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Christmas shopping

still no call from jackie. c'mon wally world, i know you want me.
i'm irresistible.

dad and i went to jill's house last night to drop off a gift for her, it was that eva cassidy cd mom has. songbird is the name of it. jill had the thing and lent it to somebody, who the proceeded to break it.

so now she has a new copy! jill is an absolute sweetheart.

she repainted the hallway bathroom and i saw it for the first time yesterday, beeYOUteefuhl!

listening to: the intro song to the movie version of the musical grease (frankie vallie, smooth man)

i also bought a few gifts, i had to start all over since there was no time for making stepping stones--
grandma - Christmas-themed cokes (i had no idea she collected them, but according to dad she does) - $3.99, Target
granddad - poppycock, comme d'hab ($2.29, kroger)
keith - i have yet to get it, but i'm going to go to best buy and spend part of my gift certificate on a copy of the john mayer trio's new cd, TRY! i'm thinking it will be cheaper at best buy, it was a whopping $13.99 at Target.
mom - hehehe. enya bien sur! i asked her what she wanted for Christmas and then we changed the subject, and she started talking about how she bought the new enya cd, amarantine. i told her that was what i was going to buy her! anyways i'm just going to pay her ten bucks for it now. it's scary how well we know each other!
dad - no idea yet, maybe the dvd of that indie movie pi if i can find it. he's always wanting to see it when we go to rent a movie. that would be another best buy item.
carl and kristy - these two little mug thingys with m&ms. festive and only $7.99.
carol - her package has already been sent (as in, before i even arrived back home) so i'm not going to worry about her too much :( bad me. she got me a $40 gift certificate to best buy! thank you auntie carol!!!!!!! i need to call her and write a thank you note!
grandpa and grandma - a nice picture frame which i need to fill. hopefully i can add something to that, it is a rather plain gift.
aunt joyce and uncle tim - still TBD. dad tried to convince me they might want a $10 clock at Target, but i knew that wasn't the gift for them. who needs a random clock? whatever. he just wanted to get his butt out of Target. i don't blame him, his butt is sore.

i want to get something for jill for Christmas, she got me a $20 gift certificate for jamba juice. (!)
she's a teacher, i know she's not rich.
jill is a very special woman, her sort of goodness is rare. i hope she always feels appreciated in whatever she does. i wrote her a thank you note.

and i got my car back today! it's out of the shop, unfortunately all four of the wheels needed new brakes. but i have it once again! what a refrehser. it felt better than ever to be back in a car, MY car specifically, and with me behind the wheel.

my clairol red is starting to wear off. i think i have about one week left. and now for more blaine and jane:

[jane] you're up early
[jane] did you ever sleep?
(4:52) [blaine] for a bit, my folks are going to be here pretty early
[jane] what is it, wednesday?
[jane] yeah
[jane] i just watched a movie called the big easy
[jane] it's an 80s movie
(sent while offline) [blaine] yep
(sent while offline) [blaine] the 21st
[jane] only 10 more days of 2005
[jane] yaaaaaaay
(4:54) [blaine] pretty crazy huh
[jane] yeah, definitely
(4:54) [blaine] went by in record time as far as i'm concerned
[jane] me too, but i'm glad it will be over
[jane] now i can get a new start
(4:55) [blaine] everybody can!
[jane] yep!
(4:55) [blaine] what i need first though
(4:55) [blaine] is to go get cleaned up
[jane] from what?
(4:56) [blaine] sleeping and such
[jane] and don't tell me i did something to you
(4:56) [blaine] sure didn't
(4:56) [blaine] i could just use a shower and shave
[jane] does your facial hair grow red too?
(4:56) [blaine] sure does
(4:57) [blaine] same colour as my hair pretty much
[jane] i'll leave you to that then
(4:57) [blaine] well, i'd ask you to join me but...
[jane] oooooh, how fun
(4:57) [blaine] i only have the one razor :D
(4:58) [blaine] and that's just unfair
[jane] i wonder if people go shave together
[jane] like simulatneous hair removal
(4:58) [blaine] i don't know
[jane] wait, how is that sexy?
[jane] i'm confused now
(4:58) [blaine] maybe if bathroom time is tight
(4:58) [blaine] to save some time
(4:58) [blaine] i could see that
[jane] yeah
[jane] my mom wakes up for work in 30 mins
[jane] i never went to sleep!
(4:59) [blaine] oh wow
(4:59) [blaine] night owl jane
[jane] yes
[jane] what can i say
[jane] j'adore la lumiere de la lune
(5:00) [blaine] that's cute
(5:00) [blaine] that's a good jane note to say "a bientot" on
[jane] ah
[jane] a bientot, mon cheri
(5:00) [blaine] i'll download soulseek
[jane] at your parents?
(5:01) [blaine] uh huh
[jane] oh good!
(5:01) [blaine] bye bye jane
[jane] bye bye

- 2005-12-20


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