backyard crowing


chat with Chris the dweeb

jan 6
[jane] hey chris
(0:30) [Chris] oi
(0:30) [Chris] hehe whats up
[jane] i can't keep track in the indie room
[jane] a whole bunch
[jane] no, i don't know
[jane] heh
(0:31) [Chris] yeah things move fast there
(0:31) [Chris] gotta be quick
(0:31) [Chris] when will i ever see the woman behind the name haha?
[jane] nevahhhhh
[jane] hehe
[jane] sorry, i don't do pics
(0:32) [Chris] (0:32) [Chris] its all good i'm just playing with you
(0:32) [Chris] pic or no pic your still cool
[jane] why thank you, mr. chris
(0:33) [Chris] im still young mr doesn't suit me
[jane] how old are you?
(0:33) [Chris] 20
[jane] i'm 19
(0:33) [Chris] nice
[jane] but sometimes i tell people 20 on here
(0:33) [Chris] where you from
[jane] just to mix it up a little
[jane] tx
[jane] and you
(0:34) [Chris] toronto
[jane] wow! cool. canadians are everywhere on slsk
(0:34) [Chris] yeah haha
(0:35) [Chris] you wouldnt be into gram parsons now would you?
[jane] i heard they can't press charges in canada if you download illegally
[jane] no, sorry
[jane] never heard of him
(0:35) [Chris] i dont even know but it seems right
[jane] what seems right? illegal downloading?
(0:36) [Chris] yeah
(0:36) [Chris] you don't have a myspace do you?
[jane] you think it's morally right?
[jane] yes, but i don't give it out
[jane] sorry
(0:36) [Chris] why ?
[jane] so boogeymen don't hunt me down
[jane] i don't know you, i don't know you're not a boogieman
(0:37) [Chris] why would i hunt you down lol
[jane] plain and simple
(0:37) [Chris] i have music on mine thats why
[jane] you can never be too sure
[jane] oh you have a band? that's cool
(0:37) [Chris] no just solo projects
(0:38) [Chris] but im also in a band
(0:38) [Chris] but i dont have a myspace for that
[jane] cool!
(0:38) [Chris] yeah i guess
[jane] what do you play?
(0:38) [Chris] i just put new songs uptoday
(0:39) [Chris] oh everything its weird kinda music i make weird but beautiful
(0:39) [Chris] music
(0:39) [Chris] i play guitar then add all these effects and synth kinda stuff
(0:40) [Chris] you wouldnt think this is the music i would be making when my favorite singer song writer is bob dylan
(0:40) [Chris] but it is haha
[jane] hehe okay
(0:40) [Chris] wanna hear it?
[jane] so you don't really play what you like to hear others play necessarily
[jane] that would mean you giving me your myspace url and me not giving you mine, which is unfair, so no
[jane] but thank you
(0:42) [Chris] why i dont care if you give me yours back or anything
[jane] ok
(0:43) [Chris]
[jane] then sure, why not
[jane] interesting, i like it. definitely experimental, i can see why you don't want people knowing your influences.
(0:48) [Chris] thats not the reason i think its just a corny thing to ask you know?
[jane] not really
[jane] to me
[jane] i think it's interesting hearing who influenced my favorite bands
[jane] and heck, i didn't ask you
(0:49) [Chris] yeah in an interview and a website but myspace is well you know
[jane] ah, okay
[jane] so you feel it's different if you write your influences on a website
[jane] cory
[jane] corny
[jane] whereas in an intereview, it's normal
(0:50) [Chris] everyone posts their influences on myspace i didnt feel likt it
* jane kisses chris on forehead
[jane] you're unique
(0:50) [Chris] haha
(0:51) [Chris] well thanks
(0:51) [Chris] same goes to you
[jane] thank you :)
[jane] do you have any siblings
(0:51) [Chris] no problem
[jane] i have none
(0:51) [Chris] yeah a brother
[jane] is he younger or older
(0:52) [Chris] older
(0:52) [Chris] why?
(0:52) [Chris] your kinda freaking me out
[jane] i'm just curious about siblings, since i don't have any of my own
[jane] what?
[jane] no
[jane] why?
(0:53) [Chris] im joking
(0:53) [Chris] haha
[jane] hahahaha
[jane] a reversal of roles
(0:53) [Chris] whos your favorite singer song writer or band?
[jane] oh many
[jane] just a sec
(0:53) [Chris] you got to name me one
[jane] ONE?
