or when something goes right and you know somebody was rooting for you
[jane] and you think they probably had you in their prayers
(1:51) [blaine] i don't know
(1:51) [blaine] if you can, i've never been able to
[jane] has anyone ever asked you, 'please pray for me' or have you asked it of anyone?
[jane] or (and i've wondered this sometimes) do you think it's rather selfish?
(1:53) [blaine] yeah, people say things like "keep us in your prayers" all the time
(1:53) [blaine] i don't say that stuff
(1:53) [blaine] i don't know if it's really that selfish
(1:54) [blaine] why not just pray for everybody and cover all the bases
[jane] yes
[jane] and i do that too. but sometimes praying for individuals feels more real. like maybe it could happen
[jane] like maybe whatever you're praying for could come true if it's God's will
(1:57) [blaine] i don't know why he would really go and change his mind like that
[jane] i remember praying one Thanksgiving for 'everyone', as in the world, and people sort of laughed
[jane] what do you mean by 'change his mind'? change it about what?
(1:59) [blaine] whatever you're praying for
(1:59) [blaine] if he answered 'em all, we'd all be immortal
[jane] but does God ever change his mind? i mean, i think He knows everything, so he wouldn't need to change his mind
[jane] or maybe that's just what you're getting at
(2:02) [blaine] then why pray
[jane] why pray? oh blaine
(2:02) [blaine] it's like putting in a comment card at a restaurant
[jane] hmmm...
[jane] well in a restaurant, the employees may or may not heed the cards
[jane] but i think God always listens
[jane] he may not give us the 'good service' we might want, but he listens
[jane] and hey, employess have no obligation to read all those cards
[jane] and sometimes that 'good service' isn't really good for us at all
(2:04) [blaine] yeah
(2:04) [blaine] that's true
[jane] nice analogy, i like it
[jane] even though i don't necessarily agree with it in some regards
[jane] and about earlier, prayer changes us, not God. He is sure about everything
[jane] changes us in that we behave differently when we believe and communicate regularly with Him
[jane] but here i am telling you all this stuff who knows you're maybe offended
(2:09) [blaine] no
(2:09) [blaine] it's good advice
[jane] have you ever been into Christian music?
[jane] i have this one set of cousins and their parents don't let them listen to secular stuff
(2:12) [blaine] no i haven't actually
[jane] i was for a while my sophomore year of high school
[jane] it was all i listened to for a few months
[jane] but i soon abandoned it
(2:13) [blaine] was it more satisfying
[jane] more satisfying? well musically it wasn't too complicated. but spiritually i think it helped, to some extent. i mean when you're listening to positive lyrics, and you've got a song in your head, you'll probably feel happier
[jane] i guess i just wanted to surround myself with goodness
(2:15) [blaine] yeah
(2:15) [blaine] that's what most people who like it say
(2:15) [blaine] they say that they don't miss secular music at all
(2:15) [blaine] and in fact, it disgusts them on some level
[jane] really?? i did!
[jane] disgusts them? sheesh.
[jane] it's art!
[jane] but i guess people are prone to have art disgust them
(2:16) [blaine] yeah
(2:17) [blaine] there are a lot of movements against certain types of art
[jane] yeah, i'm trying to think of a good example
[jane] but of course it's impossible :)
[jane] and i think it pleases God, the Christian music i mean. no, it must. but i don't know. secular music is everywhere, and i do enjoy it
[jane] quite a bit
(2:19) [blaine] it's hard to go a day without hearing some, or seeing secular art
(2:19) [blaine] some people try to manage though
[jane] hahahahaha
[jane] yeah, it's hard to bear
(2:20) [blaine] a lot of people see a direct correlation between the movement away from christian art after the renaissance
(2:20) [blaine] and bad morals starting to creep in
[jane] do you see it?
(2:21) [blaine] not personally, but that kind of thing isn't up to just one person
[jane] i know, i'm not saying i think you know it all when i ask you questions like that
[jane] i'm just curious
[jane] as tp what some interesting canadian guy would say
[jane] *to
[jane] not tp, no, not toilet paper
(2:23) [blaine] haha
(2:23) [blaine] i figured
[jane] hehehehehe i'm sure you did
[jane] when i was big into Christian music and still anti-homosexuality i remember my mom saying, 'i'm surprised you like this song', referring to a song by the indigo girls called romeo and juliet. the indigo girls are lesbianss
(2:25) [blaine] were you shocked
[jane] shocked? no. surprised, but i continued to enjoy the music
[jane] it sort of put a spark in me
[jane] if that makes sense
(2:27) [blaine] what kind of a spark
[jane] i was embarassed though
[jane] i guess a spark saying 'hey i love the indigos, i've grown up with them, and even though they're lesbians i still love the music they make.'
