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siiiiiiik (no, really)

dec. 31
(18:47) [Sik] why did you say im sick??
[jane] 'sick' is a new expression for the word 'cool'
[jan] not everyone has heard it though
[jane] i know, i don't get it either
[jane] it's like 'tight' or 'awesome' or 'sweet'
(18:48) [Sik] ohhhh, so when you say you're sick you mean that something is cool
[jane] yup
(18:48) [Sik] ohhh
(18:48) [Sik] where do you live??
[jane] tx
[jane] y tu?
(18:49) [Sik] de mexico!!!!
(18:49) [Sik] wow, hablas espaņol??
[jane] really?
[jane] nope
[jane] only the phrase 'y tu'
[jane] what does sik mean?
[jane] other than the fact that you are sick
(18:49) [Sik] it's the name of a polish bird
[jane] cool
[jane] is your first language spanish
(18:50) [Sik] yup
[jane] i speak french, but english first
(18:50) [Sik] wow
(18:50) [Sik] i can speak a little bit of french
[jane] vraiment? tres cool
[jane] tu as quel age?
(18:51) [Sik] 22, e tu??
[jane] j'ai vignt ans
[jane] vingt
[jane] et toi, tu veux dire
[jane] tu es un mec?
(18:51) [Sik] huh???
(18:51) [Sik] hahahaha
(18:52) [Sik] erm... lets tlak english
(18:52) [Sik] *talk
(18:52) [Sik] hehehehe
[jane] ok
[jane] i can deal with that
[jane] quite well
(18:52) [Sik] what did you try to say me??
[jane] 'tu es un mec?' means are you a guy
(18:52) [Sik] ohhh
(18:53) [Sik] yes i am
(18:53) [Sik] hehe
[jane] je suis senorita
[jane] hey sexy
(sent while offline) [Sik] ohhh, ok
(sent while offline) [Sik] and you're 20 years right??
[jane] yes, 20
(18:55) [Sik] ohhh
(18:55) [Sik] well, at least we are from the same continent
[jane] n. america, an interesting place
[jane] happy new years sweet thing
(18:56) [Sik] hey, happy new years eve for you too!!!!!!!!
* jane unbuttons her shirt
(18:57) [Sik] are you trying to seduce me???
(18:57) [Sik] hahaha
* jane turns on the record player
(18:57) [Sik] hahaha
[jane] does it look like i'm trying to seduce you?
[jane] benjamin braddick
[jane] tsk, tsk
(18:57) [Sik] erm... i think so
[jane] ;D
[jane] would you like seducing?
(18:58) [Sik] and who's benjamin braddick??
[jane] he's a character in that movie The Graduate
(18:59) [Sik] ohhh, yeah yeah
[jane] ben braddick asks mrs. robinson, "are you trying to seduce me?"
(18:59) [Sik] ok, ok, hold on
[jane] so, what do you think?
[jane] hehe
(18:59) [Sik] "are you trying to seduce me mrs. robinson?
[jane] "does it look like i'm trying to seduce you?"
[jane] "would you like a bourbon?
[jane] "
(19:00) [Sik] (tsk, tsk, what's next im my dialogue part??)
[jane] i'm not sure, i forget
(19:00) [Sik] hehe, ok
(19:01) [Sik] let's improve some dialogues
[jane] 'tsk, tsk' is like the phrase 'for shame'
[jane] okay, i'm down with that
(19:01) [Sik] ohhh, ok
(19:01) [Sik] yes, i want a large bourbon
* jane pulls sik close
[jane] "what else do you want?"
(19:02) [Sik] why are you so close to me mrs. robinson??
* jane is satisfied and pours the alcohol, eyeing him
(19:02) [Sik] what are you trying to mean??
* jane winks
(19:02) * Sik winks too
* jane hands him the drink
* jane watches him sip from the glass
(19:03) [Sik] aren't you gonna drink something mrs. robinson??
[jane] do you think i should?
(19:04) [Sik] yes
* jane glances at the available alcohol
(19:04) [Sik] i don't feel comfortable drinking alone
[jane] oh, we can't have that
* jane pours herself a couple of martinis
* jane swishes them down quickly
* jane licks her lips
[jane] how does yours taste?
(19:05) [Sik] terrific
(19:05) [Sik] and yours??
[jane] they were delicious
[jane] as always
(19:06) [Sik] so
[jane] but the question is, are you?
(19:06) [Sik] why did you bring me down here mr's robinson??
[jane] so.......
* jane laughs loudly
(19:06) [Sik] i don't get it yet
* jane looks into sik's eyes
* jane straddles sik in his seat
(19:07) [Sik] wow
* jane wraps her legs around him, taking off his tie
(19:07) [Sik] ohhh, i see
[jane] have you had enough bourbon?
(19:08) [Sik] i don't think so
[jane] drink up
(19:08) [Sik] i don't feel the effects of the drink yet
* jane wiggles her shirt completely off her body
[jane] no one comes home for a few hours now
(19:09) [Sik] ok, let's do it
(19:09) * Sik drinks his bourbon quick
(19:09) [Sik] oh, mrs. robinson
* jane puts her fingers around his neck
[jane] what, dear?
(19:09) [Sik] i think im in love with you
[jane] and please, call me jane
[jane] shhhhhh....
