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gift cards/the sims 2 university

mom just can't be pleased with anything. i got a giftcard for best buy in the amount of $40 from my aunt carol. i spent $35 of that on a game for myself (the sims 2 university expansion pack) and $5 of it on a cd for my uncle keith for Christmas. i came home VERY happy. but she has the audacity to try and bring me down. i am overwhelmed by my aunt's generosity, i realize she's not raking in the dough; she's a maid in hawaii. but her gift was an excellent choice and i will really enjoy this game. i can't believe a mere $5 matters to mom. i don't get it. i'm HAPPY with my purchases and really it's my giftcard, not hers. whatever. she can be miffed with me if she wants, but i don't buy it. good grief. and i thought my family drama was over for the day. dang.

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- 2005-12-22


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