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Blaine again - sweetie

jan. 3, 2:50 am
[jane] hey
(1:35) [blaine] hi jane :)
(1:35) [blaine] are you excited about tomorrow
(1:35) [blaine] go ut go
[jane] oh, it's tommorow?
[jane] sweet!
[jane] i wasn't sure when exactly it was
[jane] did you look it up?
(1:36) [blaine] it sure is
(1:36) [blaine] no
(1:36) [blaine] commercials
[jane] i think there's something wrong with the indie chat room
[jane] oh cool. in canada no less!
[jane] who is clive owen?
(1:38) [blaine] a british actor
[jane] clive, what a strange name
[jane] oh wait, was he in closer?
(1:39) [blaine] it kind of is
(1:39) [blaine] yes
[jane] that guy, yeah i know the one
[jane] he was also in sin city
[jane] i never thought he was too attractive
[jane] my mom did, though
(1:40) [blaine] he's a cool guy it seems like
(1:40) [blaine] plays tough guys in the movies
(1:40) [blaine] i like tough guys
[jane] is he a real man?
[jane] haha
(1:40) [blaine] he might be
[jane] i just remember that one scene in closer with julia roberts and he's asking her repeatedly what she did with that pretty boy, and if she liked it
[jane] so perhaps i'm biased
[jane] i saw that movie with a friend and she didn't like it too much, she's not a fan of arguing
[jane] of those sorts
[jane] her family is strange, i don't know why
[jane] they give off a very weird vibe
[jane] and her father never speaks
[jane] he just sits there, watching tv
[jane] i don't blame her for loving college
(1:44) [blaine] haha wow
[jane] you know the scene i'm talking about?
(1:44) [blaine] that was an interesting description
(1:44) [blaine] i haven't seen the movie
(1:44) [blaine] only a commercial for it
[jane] it's worth a look i think
[jane] the beginning is especially cute
[jane] when the couples are just getting together, instead of ripping each other's heads off
(1:45) [blaine] literally?
(1:45) [blaine] heads right off?
[jane] yes!
[jane] WHACK!
[jane] it's a very gory movie, Closer is
(1:46) [blaine] yikes
[jane] no, but the words they say to each other, they might as well be killing one another
[jane] it's brutal
[jane] cover your eyes
(1:47) [blaine] ears?
[jane] oh, that's right ;)
[jane] you miss nothing, dear blaine
(1:48) [blaine] i wouldn't want to see movie violence
[jane] they really are cruel
* jane kisses blaine
(1:50) [blaine] kisskiss
(1:50) [blaine] even if the movie violence is verbal
(1:50) [blaine] it would still scare me
[jane] well put
* jane listens to worldwide's "fascination"
[jane] i love this song
(1:54) [blaine] i have never heard it before
[jane] i like to ballroom dance with an invisible guy in the living room when no one's home
[jane] to this song
[jane] worldwide is not too well known
[jane] they have some cheesy pop-like stuff, but a couple of songs that stand out to me as interesting
(1:56) [blaine] i thought you loved cheesy pop-like stuff
[jane] "fascination" is fascinating
(1:56) [blaine] aren't you wearing an n sync t-shirt
[jane] wft?
[jane] hahaha
[jane] no!
(1:56) [blaine] yes you are
(1:56) [blaine] admit it
[jane] are you kidding me?
[jane] no, i'm wearing a grey tshirt
(1:56) [blaine] and you have 98 degrees pajama pants on
(1:56) [blaine] don't lie
[jane] withOUT any band names across the front
[jane] i'm not wearing pants
(1:57) [blaine] you have BSB shorts on
[jane] lucky for you
[jane] nope, just the undies
(1:57) [blaine] well put some clothes on!
[jane] i need to do some serious laundry
(1:57) [blaine] with boy bands on them!
[jane] ?????
[jane] no thank you
[jane] i told you i liked hanson, didn't i?
[jane] i should never have done that
(1:58) [blaine] are they hanson panties
(1:58) [blaine] no, it's unrelated
(1:58) [blaine] i'm just teasing you
[jane] it brings the assumption that i like all things boyband
[jane] hehehe
[jane] i know
[jane] well, you know how i like to be teased ;)
[jane] anywho, i'm none too uptight tonight
[jane] screw bras
[jane] they're so confining
[jane] and i'm not just saying that
(2:00) [blaine] i would imagine they would be
(2:00) [blaine] and with like, wires in them?