(19:10) * Sik hearts beat harder and harder
* jane puts her tongue on his, massaging it gently
* jane unzips her pants
(19:11) [Sik] that's it
* jane come on now, take your clothes off
* jane you don't need them in front of me, big boy
(19:11) * Sik take his clothes off
(19:12) [Sik] ok, show me what you got jane
* jane takes his hand, leading him into the bedroom
* jane lies down on the blankets, pulling him down with her
[jane] come on, babe
(19:13) [Sik] youre just like in my dreams
* jane slips off her underwear
* jane unhooks her bra
(19:13) [Sik] allow me jane
* jane blushes
(19:13) * Sik unhooks jane's bra
[jane] thank you, sir
(19:14) [Sik] most welcome jane
* jane plunges her tongue into his mouth, exploring his molars
(19:14) [Sik] your legs are incredible jane
(19:15) [Sik] are you doing exercise??
* jane caresses his ass
[jane] i'm just warming up
* jane spreads her thighs wide open for sik
(19:16) [Sik] ok, if you want to
[jane] you know i do
[jane] i need it so bad
* jane shivers
(19:16) [Sik] wow
(19:16) [Sik] i love it that way
* jane pulls sik close to her, her breasts tight against him
* jane sighs
(19:17) * Sik slides his fingers
* jane 's toes curl up
(19:17) [Sik] and touch jane's best secret
(19:18) * Sik touch jane's best liitle secret
* jane clutches and squeezes at his touch
* jane moans
(19:18) * Sik puts his mouth against her breast so smoothly
* jane trembles beneath him
(19:19) [Sik] can you feel my breath jane??
[jane] oh good grief yes
[jane] it's so warm
[jane] i'm ready
(19:19) [Sik] ok
[jane] come on now
(19:19) * Sik puts over jane
(19:20) [Sik] *and let it go slowly
* jane cries out
(19:20) [Sik] ohhh, jane
(19:20) [Sik] you are incredible lady
* jane squeezes around him, not letting go
* jane feels their pulse
* jane gasps
(19:21) [Sik] can you feel it jane??
* jane loves his hard, strong cock
(19:22) [Sik] i want you forever and ever
(19:22) [Sik] i don't want you to leave
[jane] i could do this the rest of my life
(19:22) [Sik] me too jane
* jane gyrates her hips
(19:22) [Sik] i love your hips jane, your lips, your eyes
(19:22) [Sik] everything of you
* jane closes her eyes, her head moving side to side
* jane rests her lips on his
[jane] shhhhh...
[jane] concentrate
(19:23) [Sik] ok
(19:24) * Sik wants to change his position
(19:24) [Sik] do you want to jane?
[jane] where, baby?
[jane] go for it!
[jane] where do you need me?
(19:24) * Sik puts jane over the table
* jane smiles broadly
[jane] come on in
[jane] i need your cock in me NOW
[jane] hurry up!
(19:25) * Sik puts jane's legs over his shoulders
* jane whimpers
(19:25) * Sik and again let it go slowly
* jane is more excited than ever
(19:26) [Sik] and starts slow and go faster and faster
* jane moves her hips with his, mirroring his movements
(19:27) [Sik] ohhh, my god
(19:27) [Sik] it's tight
* jane feels how wet he is, savoring his hard erect cock
(19:27) * Sik puts his mouth in her neck
* jane clenches firmly onto him
(19:27) [Sik] and starts to kiss it
[jane] i love the feel of your cock in my pussy
[jane] fill it up
[jane] you know i need it
(19:28) * Sik give it a kiss in her pussy
[jane] i need it so bad
(19:28) [Sik] jane, someone is calling me
[jane] oh no
[jane] i understand
(19:28) [Sik] can we continue this another day??
[jane] this is so hot!
[jane] yes!
(19:29) [Sik] =)
(19:29) [Sik] ok
(19:29) [Sik] i already add you to my userslist
[jane] ok
(19:29) [Sik] but i'll give you my msn if you want to add me
[jane] i'll do the same then
(19:29) [Sik] [email protected]
[jane] nah
[jane] thanks anyway
(19:29) [Sik] ok jane
[jane] :)
(19:29) [Sik] cheers for now sweetie
(19:29) [Sik] and happy new year!!!
[jane] happy new year!
(19:30) [Sik] cheers
(19:30) [Sik] bye bye
(19:30) [Sik] see you next time
[jane] a tout a l'heure
[jane] babe
(19:30) [Sik] erm... what??
[jane] babe = baby, or sexy thing
(19:31) * Sik says good bye with a kiss in her mouth... and in her pussy
(19:31) [Sik] *her
[jane] oh wow
[jane] thank you
(19:31) [Sik] bye linda
(19:31) [Sik] n_n
[jane] linda?
(19:31) [Sik] guapa, chula, hermosa
[jane] ummmm...
(19:31) [Sik] hehehe
(19:31) [Sik] cute, beautiful, gorgeous
[jane] i need a dictionary :)
(19:32) [Sik] that means all the words that i say
(19:32) [Sik] bye bye
(19:32) [Sik] cheers

6:47 p.m. - 2005-12-31


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