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Blaine dubbed King of Adventure

[jane] hello homeboy
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[jane] tu es arrive?
(1:07) [blaine] hello jane
* jane is doubting that blaine speaks french
[jane] :)
(1:08) [blaine] i can read it better than i can speak it
[jane] is it required to study a language in canada?
[jane] of course you didn't go to high school there
(1:10) [blaine] yeah it is
(1:10) [blaine] french up until grade 10 i believe
[jane] i just saw that movie the island! i'm not typically a fan of action movies but it rocked!
[jane] specifically french?
(1:10) [blaine] yep
[jane] that sucks if you hate it
(1:10) [blaine] i don't hate it
(1:10) [blaine] i'm fine with french
[jane] i'm sorry. i didn't mean 'you', i meant 'one'
(1:11) [blaine] ohh
[jane] have you seen it?
(1:11) [blaine] i misinterpreted
(1:11) [blaine] yes i have
(1:11) [blaine] it was pretty good
[jane] hehehe
(1:11) [blaine] a few real impossible parts
(1:11) [blaine] but i liked it
[jane] impossible? how?
[jane] oh
[jane] ok
[jane] like parts that would never ever happen in real life
(1:12) [blaine] that sign falling
(1:12) [blaine] that was ridiculous
[jane] and them surviving it! ahaha
[jane] the giant "R"
(1:12) [blaine] yeah
(1:12) [blaine] exactly
(1:13) [blaine] that was just dumb
[jane] uh huh. because clones can live through that kind of crap
[jane] hehehe
[jane] but i loved the whole idea
[jane] of clones, trying to find their originals
[jane] and i was dissapointed we didn't get to see scarlett johansen's original
[jane] the calvin klein model
[jane] that would have been interresting
(1:17) [blaine] just in pictures
(1:17) [blaine] i guess it was because she was on her deathbed
[jane] oh right
[jane] i forgot
[jane] all the more reason for scarlett to not see the real her
[jane] i want you under my mexican blanket!
[jane] blaine
(1:21) [blaine] hello
[jane] hey
(1:21) [blaine] did you get kicked off or something
[jane] yup yup yup
[jane] :(
(1:21) [blaine] crappy
(1:21) [blaine] ah well
[jane] i know
(1:21) [blaine] you came back
[jane] je suis revenue!
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(sent while offline) [blaine] exactly
(sent while offline) [blaine] and good thing too
[jane] oh man
[jane] there it happened again
[jane] i wonder if it's b/c of my low connection (it's wireless) or because slsk is slow
(sent while offline) * blaine hugs jane
* jane kisses blaine
[jane] it's adorable when they discover kissing in that movie
[jane] ewan mcgregor's character tries to tell her to be quiet so they can kiss instead of talking
(1:29) [blaine] yeah
(1:29) [blaine] i remember that part
[jane] i hope we never do the clone thing, that we never figure it out
[jane] on humans, i guess they managed to clone some sheep named dolly a long time ago
[jane] do you remember that?
(sent while offline) [blaine] i think it is figured out
[jane] it's just too expensive?
[jane] or the scientists/gov't. is HIDING it from us!
[jane] ooooh
[jane] nice! conspiracy
(1:32) [blaine] i think it's illegal with humans
[jane] i hope it stays that way, then
[jane] nobody needs another jane running around
[jane] or an expert army
[jane] gahhhhh! attack of the clones!
[jane] nooooooo
(1:33) [blaine] haha
(1:33) [blaine] that didn't work out so well
(1:34) [blaine] so hopefully that movie teaches people a lesson
[jane] before we are forced to learn it firsthand!
[jane] or are you referring to star wars?
[jane] i don't remember which episode attack of the clones is
(1:35) [blaine] 2
[jane] the love story one
[jane] okey dokey
(1:36) [blaine] yep, that's the one
[jane] funny ewan mcgregor is in both the island and star wars
(1:37) [blaine] yeah, that is true
(1:37) [blaine] didn't pick up on that
(1:37) [blaine] good catch
[jane] cutest insurance policy i've ever seen
[jane] or duke
[jane] "Duke? I'm not a duke!"
[jane] "Not a duke?"
[jane] so hopefully you've seen moulin rouge otherwise that whole bit makes no sense
(sent while offline) [blaine] what's that from
[jane] in moulin rouge, the character satine (played by nicole kidman) thinks christian (ewan mcgregor) is a duke
[jane] but no, he's actually a penniless writer, which is way better anyways
[jane] it's a brief scene, so even if you've seen it you may not remember
(sent while offline) [blaine] oh
(1:46) [blaine] i've only seen parts of it
[jane] to make a long story short
[jane] mcgregor says, "Duke? I'm not a duke!" and satine says exasperatedly, "Not a duke?"