(2:00) [blaine] that sounds like crap
[jane] hahaha
[jane] actually i am a fan of the underwire
[jane] quite frankly
[jane] they give you support, unless they cut into you
[jane] and it's not like you have wire directly on you, it's cloth wrapped around wire
[jane] still, it can cut
[jane] like a knife!
[jane] mack the knife!
[jane] ahhhhhhhhh!
[jane] "How did she die?"
[jane] revenge of the underwire
(2:02) [blaine] that would be a weird way to go
(2:02) [blaine] i wonder if they would put it on the certificate of death
[jane] is it listed on death certificates? i mean the way a person dies?
[jane] i've never seen one
* jane knocks on wood
(2:03) [blaine] yeah it is
(2:03) [blaine] too tight bra would be a first i bet
[jane] and who keeps these elusive death certificates? the family? the government?
[jane] oui, c'est sur!
[jane] although they're not too different from corsets, and ladies constantly passed out thanks to those
[jane] it's the same idea, only less coverage
(2:05) [blaine] are you wearing one
[jane] now?
[jane] no
[jane] i'm in bed
[jane] hehe
[jane] why, are you?
(2:05) [blaine] no
[jane] no? oh, why not?
(2:06) [blaine] i was just wondering how you know so much about corsets
(2:06) [blaine] i have really small boobs :(
[jane] oh, you were wondering if i had worn a corset
(2:06) [blaine] yeah
[jane] no, it's something i learned in a history class
(2:06) [blaine] but i was mostly kidding
[jane] poor flat thing
(2:07) [blaine] picturing jane all dressed like a french courtesian lady
[jane] hehe i'me all for you thinking about me in a corset
* jane pulls out her whip
(2:08) [blaine] haha no thanks
(2:08) * blaine runs away
[jane] oh blaine
[jane] you scared little thing
[jane] and to think, i had you GROWLING at me!
[jane] NOW who wears the pants?
[jane] hehe, not me
(2:09) [blaine] yeah exactly
(2:09) [blaine] not you undies girl
[jane] i am going pantless tonight
[jane] hanes her way!
[jane] wooooooot
(2:09) [blaine] haha
(2:10) [blaine] settle down jane
[jane] :(
[jane] pleeeeeease
(2:10) [blaine] you take a girl's pants off and she goes all crazy
(2:10) [blaine] sheesh
[jane] hehehe
[jane] it's only natural
[jane] why wouldn't she?
(2:11) [blaine] because she needs her energy to cheer on her team tomorrow!
(2:11) [blaine] THEN she can run around pantless, hooting and hollering
(2:11) [blaine] haha
[jane] hehehe
[jane] and then go chat with blaine
[jane] before she turns out the lights
[jane] and closes her eyes
[jane] and falls asleep on his lap
(2:12) [blaine] aww
(2:12) [blaine] jane
(2:12) [blaine] never fails to be cute
[jane] i am just about there
[jane] sleeping
(2:13) [blaine] me too
(2:13) [blaine] if i was in bed right now, i wouldn't complain
* jane's eyelids feel like weights
[jane] would you tuck me in?
(2:14) [blaine] of course i would
(2:14) [blaine] i would be a bastard if i refused that
[jane] ah, it's the mellow music. it's getting too me
[jane] haha, you wouldn't tell me not to cry if i broke my wrist
[jane] you're sweet
(2:15) [blaine] i'm ok sometimes
[jane] oh? you seem nice. but i suppose only you can know yourself
* jane hugs blaine
(2:16) * blaine hugs jane
[jane] "my gift is my song, and this is one's for you......"
(2:18) [blaine] haha elton john
[jane] yup, or in my case ewan mcgregor
[jane] i am a huge moulin rouge fan
[jane] and ewan mcgregor fan, for that matter
(2:19) [blaine] haha
[jane] although i'm much more into the movie than the person
(2:19) [blaine] jane has a cruuuuuuuuuush
[jane] hehe
[jane] yes i do
[jane] several
(2:20) [blaine] all members of BSB, n sync..............
[jane] what are the wow girls to you?
[jane] hahahaha
[jane] nope nope nope
[jane] and blaine, he's a crush of sorts
(2:21) * blaine falls down
[jane] oh no!
