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chris chatting part III

[jane] hayyyylooooooh
(1:27) [Chris] sup
(1:27) [Chris] is jane ur real name?
[jane] nope
(1:27) [Chris] oh i forgot to ask
[jane] is it yours?
(1:27) [Chris] jane?
[jane] yup
(1:28) [Chris] i dont think so
[jane] hehehehe
(1:28) [Chris] not sure though
(1:28) [Chris] haha
[jane] ok babe
[jane] is yours chris then? (just a wild guess)
[jane] can i call you topher?
(1:28) [Chris] no but u can call me chris
(1:29) [Chris] i have season 1 and 2 on dvd
[jane] ok
(1:29) [Chris] i love that show
[jane] that 70s show?
[jane] i had season 1 on dvd but then i sold it back to half price books, i always regret doing that
[jane] must have two screennames. is one of them Jane!?
(1:30) [Chris] yeah i bought both of them
[jane] which is better?
(1:30) [Chris] there both really good
(1:30) [Chris] 1-5 were all great
(1:30) [Chris] 6 started slowing down
[jane] is six the one where eric and others leave the cast?
(1:31) [Chris] no i think thats 7
[jane] :(
* jane tears up
(1:31) [Chris] i stopped watching around i think early 6th season i think
[jane] "I won't let you borrow the vista cruiser on account of I hate you."
[jane] eric is such a cutie
[jane] he looks like my dad did when he was younger
[jane] which is supposed to be gross i guess but my dad was a cute young guy
(1:32) [Chris] but i heard tropher and kutcher probably gonna come back cause they miss it
[jane] i don't know, what do you think? was your mom hot when she was young?
[jane] then again there are some hot moms and dads out there
[jane] i don't have any
[jane] but they're nice people
(1:33) [Chris] i dont knowwwww i have no comment
(1:33) [Chris] my mom was hip :)
(1:33) [Chris] so was my dad
(1:33) [Chris] but my dad doesnt live with us anymore
[jane] are your parents divorced?
(1:34) [Chris] yeah
[jane] i think my parents were pretty hip too, still are
[jane] they're divorced too
[jane] i'm sorry to hear it
(1:35) [Chris] yeah my mom is the best shes really really cool
(1:35) [Chris] my dad on the other hand took some wrong turns
[jane] did they both want a divorce?
(1:36) [Chris] for the best
[jane] yeah, for my parents too. my dad drove my mom up a wall
[jane] it was a bad scene
[jane] were you young when they split up>
(1:38) [Chris] not really
[jane] well, we can certainly change the subject if you like. I don't mean to pry.
(1:40) [Chris] no i dont care its done :)
* jane hugs chris
(1:40) [Chris] haha
[jane] so it's 2:40 am in canada?
(1:40) [Chris] yeah :)
[jane] it's one hour earlier here
[jane] how did you hear about this site?
(1:41) [Chris] what site
[jane] my former roomie's boyfriend told her about it
[jane] and then she told me
(1:41) [Chris] about what
[jane] slsk, it's not a site,
[jane] my mistake
[jane] program file sharing thingy, rather
(1:42) [Chris] oh yeah one of my buddies told me about it
(1:44) [Chris] well im out jane goodnight :) catch you around
[jane] see ya later!

1:45 a.m. - 2006-01-08


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