[jane] now i tell my dad about gay bands and whatnot, he's not so into it though
(2:28) [blaine] yeah, i guess even if you don't like them as people
(2:28) [blaine] it's just music
[jane] but i think i would like them as people
[jane] now
[jane] then i might not have
[jane] exactly, like.....i don't really want to meet michael jackson
[jane] i do love some of his songs though
[jane] but michael jackson-----that's much much different!
(2:32) [blaine] yeah, i guess he is a special case
[jane] are you for gay marriage?
(2:33) [blaine] it doesn't bother me if it's a legal marriage
(2:33) [blaine] civil
(2:34) [blaine] i truly don't care one way or the other about the issue
[jane] can people get married illegally?
(2:34) [blaine] sure, but it has no benefit to you taxation wise
(2:34) [blaine] that's the only issue behind legal gay marriage
(2:34) [blaine] taxation and property rights
[jane] yeah, i guess if one is not gay, one doesn't care \
[jane] ack
(2:34) [blaine] to me it seems like it has nothing to do with the "sanctity of marriage" or any of that
[jane] so you don't have any gay or lesbian friends?
(2:35) [blaine] sure i do
(2:36) [blaine] and if they want to go down to the courthouse and get the right to married taxation levels and inheritances, i don't care
[jane] then if you could vote for it, would you? for them?
(2:36) [blaine] no, i probably wouldn't bother to vote and just let the people who it affected one way or the other battle it out
(2:36) [blaine] i wouldn't be the one crying if it was legal or illegal
[jane] i truly wonder how God feels about all this gay marriage stuff
[jane] and homosexuality in general
[jane] but i have my own ideas
[jane] and i don't really think it's wrong
[jane] i have gay relatives, like this one uncle of mine. he's very cool
[jane] and gay guys are always really nice, i just get along with them
(2:39) [blaine] i don't know how people can talk about god doesn't make mistakes, god has a plan etc. etc.
(2:39) [blaine] then say that he probably hates homosexuals
[jane] yeah, that is hypocritical
[jane] hates homosexuals?? he made them!
[jane] i don't think he would make sthg he hates!
(2:41) [blaine] all that stuff is full of holes
(2:41) [blaine] people argue about too much stuff that isn't even referred to clearly in the bible
[jane] and people would pull out verses and turn them into a white supremacy thing--i think this is no different
[jane] and of course there are people who say homosexuality is a choice
[jane] and sometimes i think of the anti-homosexuality arguments and they make a surprising amount of sense. but i have gay friends and family, people who i don't ever want to not support
(2:45) [blaine] whatever makes people happy
[jane] but i guess as a straight person it doesn't concern me
(2:45) [blaine] pretty much the number one message in the bible to me is don't hate people
(2:45) [blaine] so i don't think it's valuable to go around doing so under the guise of christianity
[jane] Amen!
[jane] well put, blaine
[jane] man im tired
* jane listens to tegan and sara
(2:47) [blaine] me too
[jane] so do you like hockey better than basketball?
(2:49) [blaine] i don't like basketball much
(2:49) [blaine] so yes
[jane] "If I gave you my number would it still be the same if I saved you from drowning?" - Tegan and Sara
(2:51) [blaine] what's that mean
[jane] it's like...
[jane] when you wonder if you should give someone your number, and then you ask yourself if it would be heroic of you to do so
[jane] if it would save them drowning
[jane] but i, i am cheesy
(2:55) [blaine] ah
(2:55) [blaine] i see
[jane] anyways
[jane] it's just a darn good song
[jane] darn tootin'!
[jane] hahahaha
(2:57) [blaine] is that your texan shining through
[jane] yes i suppose it is! hehehe
[jane] you've typed 'eh?' a few times, it's very cool
[jane] "They say 'eh?' instead of 'huh?' or 'what?' that's the mighty power of Canada!" - fif
(3:00) [blaine] what's fif
[jane] five iron frenzy
[jane] that's their remake of 'oh canada'
[jane] hey, is 'oh canada' the canadian national anthem?
[jane] i mean, the real one?
(3:01) [blaine] yeah, it sure is
[jane] do you sing it at games and whatnot?
(3:01) [blaine] yep
(3:01) [blaine] sure do
[jane] cool!
[jane] what is canada known for?