[jane] no fair
(0:54) [Chris] and hes or she gots to be the best on your list
(0:54) [Chris] i named one
[jane] ack, but there's so much more!!!!!
[jane] something corporate
[jane] but again, they're only one
[jane] one of many many bands that i find wonderful
(0:55) [Chris] cool never heard them i heard of them but not their stuff
[jane] they're piano punk-pop rock
(0:56) [Chris] oh cool
[jane] their lead singer is i think dying of something
[jane] :(
(0:56) [Chris] that sucks
[jane] but he has a beautiful voice
(0:56) [Chris] so thats the number one band you love they are the best in your books?
[jane] it's aching, haunting, yet also energetic at times
[jane] i'm sorry?
[jane] no comprende
[jane] best in my books?
[jane] i love catcher in the rye, if that's what you mean
(0:57) [Chris] whatever your favorite band
[jane] what other bands do i like?
(0:58) [Chris] no i asked if something corporate is your favorite band of all time not just one of your favorites
[jane] snow patrol, metallica, u2, iron and wine, decemberists, beck, stevie wonder, america, (don't laugh) hanson
[jane] of all time?
[jane] probably hanson, embarassingly enough. i grew up with hanson.
[jane] i admit it
(0:59) [Chris] awesome thats what i like to hear
(0:59) [Chris] i always think everyone should know or have a favorite band of all time
[jane] yup
(0:59) [Chris] doesnt matter if it changes but at least one its very important
[jane] so bob dylan is yours?
(1:00) [Chris] yup
[jane] hehe
[jane] copycat
(1:00) [Chris] ;)
(1:00) [Chris] copycat?
(1:00) [Chris] oh the yup
(1:00) [Chris] haha
[jane] ypu
[jane] yup
[jane] ahhhhhh!
[jane] i'm inventing words now
[jane] oh dear
(1:02) [Chris] haha
[jane] i love chatting
[jane] it's relaxing
(1:02) [Chris] i can tell
(1:02) [Chris] =)
[jane] do you know any french?
[jane] french is my major
(1:03) [Chris] naa sorry
(1:03) [Chris] your into french?
[jane] that's okay, i'll live
[jane] oui
(1:03) [Chris] tre ben
(1:03) [Chris] haa
[jane] hehe
[jane] are you in college too
[jane] i've heard toronto is a very international city
[jane] diverse
(1:04) [Chris] yes very
(1:05) [Chris] thats what i like about it
[jane] sounds really nice
[jane] i've seen skyline pictures of it, gorgeous!
(1:05) [Chris] yeah texas is nice to no?
[jane] yeah, it's a good place to be. i'd rather be in france though
[jane] austin is a very hip city though, lots of interesting characters there
[jane] houston is hot and muggy
(1:06) [Chris] i knew this guy from texas his name was claude really really cool guy
(1:06) [Chris] met him in college
(1:06) [Chris] but he went back
[jance] boooo
[jane] i've never been to canada but it sounds better than here
(1:07) [Chris] every where has their ups and downs
[jane] this is true
[jane] and i suppose the grass is always greener
(1:08) [Chris] haha
[jane] so i'll shutup
* jane superglues her lips together
(1:08) [Chris] haha
[jane] oh, but i can still type!
(1:08) [Chris] yes yes you can
[jane] now i can't kiss you
[jane] damn
[jane] hehehe
(1:09) [Chris] haha your crazy
[jane] no i'm not
(1:09) [Chris] how do i know you wont stalk me haha
[jane] ;)
[jane] oh boy, here we go again
(1:10) [Chris] haha
* jane rewinds time and refrains from using the superglue
[jane] ahhh
[jane] much better
* jane kisses chris deeply
(1:11) [Chris] haha
(1:11) [Chris] im not into cybering
[jane] yeah, i was and then i wasn't
[jane] well, i wasn't and then i was and then i wasn't
(1:11) [Chris] haha
(1:11) [Chris] im lost
[jane] but the period of time that i was didn't last long
[jane] hahahahahaha
[jane] into cybering
(1:13) [Chris] oh haha
(1:13) [Chris] ur a crazy woman
[jane] no, just horny like everyone else
[jane] every so often
[jane] ;D
(1:13) [Chris] haha
(1:14) [Chris] you dont even have a myspace do you? hehe
[jane] yes i do
[jane] i just don't give it away on here
[jane] punk
(1:15) [Chris] i aint punk im far from punk
[jane] would you prefer ass?
(1:16) [Chris] ima dweeb
[jane] hahaha
[jane] you could say, 'yes, as a matter of fact, i would prefer ass. YOURS."
