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my last one - and resolutions

(20:09) [Gabe] Hi
[jane] hi
[jane] happy new years
[jane] where are you from
(20:10) [Gabe] for you too
(20:10) [Gabe] I'm from Hungary
[jane] what is your first language?
[jane] i'm from texas
(20:10) [Gabe] Hungarian:)
[jane] i speak english, and some french
[jane] hehehe
[jane] of course
[jane] i wasnt sure
(20:11) [Gabe] :)
[jane] i'm 20 and a girl
[jane] how about you?
(20:12) [Gabe] I'm 22 and a boy
[jane] you speak good english
[jane] are you fluent
[jane] you speak it well
(20:13) [Gabe] Thanks. My knowledge got a bit rusty lately..:)
[jane] did you learn it in school?
(20:14) [Gabe] Ive learnt it from when i was six..:)
[jane] dang
(20:15) [Gabe] or five? I don't remeber exactly
(20:15) [Gabe] remember
[jane] what kind of music do you listen to?
* jane smiles
(20:17) [Gabe] Ambient - Chill-Out, Progressive, a little bit of Trance, but i also like some mainstream acts:)
(20:17) [Gabe] and you?
[jane] pretty much everything i can get my hands on - daphne loves derby, something corporate, old 70s classic rock
[jane] some electronica
[jane] no rap or country, i can't stand it
(20:19) [Gabe] you're from Texas and no country??
[jane] no, it disgusts me
[jane] ew
(20:19) [Gabe] :D
[jane] i defy the stereotype
[jane] jane = opposite of hick
(20:19) * Gabe laughs
[jane] you know the word 'hick'?
[jane] wow
[jane] i'm impressed
* jane kisses gabe gently
(20:21) [Gabe] NOW i cant find the correct word..
[jane] hehe
* jane unbuttons her shirt
(20:22) [Gabe] elpirultam in Hungarian:D
[jane] elpirultam? what does that mean?
(20:22) [Gabe] Im flushed
(20:22) [Gabe] :D
* jane grins at gabe
* jane straddles him, placing his hands on her waist
(20:23) [Gabe] hmmm
[jane] do you understand
(20:24) [Gabe] not bad for the first day of this year..:D
[jane] hehehe
[jane] no, not at all
* jane unzips her skirt and throws it aside
* jane kisses his neck
* jane purrs in his ear
[jane] oh gaaaabe
[jane] are you in the mood?
(20:26) * Gabe thinks this is a fine start for 2006..
[jane] yes indeedy ;D
* jane massages gabe's tongue with hers
* jane takes gabe's hand, leading him into the bedroom
(20:27) [Gabe] hmm this is good..
* jane lies down and slips off her panties
* jane unhooks her bra, staring at him all the time
* jane pulls gabe onto her
[jane] are you ready?
(20:28) [Gabe] yes jane
[jane] well take off your clothes then, baby
[jane] you don't need them
(20:29) [Gabe] im done
* jane kisses gabe deeply, exploring his mouth
* jane shivers
[jane] come on in, big boy
(20:31) [Gabe] here we go...
[jane] oh man
[jane] hurry up
[jane] i need it bad
(20:31) [Gabe] here it is
* jane feels him wet and hard inside her
* jane trembles, crazed
* jane sucks gabe's neck
* jane squeezes him intensely
* jane savors the sensation of him inside her tight pussy
* jane clutches at him, gasping
[jane] oh gabe
[jane] gabe?
[jane] i shouldn't try this with non english speakers
(20:33) [Gabe] you're sooo tight baby
[jane] it's not the same
(20:34) [Gabe] i've understand every single word
* jane licks his earlobes
[jane] really?
(20:34) [Gabe] yes
[jane] well i guess from the age of 5 is fairly far back
[jane] you just haven't written much
(20:35) [Gabe] the thing is im more visual type
(20:35) [Gabe] ive like to see who am i talking to
* jane gazes into gabe's eyes
[jane] sorry no pics
* jane rests gabe's hands on her breasts, showing him just how to massage her
* jane 's pussy grabs for him tingling
(20:37) * Gabe rests jane's hand on his waist
* jane squeezes his hips, gyrating and matching his movements
* jane locks her lips on gabe's mouth
* jane squeezes tightly around his hard wet cock, wishing this would never end
(20:39) * Gabe enjoys the beauty, that rests in front of him
* jane sighs
[jane] do it to me!
* jane slides her pussy on and off his cock, slowly but surely, gaining momentum
* jane cries out
* jane pants
* jane's toes curl up
(20:43) * Gabe slides in more deeply, and deeply
* jane grabs his ass, pushing him in still further
[jane] this isn't doing anything for you, is it?
[jane] hehe
[jane] nevermind :)
(20:46) [Gabe] hmm the thing is i would really like to say these words directly to youre ear, not typeing it down..
[jane] well yeah, me too
[jane] but that's not possible
[jane] :(
[jane] hungary is too far away, sexy
(20:47) [Gabe] pics?:Du
[jane] nope
(20:48) [Gabe] why sexy lady?
[jane] because you could be some creep
[jane] i don't know you
(20:49) [Gabe] hmmm but we had some-sort of sex and i dont even now your face, your hair-eyes color anything:D
[jane] we had cyber sex
[jane] that's what it is
[jane] i have green eyes and red hair
[jane] and you?
(20:51) [Gabe] half-blonde-half brown hair, blue eyes
* jane kisses gabe sweetly
* jane rests her head on his shoulder and looks at the ceiling
* jane "Thanks."
* jane listens to Grease
[jane] what a good soundtrack
(20:54) [Gabe] tell me a little bit more - im curious
(20:54) [Gabe] about yourself of course
* jane grins, baring all her teeth
[jane] im a french major
[jane] and an only child
[jane] bored on new year's eve
[jane] geez, that's pretty sad
(20:55) [Gabe] yes it is
[jane] i love all sorts of music, and movies and musical theater
[jane] well thanks!
[jane] hehe
[jane] i'm going to assume you're kidding
[jane] punk
[jane] i'm kissing you because i have no one else to kiss
[jane] doesn't that make you feel special?
[jane] heh
(20:57) [Gabe] no its sad that a girl - if i can say girl miss - with a fanatasy like your
(20:57) [Gabe] lonely this time of the year
[jane] ah, okay :)
[jane] how sweet
(20:57) [Gabe] yours, ive missed an s:
(20:57) [Gabe] :D
(20:58) [Gabe] msn?:D
[jane] no, sorry
(20:58) [Gabe] just words - and my fantasy?
[jane] my mom is on that, if she were ever to accidently use my screenname and then you got on and started typing dirty things to me -- oh good grief i don't even want to think about it
[jane] yup, you have an active imagination, i'm sure
(20:59) [Gabe] :D
[jane] young people tend to
[jane] i'm amazed you're following all this
(20:59) [Gabe] u can switch users in msn
[jane] i'm not trying to keep it simple or anything
[jane] yeah i know
(21:00) [Gabe] oo i got it
[jane] i just can't be to careful with that mother of mine, you know?
[jane] i bet you do ;D
(21:00) [Gabe] i understad now
(21:00) [Gabe] +n
(21:01) [Gabe] jeee i want a picture about you
[jane] sorry, no can do
(21:01) [Gabe] i have this feeling growing inside me..
[jane] uh oh
(21:01) [Gabe] ?
[jane] :)
[jane] uh oh means 'oh boy' or 'oh geez' or 'oh man' or 'oh dear'
[jane] is that enough synonyms to understand it
(21:02) [Gabe] :D i've got that
[jane] are you hard, baby?
[jane] because i am wet, that's for sure
(21:03) [Gabe] im statig
[jane] statig?
(21:04) [Gabe] dam starting
[jane] ahhh
[jane] good boy!
* jane fingers his cock, sliding up and down
* jane watches her gabe harden in her hand and shivers
* jane licks her lips
* jane gulps
* jane whispers in his ear,
[jane] "Come on, gabe, come for me you sexy thing."
(21:07) * Gabe spreads jane's legs wide and pul her close to him
* jane bends down and suckles his wet hard cock, moving her lips up and down him
* jane looks straight up into his eyes
* jane squeezes him with her lips, and works her tongue around only his head
* jane enjoys his hot juices running down her chin
* jane has had enough
(21:10) * Gabe shouts you're sooo good baby..
(21:11) [Gabe] says not shouts...
* jane rises and slips him inside her, not letting up the squeezing for a moment
* jane trembles
* jane 's skin forms goosebumps
* jane sighs
* jane comes after all this, her hot liquid all over him
* jane lets her fingers run through gabe's locks, coaxing him back to normalcy
* jane "That was wonderful."
[jane] happy new year, gabe
(21:15) [Gabe] Thanks you too

