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6:24 pm 12/29/05
Listening to John Mayer on the couch.
I like his new stuff so much better it's not even funny. Mexican food in my body weighs me down, as does a lack of sleep. I went to bed at 5am this morning. The question is was it my fault, or that of my sims? Mine.
Yes, always mine.
Mom woke me up at about 10:45 am, she probably heard me stir at 10:23, which has become Janeane's Official Stirring Time lately. I don't know why exactly. I usually just go back to sleep if it's possible. We went bra shopping today, the both of us. Mom got a Starbucks card from someone for Christmas, so we both had our caffeine before liftoff. Then came the bras. They walked over to us and asked us if we would be theirs. Not really, but that's an interesting idea. If only bra shopping were so easy. After we married them we decided what better to end the trip with than Los Cucos? Fullness ensued. That poor busman simply couldn't understand that Mom had coke, not iced tea. He walked by and before she could explain, (whoops!) he gave her coketea. She tried it for some reason and alas coketea is indeed repulsive! Our hispanic yet English-speaking waitress strolled by a couple of minutes after, so we informed her on the issue.

I'm not so sure marriage is a healthy practice anymore. I just want to reject it all. I need a new me, with new beliefs and habits. I have no use for tradition and ceremony. Who needs an event to declare their endless love? Is marriage really necessary? Honestly I don't think so. I mean maybe for insurance purposes a married couple benefits where committed roommates wouldn't, but is a man worth changing your name? I think if my parents were to find their soulmates, they would get hitched once more. They believe in the tradition fairly fiercely I would say, especially dad. He's a conservative guy, he gets it from his parents. Grandpa in particular opposes anything that seems even slightly sexually "wrong." My father's parents and I are as different as chocolate and vanilla, that's plain to see anymore. Yes indeedy, no magnifying glasses necessary.

And another thought, to Sophie, who once asked me why I keep a journal:

If Life is so important, so great, why would you NOT document it? We are all historians of our own lives. Some take action to remember, saving things for posterity like pictures, letters, journals or just objects. We need to remember our past, it is all we have to look back on. When we review ourselves and our decisions, we are wisened. So wise up! Write it!

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6:24 p.m. - 2005-12-29


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