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Rose Bowl & Blaine

jan. 5
[jane] it's sexy blaine!
[jane] hi sexy blaine!
[jane] :)
(0:15) [blaine] hi jane
(0:15) [blaine] congratulations to texas
[jane] thank you!
[jane] i watched part of it on tv
[jane] abc
[jane] so it was on tv in canada? wow
[jane] very cool
(0:16) [blaine] yeah, probably all over the world
(0:16) [blaine] if you have cable or satellite
[jane] ooooooh
[jane] nice
[jane] well, i gave in
[jane] i bought an ipod
(0:17) [blaine] really
(0:17) [blaine] is it nice
[jane] yeah, it's fun
(0:17) [blaine] i have not got one
[jane] 5 ounces of musical goodness!
[jane] yum
(0:18) [blaine] wow cool
(0:18) [blaine] do you have lots of songs on it already
[jane] just a sec
[jane] 1872 tracks
(0:19) [blaine] wow!
(0:19) [blaine] that should do you for a while
[jane] but my mom and i listen to a lot of the same stuff, some of those cds are hers
[jane] yeah, i'll have plenty to do
[jane] and fortunately the ear buds work for me, they don't quite fit inside some people's ears
[jane] and you cant try them on without buying the thing
(0:21) [blaine] you have the perfect sized ears
(0:21) [blaine] good for you jane
[jane] my granddad got one too a few weeks ago
[jane] hahahaha
[jane] yea!
[jane] or does it mean i'm average? ohhhh nooooo~
[jane] i'd rather be anything than ordinary
(0:22) [blaine] even when it comes to ears
(0:22) [blaine] i don't think it matters much
[jane] mmmmm.......nope. i like having average ears, if that's what they are, lol
[jane] for situations like these
[jane] yes, the shape of one's ears doesn't necessarily make one an individual
(0:23) [blaine] not that much
[jane] but shape can determine if ear buds fit, so i've got convenient ears
[jane] hehe 'convenient ears', i like that
[jane] ANYWAYS
[jane] how are you this january 5?
(0:26) [blaine] i'm giving advice to people
[jane] i see :)
* jane thinks that's very nice of him

(i followed some of what he was saying in the indie chat)...

[jane] are not low standards equally depressing when one winds up with a dud?
(0:32) [blaine] no
(0:32) [blaine] own fault
(0:32) [blaine] that's easy advice
[jane] what? oh i disagree
[jane] wait, what?
[jane] i think we're on two different wavelengths
(0:33) [blaine] low standards are your own fault
(0:33) [blaine] any consequences resulting from them
(0:33) [blaine] are your own fault
[jane] sure, but you were saying in indie that high standards are depressing, which implies that you think people shouldn't have them.
(0:36) [blaine] no
(0:36) [blaine] they're just depressing
(0:36) [blaine] it's never fun to separate the wheat from the chaff
[jane] i don't understand. why not? because you might really like a person who doesn't live up to your standards, and that's depressing?
(0:40) [blaine] i don't really want to talk about it that much
(0:41) [blaine] i don't think that all people are bad or anything
(0:41) [blaine] i don't want to sound like that
(0:41) [blaine] but it's harder to be disappointed than easily impressed
(0:41) [blaine] that's my opinion, if yours is different, that's fine
[jane] okay, we don't have to talk about it
[jane] i'm a bit confused on where you stand anyway, not that i necessarily agree
* jane kisses blaine
[jane] hey punk
[jane] let's get along
(1:16) [blaine] howdy
(1:16) [blaine] ok let's
(1:16) [blaine] i'm packing for a trip!
(1:16) [blaine] i'm excited
[jane] cool! where to?
[jane] texas????
[jane] hehe
(1:18) [blaine] haha
(1:18) [blaine] not this time
(1:18) [blaine] for ottawa
(1:18) [blaine] our nation's capital
[jane] oh. boooo.
[jane] that sounds fun!
[jane] what's the occasion? just taking a vacation?
[jane] i'm going to go to bed now, babe
* jane reminds blaine to bring his condoms

- 2006-01-05


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