jan. 1
now is as good a time as any, i suppose, to write my new year's resolutions.

1. be consistent in keeping this diary interesting. try to make it more...historic? profound? interesting? something my great great grandchildren will be able to read? hm. well, maybe. but i don't know if i'd rather this be a journal for me, or for others. i wonder if such a feat is even possible.

2. work out twice a week for 40 minutes each time, at LEAST. this habit may not last long, but at least try it.

3. be more money conscious. don't buy everything you see, you don't always need it. avoid going to jamba juice so often. see only so many movies per month. know exactly what you have, what you owe, and when you need to pay it in regards to housing and tuition.

4. get out on the dating scene. if you and some guy don't work out, keep looking. don't get so tied down to liking some kid. you're young! enjoy dating around, don't take it so seriously. kiss a guy if you want, ask him out for coffee. look for male friends first, friends-first relationships tend to work out better than "oh-i-think-you're-so-hot" ones do. besides, i'm not near attractive enough to have one of those latter relationships.

5. improve your grades. truly. i am now on academic probation, therefore i must make a 3.0 GPA next semester in order to stay at ut. i MUST succeed, there's simply nothing more to it.

6. yell at your mom if you have to. she's often in the wrong, and don't you forget it.

7. keep in touch with old friends. krista and lisa, erica, christy, cristy (if you think she's worth the effort), elyse, kayla and any others i may have forgotten are your buddies; don't abandon them. don't let the space between you fill up with silence. don't allow a lack of contact.

8. continue figuring out who you are, but don't become self-absorbed. experiment.

9. get a tattoo. who cares what it is, just so long as you have one.

10. try to look nice. wear makeup, do the working out, eat lighter. don't eat standing up, and don't eat right before bed. drink more water! wash your face every night and morning, no matter what. use your salex twice a day, fool. take care of your skin so it's beautiful.

11. Create a podcast if you have time.

12. Join an organization. Meet friends at ut, you have a measly two. You can do better than that.

13. Go grocery shopping at whole foods more, NOT the jester city market.

14. go to sleep earlier. sleep is KEY, you did not get nearly enough last semester.

15. chill. take it easy sometimes, don't freak out. don't let your eyes grow dull from apathy or veiny red from the computer screen.

16. don't ever try cyber sex again, it's not you.

17. keep your room cleaner, cristy (and mom) will really appreciate it.

18. become closer to God, ever seek Him.

19. give generously.

20. apologize. repent. pray. believe; drown doubt.

i wonder if i should smile to be nice, or only when i mean it. that would be another resolution, if i knew the answer to the question.

8:09 p.m. - 2006-01-01


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