(3:02) [blaine] i guess hockey
(3:02) [blaine] mostly
[jane] football is king in texas
[jane] i don't understand it, but hey, you can't argue with the king
(3:04) [blaine] that's true
(3:04) [blaine] i figured that would be the popular sport
[jane] :(
[jane] brutes
(3:05) [blaine] you don't like it at all
[jane] not in the words of my 9th grade english teacher, "They run up, they hit each other. They run up, they hit each other. They run up, they hit each other."
[jane] i guess i just don't consider it entertainment
[jane] i'm sorry
[jane] i don't mean to be all anti-sports on yuo
[jane] you
[jane] i think it's just football that gets on my nerves
[jane] tennis is pretty cool
[jane] but i'm such a girl in some ways
[jane] hehehe chortle chortle
(3:07) [blaine] that's all right
(3:07) [blaine] you are one
[jane] and so was my 9th grade english teacher
[jane] well, a woman
[jane] and so am i really
[jane] buster!
(3:08) [blaine] i didn't argue
[jane] huh?
[jane] oh
[jane] okay then
[jane] okay, so you are a man and i am a woman?
[jane] i'm down with that
[jane] lol
(3:09) [blaine] yeah
(3:09) [blaine] it works for me too
[jane] but you've called me babygirl :)
(3:10) [blaine] it's true
(3:10) [blaine] fullgrownwoman doesn't have the same ring to it
[jane] c'est vrai
[jane] and 'big boy' is much different than 'man'
(3:11) [blaine] i guess so too
[jane] not as significant of a difference, though.....
[jane] MAN! give it to me! no no no
[jane] ah, and it's 3:12 in the morning
(3:12) [blaine] yeah, i guess it doesn't really make as big of a difference
[jane] good morning, blaine!
(3:13) [blaine] come on you sexy fullgrownwoman
[jane] hehehe
[jane] totally doesn't work hahaha
(3:13) [blaine] no
[jane] pas du tout
(3:13) [blaine] come on sexy babygirl just works
[jane] yeah, that sounds right
[jane] est-ce que tu travailles demain?
(3:15) [blaine] sure don't
[jane] good then you can't blame me for being tired on the job tommorow
(3:16) [blaine] i wouldn't dream of it
(3:16) [blaine] babygirl
[jane] hahahaha
[jane] okay big boy
[jane] cause you know your boss would know who i am and completely understand
[jane] why you were so incredibly tired
(3:17) [blaine] if i told him a little texan girl kept me up all night
(3:17) [blaine] he would assume things
[jane] hehehehe
(3:19) [blaine] and probably make a joke that had ride 'em cowboy in it
[jane] yeehaw!
(3:19) [blaine] :P
[jane] he would tell you to 'ride 'em cowboy'? you have such a cool boss
[jane] a youngun i bet
[jane] blainey wainey.......hahahaha you have a good name
(3:21) [blaine] not too young
(3:21) [blaine] he is pretty cool though
* jane prepares for a long pause after her strange musings on blaine's name
(3:23) [blaine] not too weird
(3:23) [blaine] don't worry
[jane] you've been called worse?
(3:24) [blaine] haha not entirely
(3:24) [blaine] but i wouldn't call that bad anyway
(3:24) [blaine] not totally desirable
(3:24) [blaine] but not bad either
[jane] hehehe
[jane] you have a good sense of humour
[jane] yes, that's humour to you
(3:25) [blaine] thank you
(3:25) [blaine] so do you
[jane] danke :)
[jane] et non, je ne parle pas allemand
(3:26) [blaine] that's too bad
(3:26) [blaine] you would have one talented tongue if you could
[jane] oh, trust me, i have a talented tongue
[jane] i thought you knew that!
(3:27) [blaine] i don't know, i haven't seen you eat a popsicle yet
[jane] hahaha
[jane] that's the test, isn't it?
[jane] and i haven't tied a cherry stem into a knot in my mouth for you
[jane] or unwrapped a starburst with my mouth
[jane] no, i haven't done that either
(3:29) [blaine] well then
(3:29) [blaine] how would i know without evidence :D
[jane] i think it was evident all over your hands :p
[jane] that i had a talented tongue, i mean
(3:31) [blaine] :O
[jane] hahaha
[jane] you look so surprised
[jane] shocked and appalled
[jane] shunned and chagrinned
(3:32) [blaine] well who wouldn't be
[jane] no one i suppose
(3:32) [blaine] sexyjane is always a surprise
[jane] hehehe
[jane] i never started out sexyjane
[jane] i evolved
(3:33) [blaine] nothing wrong with sexyjane
[jane] i like how it's all one word
[jane] like fullgrownwoman
(3:34) [blaine] or babygirl
[jane] yeah, exactly
[jane] maybe you should be bigboy
(3:34) [blaine] which is your favourite
[jane] favourite of which two?