[jane] Blaine!
* jane helps him up
* jane "Let's tango!"
(2:21) * Blaine is woozy
[jane] hehe
* jane "How many fingers am i holding up?"
(2:22) [blaine] 65
[jane] hahaha
[jane] not quite
[jane] poor blaine
[jane] it takes two......hehe
(2:23) [blaine] 2 fingers?
[jane] tango!
* jane is listening to a tango-y piece
(2:23) [blaine] i am not much of a latin dancer
[jane] hence the inspiration
[jane] me neither
[jane] you dance to tupac, i bet
[jane] hehehe
(2:24) [blaine] yeah
[jane] ?!
(2:24) [blaine] i do back flips
[jane] i was joking
(2:24) [blaine] and tap dance
(2:24) [blaine] to tupac
[jane] back flips? whoooosh!
[jane] i think i'm in love
[jane] show me~
[jane] no jk
* jane is not a tupac fan
(2:25) [blaine] with tupac?
[jane] at all
[jane] no, a guy who can do back flips and tap dance
[jane] oh crap, you're gay
(2:25) [blaine] no i'm not
[jane] i know, i'm kidding
[jane] only a guy who tap dances.......
[jane] jk again
(2:26) [blaine] haha
(2:26) * blaine runs away
* jane chases after him
* jane waaaaaait
* jane i want to see your dancin' mooooooves
* jane baby
(2:28) * blaine runs ten times faster
[jane] yes, you are a guy
[jane] (just needed to clarify)
[jane] no, i've never not believed you on that
(2:29) [blaine] on what
[jane] on the question of your gender
[jane] i've always trusted you're male
[jane] a sexy, fullgrownman
[jane] hehe
(2:29) [blaine] ooh la la
[jane] i'm using tresseme
[jane] that's why
(2:30) [blaine] what's that
[jane] tressemee (i don't know the spelling) is a hair product. the commercials always end with "oooh la la"
[jane] .......anyways
(2:31) [blaine] i never knew that!
[jane] up
[jane] yup[
[jane] ack
* jane cant type tonight
[jane] er, this morning
(2:32) [blaine] i know
(2:32) [blaine] i should be in bed
(2:32) [blaine] my head is heavy, let alone my eyelids
[jane] i was thinking about what love is earlier today, the definition of it. i thought about our conversation earlier, about how everyone is lonely to some degree, and no one can truly know exactly what another person is undergoing (except God)
[jane] and it occurs to me love is realizing you can't understand another person but trying as hard as you can to do just that
(2:34) [blaine] i agree with that
(2:34) [blaine] that's what i think too
(2:37) [blaine] you hit the nail on the head little jane
* jane pecks blaine's cheek
[jane] good night dear heart
(2:40) * blaine doesn't run away
(2:40) [blaine] night night jane
[jane] some guy in the indie chat thinks i am from the janes!
[jane] sweet
[jane] i can't reply though, there's something wrong with my indie chat room, i can see everything, yet cannot type
[jane] maybe it's fate! maybe i'm not supposed to speak!
[jane] and then he will think he has just spoken with a Jane.......hahaha
[jane] but blaine will know better!
[jane] won't you, blaine?
(2:43) [blaine] i will
[jane] ok :)
[jane] ok.
(2:43) [blaine] but i won't break the illusion
[jane] oh, how nice!
[jane] shanks
(2:44) [blaine] no brablem
[jane] hahahaha
[jane] bra shopping, there's a brablem
(2:44) [blaine] haha
[jane] my mother and i took care of that a few days ago
[jane] it's an ugly scene
[jane] but hey, better than having no bra at all
(2:45) [blaine] did you cry
[jane] or only TOO TIGHT bras
[jane] the killer bras
[jane] those suck
[jane] yes, we shed gallons of tears
(2:45) [blaine] i wouldn't know and i never will!
(2:45) [blaine] :D
[jane] you should have seen it
[jane] lucky you ;D
[jane] i wonder if guys ever go bra shopping with their significant others
[jane] i thought about that while in the dressing room
[jane] what it might be like to go bra shopping, with him sitting on that seat that's always in the corner of dressing rooms
[jane] i think it would be embarassing
[jane] but possibly good
[jane] uh oh
[jane] you're gone
[jane] well, goodnight
[jane] sweet dreams

- 2006-01-03


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