[jane] she wants to sleep with the duke so she can become a 'real actress', as she says
[jane] but now i'm rambling
[jane] poor satine
(1:49) [blaine] haha
* jane listens to shuggie otis' 'island letter'
(1:49) [blaine] you're not rambling
(1:49) [blaine] just giving me the rundown on this movie
[jane] good then
[jane] where did you hear about this otis guy anyway?
[jane] i like him
[jane] tres 70s
[jane] like stevie wonder
(1:51) [blaine] yeah, that stuff is great to listen to
(1:51) [blaine] relaxing
[jane] were your parents into him and you picked up on it?
[jane] that's how i discovered the greatness that is the beatles
[jane] my dad came home one day and found me dancing to his under-the-counter beatles cd instead of doing my homework
[jane] and then he just gave it to me
(sent while offline) [blaine] i don't know how i got into that stuff
(sent while offline) [blaine] mostly you know, sitting by the dock of the bay
(sent while offline) [blaine] just always liked the few songs i heard then wanted to hear more
(sent while offline) [blaine] my cherie amour
(sent while offline) [blaine] songs like that
(sent while offline) [blaine] haha
(sent while offline) [blaine] that's cute
[jane] awww...have i asked you if you've seen the movie almost famous?
[jane] 'my cherie amour' is in it
(2:04) [blaine] yeah i have seen it
(2:04) [blaine] good movie
(2:04) [blaine] i should buy it some time
[jane] and i made a mix cd for my french host sister (stayed at her house for 3 weeks, she came to mine for two) and 'my cherie amour' was on it
[jane] i saw it two octobers ago for the first time and was blown away
[jane] i honestly didn't expect anything from the movie
[jane] but it has been one of my favorites ever since
[jane] in the top three, for sure
[jane] sitting by the dock of the bay? is that a canadian expression or do you literally sit by the dock of a bay listening to music?
(2:06) [blaine] no
(2:07) [blaine] it's a song
(2:07) [blaine] otis redding
(2:07) [blaine] sitting by the dock of the bay
(2:07) [blaine] try it out
[jane] ah, ok
[jane] cool
[jane] haha what a misunderstanding
(2:08) [blaine] :P
(2:08) [blaine] good song too
[jane] ohh, he did 'try a little tenderness'
[jane] cool!
[jane] i want you here under my mexican blanket
[jane] my room is freezing
(2:11) [blaine] what makes a blanket mexican?
[jane] i don't know why, but it's the coldest room in the house
[jane] it's from ixtapa
[jane] my parents had their honeymoon there
[jane] but hey i enjoy cold weather, better it's my room than mom's
[jane] so yeah, this blanket has been around a while
[jane] so how are you tonight? as a person, i mean
[jane] not an acorn
(2:15) [blaine] pretty good
(2:15) [blaine] my hands are super cold
(2:15) [blaine] and i'm trying to work out my birthday plans
(2:15) [blaine] it's on the 31st
(2:15) [blaine] trying to get all my friends together in one place
[jane] of december? how cool!
(2:15) [blaine] so i have like 35 msn convos going
(2:15) [blaine] yep
(2:15) [blaine] not too bad
[jane] oh good grief
[jane] heheh 35
[jane] blaine is a social butterfly :)
[jane] that's cool, you can have birthday slash new years parties every year
(2:16) [blaine] i'm just kidding :P
[jane] if you so choose
(2:16) [blaine] yeah
(2:16) [blaine] exactly!
[jane] really? hahaha
[jane] yes, gullible jane
[jane] i was thinking it was hyperbole
[jane] there's an english thing!
(2:17) [blaine] :D
(2:17) [blaine] no kidding
[jane] not kidding? so you ARE conversing with 35 different people?
[jane] hehehe
(2:18) [blaine] sure
(2:18) [blaine] sure am
(2:18) [blaine] my fingers are almost worn out!
(2:18) [blaine] :P
[jane] i don't think you would respond this quickly ;)
[jane] poor blaine
[jane] pauvre bebe
* jane kisses blaine's knuckles
* jane makes it all better
(2:19) [blaine] haha
(2:19) [blaine] thanks jane
(2:19) [blaine] you're really coming through for me here
[jane] you're quite welcome
[jane] hahaha
[jane] Curing tired hands since 2005.
(2:21) [blaine] what a sweetheart eh
[jane] eh? you sound unsure...