[jane] babygirl is far superior to fullgrownwoman
(3:35) [blaine] and where does sexyjane rank
[jane] but i'm not sure about 'big boy' vs. 'bigboy'
[jane] real name isn't jane, so babygirl is better
[jane] more realistic
[jane] more convincing
(3:36) [blaine] :P
[jane] and what about you?
[jane] 'bigboy', 'big boy', or 'Blaine'?
(3:36) [blaine] the space works in this case
[jane] or something else, like studley
[jane] the space?
[jane] like ____?
[jane] ah, okay
(3:36) [blaine] big boy
(3:36) [blaine] with a space
[jane] you like big boy
[jane] ok then big goy
(3:37) [blaine] even though i guess it doesn't refer to all of me
[jane] ack!
(3:37) [blaine] like blaine does
[jane] hehehe you are too much
(3:37) [blaine] blaine is a regular size boy
[jane] but not his _____
[jane] ?
(3:38) [blaine] ;)
[jane] it's IRRegular then
[jane] hahaha
[jane] as in irregularly large
(3:38) [blaine] haha
[jane] i don't know what has gotten into me
(3:38) [blaine] it's not small jane, it's not small
(3:38) [blaine] haha you probably do
[jane] hahahahaha
[jane] sexyjane has gotten into me
(3:39) [blaine] sounds like you wish something ELSE had gotten into you :O
[jane] HAHAHA
[jane] indeed
(3:39) [blaine] it happens to us all my dear
[jane] um um um um um um
[jane] too many green m&ms for this chick!
(3:40) [blaine] what an odd turn on
[jane] (in jr. high we always said green m&ms made one horny)
[jane] hehehe
[jane] it was the jr. high myth
(3:40) [blaine] i didn't know they held such properties
[jane] i actually believed it at first
[jane] i didn't either! WHAT a surprise!
[jane] it's the new, CHEAP aphrodisiac!
(3:41) [blaine] if only viagra customers knew
[jane] hehehe
[jane] they could save so much money!
[jane] shucks
* jane snaps fingers in dissapointment
(3:43) [blaine] what!
(3:43) [blaine] why dissapointment
(3:43) [blaine] you just helped cure erectile dysfunction
[jane] you are on a roll
[jane] YAY! i have found a cause
[jane] the cease of erectile dysfunction
[jane] it shall be my life's work
(3:45) [blaine] jane, making cocks hard since 2005
[jane] let me start by helping you, blaine!
[jane] hahahaha
(3:45) [blaine] but my junk works pretty well
[jane] oh. okay then.
[jane] let me help you anyway!
(3:45) [blaine] what a sweetie
[jane] i am so good at helping people
(3:46) [blaine] well i wouldn't want to turn away someone who just wants to help
[jane] no, that would be very rude indeed
[jane] oh, the sexual undertones! oh how they make me laugh!
(3:46) [blaine] and i'm not rude
[jane] no, you're not rude at all
(3:46) [blaine] i thought it was science
[jane] but you probably need help
[jane] you thought what was science?
[jane] oh
[jane] ok!
[jane] it takes me a minute to understand these things sometimes
(3:47) [blaine] i was only seeing the scientific and helpful undertones
[jane] yes, science makes me laugh as well ;D
(3:47) [blaine] dirtyjane
[jane] dirtyjane, that's a new one
[jane] heheh
(3:48) [blaine] is it bad
[jane] no, i like it!
[jane] blainey wainey is much worse though
[jane] i'm so mean
(3:49) [blaine] yes
[jane] how about i stop saying that?
(3:49) [blaine] somewhat inappropriate :P
[jane] or blainalicious
[jane] mmmm......Blainalicious!
(3:50) [blaine] i don't think it has the same ring
(3:50) [blaine] haha
[jane] no...-alicious is rather girly
(3:50) [blaine] it is
(3:50) [blaine] even though i probably taste fine too
[jane] yes, unless of course you don't wash
(3:52) [blaine] i tend to wash
[jane] oh. well good then.
(3:52) [blaine] so that's not a problem
[jane] pas du probleme, big boy!
[jane] no one likes a dirty blaine
(3:52) [blaine] :P
[jane] or do they?
