backyard crowing


chris chatting part II

[jane] hiiiiii
(21:35) [Chris] yooo
(21:35) [Chris]] we meet again
[jane] how is toronto tonight
[jane] frigid?
(21:36) [Chris] na it wasnt that bad today a bit windy
(21:36) [Chris] tell me what you think of my myspace background i made it today and put it up
[jane] nice, i like the color
(21:38) [Chris] thanks
[jane] is it some famous piece of artwork?
(21:38) [Chris] no i made it
(21:38) [Chris] i drew it on photo shop
[jane] cool
[jane] hehe i know nothing about art (non-musical art, anyway)
(21:40) [Chris] haha
[jane] clearly
[jane] but it's nice, a personal touch
(21:41) [Chris] yeah thanks you know how i do always working in mysteries
[jane] hehe
(21:42) [Chris] what you up to
[jane] reading webcomics and listening to music
(21:44) [Chris] haha cool
[jane] and thinking about witty things to say to youi
[jane] and you?
(21:44) [Chris] thats always fun now isnt it
(21:44) [Chris] listening to some grant green
(21:44) [Chris] and chatting
[jane] grant green, never heard of him
(21:45) [Chris] funky jazz
[jane] cool!
[jane] ever heard of
[jane] it's addicting
(21:47) [Chris] no whats it like
[jane] a very good webcomic involving indie romance, indie music, and weird, indie humor
(21:47) [Chris] haha sounds to indie for me
[jane] awww
(21:49) [Chris] :)
(22:02) [Chris] still a reading
[jane] you're giving it a reading? cool
(22:10) [Chris] na i was asking if you were haah
(22:10) [Chris] only dweebs read comics
(22:10) [Chris] haha joking
[jane] yes, reading
[jane] and getting in trouble with mom
[jane] she said i didn't water the plants, but i did
(22:11) [Chris] haha why
[jane] just like she asked me to :(
(22:11) [Chris] they died oh oh
[jane] oh well
[jane] no
[jane] they're dyING, yes
[jane] but the watering was only today's task
[jane] not a lifelong responsibility
(22:12) [Chris] hahaha
[jane] anyways, she's quite the bitch tonight
[jane] but no worries, she's not bothering me anymore
[jane] a nice lady in general though, especially if she's not your mother
(22:13) [Chris] haha
(22:13) [Chris] im sure shes a good one
[jane] yeah, she is
[jane] a bit anal sometimes
[jane] anyways
[jane] enough ranting
[jane] i'm starting to get really mean
(22:14) [Chris] why
[jane] oh that stuff i said before
[jane] it's mean
[jane] but oh well, it's how i'm feeling at the moment
[jane] meh
(22:15) [Chris] its normal is guess :)
[jane] yup
[jane] :)
* jane hugs chris
(22:16) [Chris] are you some kinda of punk rocker activist?
[jane] huh? no
[jane] i just think it's a funny comic
(22:16) [Chris] im joking
[jane] what makes you think i'm a
[jane] oh
(22:17) [Chris] i jokes i jokes
[jane] hehe
[jane] gotta go
[jane] fun as always
[jane] goodnight
(22:17) [Chris] peace
(22:17) [Chris] :)

10:27 pm - 2006-01-07


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