[jane] that's okay
[jane] i'm usure too
[jane] *unsure
(2:22) [blaine] haha
(2:22) [blaine] no
(2:22) [blaine] i'm sure you're sweet
[jane] i spy a canadian
(2:24) [blaine] where
[jane] in canada!
(2:24) [blaine] i hear there are a lot of them there
[jane] don't you see him? he's the redhead.
[jane] yeah, i suppose that's true.
[jane] but surely he's the only redheaded canadian in canada
[jane] i mean, not just everyone has red hair
(2:26) [blaine] that's probably true
[jane] haha have you ever seen that cartoon called pepper ann?
(2:26) [blaine] i cut my own hair last night
[jane] really?
(2:26) [blaine] i've seen commercials
[jane] were you sober?
[jane] hahahaha
(2:27) [blaine] yeah, sure was
(2:27) [blaine] just had to cut it a bit so it wasn't so curly
[jane] it's amusing and stars a redheaded animated chick. in one episode she decides to be a gangster person and writes 'red hare' in graffitti everywhere. the whole town tries to figure out who it is
[jane] you have curls? oh cute
[jane] er, not anymore
[jane] still cool though
(2:29) [blaine] it gets really curly if i let it
[jane] so you just up and decided to put your scissors in action?
[jane] my mom would kill me if i did that
(2:30) [blaine] yeah
(2:30) [blaine] the ones on my swiss army knife
(2:30) [blaine] it's easy because my hair is curly
[jane] easier to cut? i would think it would prove more difficult with curls
(2:31) [blaine] nah
(2:31) [blaine] it doesn't all have to be the same length
[jane] will you come do my hair then? just to piss my mom off?
[jane] ah, ok.
[jane] it's shoulder length you couldn't do much damage
(2:33) [blaine] haha
(2:33) [blaine] i bet i could
(2:33) [blaine] i would only do it to myself
(2:33) [blaine] i got a system down
[jane] you got a system down?
[jane] system of a down?
(2:34) [blaine] yeah
(2:34) [blaine] no
[jane] hahaha
(2:34) [blaine] haha
[jane] i know what you mean
[jane] is your hair thick?
[jane] i've heard redheads a)burn especially easily and b)have huge amounts of hair
[jane] unless of course it's strawberry blonde in which case the huge amounts are not so much
[jane] and red is the hardest color to keep--it fades the fastest
[jane] booooo!
(2:37) [blaine] it is pretty thick
(2:37) [blaine] and yes, i do get some sun burn action
(2:37) [blaine] i'm pretty pale
[jane] can you wear yellow?
(2:38) [blaine] if i want to i could sure
(2:38) [blaine] why not
[jane] i'm pale too. i can't wear anything tan, if i do i look sick
[jane] yeah, but i mean does it look fine on you
[jane] because you know blaine i'm sending you a yellow sweater for Christmas
(2:39) [blaine] haha
(2:39) [blaine] knitted by jane?
[jane] i just want to make sure it will look right on you
[jane] yes, with my own two hands
(2:40) [blaine] wow
(2:40) [blaine] that's quite the gift!
[jane] it has a huge S on it like Mrs. Weasley's do
[jane] hehehehe
[jane] homemade gifts are awesome
[jane] i don't knit though, or sew
[jane] or do any crafts really
[jane] unless you call keeping a journal a craft
(2:41) [blaine] why not a charlie brown pattern on it
(2:41) [blaine] if it's yellow
[jane] ooooh, yeah
[jane] bonne idee, blainemeister
[jane] are you a peanuts fan?
[jane] whoooosh that charlie brown is a hottie
(2:43) [blaine] he sure is
(2:43) [blaine] clean bald head
[jane] i'd like to get my hands on HIM
[jane] and the dog....oh, he loves dogs! he's SENSITIVE!
[jane] and a baseball player to boot.
[jane] so blaine, what cartoon characters turn you on?
[jane] hmmm...anime?
(2:44) [blaine] haha
(2:44) [blaine] no
[jane] pepper ann!~
(2:45) [blaine] i've seen plenty of that stuff though
(2:45) [blaine] i hate when my friends e-mail me that
[jane] they email you anime stuff?
[jane] i've never seen it
(2:45) [blaine] yeah
(2:45) [blaine] like a bunch of pictures of famous cartoon characters done in a "sexy" anime style
(2:46) [blaine] it's this one guy i know's little brother
(2:46) [blaine] he's one of those weirdos who wish they were japanese
[jane] maybe he could turn japanes
[jane] e
[jane] some people do
(2:46) [blaine] maybe
(2:46) [blaine] it would be a dream come true for him
[jane] there's some 80s song called 'turning japanese'
[jane] it has a strange music video
(2:47) [blaine] yeah i've heard it
[jane] you should tell him to draw charlie, hahaha
[jane] oh what a riot
[jane] what got us talking about cartoons?