(3:53) [blaine] you're probably the one to answer that
[jane] what would she say?
[jane] yes and no
[jane] that's what

(3:54) [blaine] what's the yes and what's the no
[jane] well, a physically clean blaine is attractive
[jane] but a mentally dirty blaine to accompany him
[jane] is nice too
[jane] wouldn't you agree?
(3:55) [blaine] funny, i feel similarly about jane
[jane] hahaha
[jane] funny is right
[jane] oh boy
[jane] long pause
[jane] ......
(3:57) [blaine] how come
[jane] and awkwardness ensues!
[jane] i don't know
(3:57) [blaine] i don't feel too awkward
[jane] i couldn't think of anything amusing to write
(3:57) [blaine] why would you
[jane] no, i don't feel too awkward either
[jane] i don't know
[jane] just typing something to pass the time
[jane] and see how you react
(3:58) [blaine] you're cute jane
(3:58) [blaine] i never feel too awkward talking to someone that i like
[jane] thanks ;D
[jane] you are too
[jane] really? i feel awkward around people i like
[jane] guys i mean
[jane] or people who i look up to sometimes, them too
(3:59) [blaine] i can normally stay pretty calm
[jane] so do you like jumpy people?
[jane] calm is good. calm is normal!
(4:00) [blaine] sometimes they can be ok
[jane] people don't flee calm people as much as they do jumpy ones
[jane] blaine, i am a mexican jumping bean
[jane] hahahaha
[jane] sometimes
(4:01) [blaine] that's cute
(4:01) [blaine] i don't mind from you
(4:01) [blaine] we're good with each other
[jane] awww
[jane] i agree
[jane] hey, do guys have sleepovers? i always thought it was a girl thing
[jane] but i don't know
(4:02) [blaine] when i was little maybe
(4:02) [blaine] now if someone stays over, whatever
[jane] it's no biggie
[jane] i loved sleepovers as a kid. i always loved staying up late and doing random stuff
(4:04) [blaine] we should have one some time
[jane] hehehe
[jane] we do, sort of
[jane] from a distance
[jane] but up close would be much more interesting
[jane] what do guys do at their sleepovers? play videogames?
(4:05) [blaine] sure
(4:05) [blaine] watch movies
(4:05) [blaine] that stuff
[jane] do you ever feel like you're glad to have a sister two years younger than you, so you can learn about what makes young women tick?
[jane] or does that ever occur to you?
[jane] like does she give you girl advice and whatnot?
(4:07) [blaine] sure doesn't
(4:07) [blaine] we mostly just share interests
(4:07) [blaine] don't give each other much life advice
[jane] might that only find you arguing? or you just don't want to boss each other around?
[jane] i mean, if you gave each other advice, do you think you'd always be fighting? or do you just prefer to not boss each other around?
(4:10) [blaine] hmm
(4:10) [blaine] i'm not sure
[jane] you're both grown
(4:10) [blaine] it's just never really been something that we did
[jane] a fullgrownman and a fullgrownwoman haha
[jane] i guess it's just my fascination with the relationship between siblings
[jane] because everyone's relationship with their sibling(s) seems different
(4:12) [blaine] yeah
[jane] unique
(4:12) [blaine] i think we just think the other knows what they're doing in general
[jane] well that's very respectful
[jane] and now i sound like a parent
[jane] and i suppose advice is a parentlike thing to bestow on someone
[jane] not so much a sibling thing
[jane] my mom is sometimes my sister. also my mom and my friend
(4:15) [blaine] that's a really nice relationship then
[jane] but she's single, so i don't know. maybe that makes a difference
[jane] yeah, it's good
(4:15) [blaine] it could, i'm not sure
(4:15) [blaine] but it's good that you're close
[jane] yes, i need to remember that sometimes
[jane] and not take it for granted or analyze it or wonder if it's weird
(4:16) [blaine] true
(4:16) [blaine] just be happy!
[jane] yup!
(4:16) [blaine] well jane
[jane] yes blaine?
(4:16) [blaine] i think it's my bed time
[jane] hmmm...
(4:17) [blaine] my eyes just started to feel heavy
[jane] yeah, mine too
(4:17) [blaine] they did earlier tonight, but it seemed to go away for a while
* jane hugs blaine
(4:17) [blaine] like around 11pm
(4:17) * blaine hugs jane back
[jane] good night blaine!
(4:18) [blaine] night night jane
[jane] bonne nuit
(4:18) [blaine] have a good day tomorrow
[jane] you too, and thanks

- 2005-12-18


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