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Blaine informs me about Boxing Day

(sent while offline) [blaine] poor jane
[jane] ouch! yes i did get zapped off the internet. i gave up.
[jane] the system fought me too much
[jane] if you can't beat 'em, join 'em
* jane is one with the mean internet kicker offer gods
(1:59) [blaine] hi jane
(1:59) [blaine] haha
(1:59) [blaine] you stayed down
(1:59) [blaine] for the count
(1:59) [blaine] i'm scared
[jane] hm?
[jane] duck!
[jane] duck!
[jane] goose!
[jane] blainey wainey ;)
[jane] oh wait, that's not desirable
(2:01) [blaine] haha
(2:02) [blaine] i'm back
(2:02) [blaine] i had to go to the bathroom
(2:02) [blaine] i can't stay too long though
(2:02) [blaine] i have to work in the morning
(2:02) [blaine] :(
[jane] ok me neither
[jane] oh goodness really>
[jane] ?
[jane] :( indeed
[jane] are you working all day?
(2:03) [blaine] 10:30 to 6:30
[jane] yeesh
[jane] that does suck
[jane] but you at least get Christmas off, right?
(2:05) [blaine] sure do
(2:05) [blaine] and boxing day
(2:05) [blaine] thank goodness
[jane] what is boxing day, anyway?
[jane] we don't have it here, sounds interesting
[jane] a canadian culture point
(2:06) [blaine] the day after christmas
(2:06) [blaine] there are just basically huge sales everywhere
(2:06) [blaine] it's not significant or anything
[jane] do people box/
[jane] ?
(2:06) [blaine] no
[jane] again i can't make a question mark to save my life
[jane] oh
[jane] ok
[jane] hahaha
[jane] so boxing day is a little like soldes?
(2:12) [blaine] i don't know what that is
[jane] we have a tax free day in texas. but it's at the beginning of the school year, and only some things are tax free like school supplies
(2:13) [blaine] oh
[jane] soldes is a french sale - i think it goes on for a few days, it's in summer
[jane] tax free day - that's a texas thing
[jane] maybe they do it in other parts of america too, i'm not sure
(2:13) [blaine] cool
[jane] it is!
[jane] are taxes high in canada?
[jane] our sales tax is 8% to 8.25% depending on where you go
[jane] and we ( family) think that's high
(2:17) [blaine] i don't know either
(2:17) [blaine] but yeah, bunch of sales basically
[jane] Merry Christmas Eve!
* jane hugs Blaine
[jane] were you good this year?
[jane] or bad and dirty?
[jane] hahahaha
(2:21) [blaine] 15%
(2:21) [blaine] in ontario
(2:21) [blaine] thank you
(2:21) [blaine] good day
(2:21) [blaine] christmas eve = great food
(2:21) * blaine hugs jane back
(2:21) [blaine] fairly good
(2:21) [blaine] nothing terrible
(2:21) [blaine] what about you
(2:21) [blaine] i don't remember :D
[jane] erm. bad, i'm on academic probation after all
[jane] but i can get off it, i just need to be better next semester
(2:22) [blaine] yeah
[jane] get a 3.0 and i'm in the green
(2:22) [blaine] academic probation definitely isn't the end of the world
[jane] thank you
[jane] my mom has been on it too, which is comforting
[jane] she is probably the person who would be most angry about it
(2:23) [blaine] yeah
(2:23) [blaine] it happens in life sometimes
(2:23) [blaine] it can actually be the extra kick in the pants you need
[jane] i definitely have a challenge ahead of myself now!
[jane] not that i didn't before, but i had less of one
(2:25) [blaine] you'll pass with flying colours
[jane] last year i had to make a 3.0 to transfer from one school to ut, and i got a 3.6 both semesters
[jane] thank you :)
(2:25) [blaine] wow
(2:25) [blaine] see
(2:25) [blaine] you're tested and true
(2:25) [blaine] you'll ace
[jane] i appreciate the confidence
[jane] i really need to go now
[jane] but this was fun, as always
[jane] bonne nuit, mon roi d'aventure
(2:27) [blaine] sure was jane
(2:27) [blaine] merry christmas!
[jane] joyeux noel!

- 2005-12-24


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