[jane] i don't know anymore
[jane] merry Christmas Eve Eve, Blaine!
(2:48) [blaine] haha
(2:48) [blaine] thanks!
(2:48) [blaine] it's true
(2:48) [blaine] this week has FLOWN
[jane] it's like a bird. it only flies away.
[jane] nelly furtado
[jane] jane + late night = quote queen
[jane] yes indeedy
(2:50) [blaine] haha
(2:50) [blaine] is that your thing now
[jane] i guess so
[jane] when i can think of them anyway
[jane] queen of quotes
[jane] i like that
[jane] what are you king of?
(2:52) [blaine] ADVENTURE
[jane] ah, i like you
[jane] take me then
[jane] do you like hemingway?
[jane] what kind of adventure?
(2:52) [blaine] yeah i like hemingway
(2:52) [blaine] any kind
(2:53) [blaine] as long as it's dangerous
* jane is glad blaine didn't say king of the world
[jane] have you ever been skydiving?
[jane] i never have, but i'd like to try someday
[jane] it's so expensive
[jane] i have actually looked into it, yes
(2:54) [blaine] no
(2:54) [blaine] i haven't
(2:54) [blaine] doesn't seem like i would care about it much
[jane] not dangerous enough for you?
[jane] or you don't like the heights aspect
(2:55) [blaine] nah
[jane] it's mainstream danger
(2:56) [blaine] just doesn't seem like it would be cool enough to waste the training time and money on
[jane] you can be dangerous without spending that kind of money
[jane] hockey, that can't be too safe :)
[jane] oooh, and chatting
[jane] no, that's harmful too
(2:57) [blaine] it's safe enough
[jane] HAHAHA enough
[jane] yeah
[jane] enough to not completely kill you
[jane] did you ever get badly injured?
(2:58) [blaine] no
(2:58) [blaine] never
(2:58) [blaine] i've never broken a bone before somehow
[jane] good!
[jane] really? never? i've broken my wrist once at church camp
[jane] that's amazing for 16 years of hockey
[jane] or any sport really
[jane] except maybe golf
(2:59) [blaine] how did you break it
[jane] have you heard of the ROPES course?
(2:59) [blaine] no
[jane] well, it's this thing (and it's at several camps) where kids get to do crazy stuff, but it's not going to kill them or anything. it's really fun and
[jane] when i broke my wrist i had my hands on a pair of long metal chains hung from one set of posts and connected to another
[jane] i fell, and my wrist hit earth first
[jane] instead of my head :D
(3:01) [blaine] ouch
(3:01) [blaine] did you cry
[jane] not at first, but i couldn't get up. that's when i realized something was wrong -- i ALWAYS get up, especially if there are people around
[jane] after that one of the camp guys helped me into the truck and then i started to cry
(3:03) [blaine] ouch
[jane] and he told me to stop! bastard!
(3:03) [blaine] was he nice to you
(3:03) [blaine] oh
(3:03) [blaine] jeez
[jane] no, but the others were wonderful
[jane] it was a good learning experience
[jane] i think
(3:04) [blaine] why's that
[jane] although sometimes i'm not sure what it is i was supposed to have learned
[jane] the week before camp i made extra sure that i did every last piece of homework during the week instead of putting it off until the weekend, like i tend to do
[jane] i was so ready for this camp it wasn't even funny
(3:05) [blaine] haha
(3:05) [blaine] so at least you didn't have to do it with a busted wrist
[jane] yeah!
[jane] oh, but i wanted to go
[jane] i had been looking forward to it
[jane] wow i was such a loner then
[jane] still am, really
[jane] that was in 7th grade
(3:07) * blaine hugs little jane
[jane] but when i felt all the pain in breaking my wrist i was angry at God, maybe i was supposed to learn to not be angry with Him
* jane smiles
(3:08) [blaine] maybe that's true
(3:08) [blaine] i'm not sure
[jane] maybe
[jane] and what's crazy is that night they put a shot in my hip for something, and i kept waking up and falling asleep. each time i would fall asleep i would have a new, strange dream.
[jane] the dreams were always different each time, but i always woke up with the same sensation--someone was messing with my toes
(3:10) [blaine] was anyone?
Could not send: i would trip over them and wake up, or something would happen and i would think, "stop messing with me!"
Could not send: no
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