[jane] lol
[jane] okay, dweeb than
[jane] then
(1:16) [Chris] well i'm broken hearted that you think i'm a boogeyman
* jane takes a needle and sews up chris's oversensitive pumper of blood
(1:17) [Chris] hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[jane] there
[jane] you're better now
(1:18) [Chris] thanks
[jane] dweeb
(1:18) [Chris] almost died
[jane] you're quite welcome
(1:19) [Chris] damn its been raining all day
[jane] boo
[jane] is toronto near ontario? or is it in ontario?
(1:20) [Chris] funny thing its winter but its raining
(1:20) [Chris] its in ontario
[jane] so are you a college dweeb then?
[jane] i'm a sophomore
(1:21) [Chris] cool i don't speak in maths
[jane] maths? hmmm....
(1:22) [Chris] i only speak in song
[jane] chris, you're unique.
[jane] how many times do i have to say it?
[jane] that's cool though
[jane] math is my worst enemy, too
[jane] i would rather eat a frog
[jane] it's that bad
(1:22) [Chris] wow thats not sexy now is it
[jane] nop
[jane] e
[jane] it sho' isn't!
[jane] mmmmmm
* jane licks lips
[jane] FROG!
(1:24) [Chris] haha your weird
(1:24) [Chris] i don't get along with weird girls really
[jane] well then
* jane pouts
[jane] talk to the hand
(1:24) [Chris] ouch
(1:24) [Chris] joking
[jane] really? were you?
(1:25) [Chris] i'm a joker
[jane] because i would find it encouraging if you were in fact joking
[jane] i'm a toker
[jane] well, more than that
(1:32) [Chris] ha?
[jane] ok
[jane] you're a dweeb
[jane] :)
[jane] just kidding
(1:34) [Chris] told you
[jane] you're cute
(1:34) [Chris] what?your speaking in maths
[jane] since when is 'cute' a math word?
(1:35) [Chris] it is :)
[jane] what do you want me to say? attractive? sexy? irresistible?
[jane] now i'm confused
(1:36) [Chris] i jokes i jokes
[jane] i guess i just don't know enough math to know that 'cute' is a math word, lol
(1:36) [Chris] acute angle?
(1:36) [Chris] come on woman where's your edumacation
[jane] you don't miss anything, do you
[jane] pshhh
[jane] i've plenty of that
(1:36) [Chris] haha
[jane] but there's more to come
(1:37) [Chris] i know im sure you do
[jane] and i welcome it with open arms
[jane] scared but open
(1:37) [Chris] maybe your a bigger dweeby then me
[jane] hahaha.....
[jane] maybe
[jane] but music and english dweebies are much cooler than maths
[jane] as you say
(1:38) [Chris] i can't believe ur not hooking me up with your myspace i am disrespected
[jane] hahaha
[jane] i'm sure you are
(1:38) [Chris] i'm crushed like a bug
(1:39) [Chris] on the ground
[jane] you seem dweeb enough to say you won't be offended and then turn around, completely violate
[jane] d
[jane] awwww
[jane] poor chris
* jane revives chris
[jane] i'm sure you'll be fine
[jane] dear
(1:39) [Chris] haha
[jane] what is your first language
(1:40) [Chris] i'm just curious why you wouldnt trust me i know im cool but i respect you still i guess
(1:40) [Chris] english
[jane] why wouldn't i trust you? that's easy. because i don't know you.
[jane] you can't be too careful about these things
(1:41) [Chris] please let me listen to crosby stills nash and young in peace
[jane] huh?
[jane] i will quit chatting with you, if that's what you mean
[jane] oh come on
[jane] i don't honestly think you're a dweeb
[jane] it's you who started that name calling
(1:42) [Chris] joking but i am listening to csny
[jane] csny? never heard of them (or it, or him, or her, or whatever)
(1:43) [Chris] crosby stills nash and young
[jane] yeah, i like some of their stuff
[jane] my mom is a big fan too
(1:43) [Chris] ur mom must be cool
[jane] she is
[jane] quite
[jane] brb, nature calls
(1:45) [Chris] alrighty
[jane] ahhhhhh
[jane] hehe
[jane] much better :)
(1:47) [Chris] oi
[jane] there's nothing like a good piss
[jane] hahahahaha
[jane] oi is right!
* jane yawns
[jane] it is 1:48 am here
(1:48) [Chris] time to go to bed?
[jane] good morning, chris!
[jane] oh no, i'm just waking up!
[jane] haha
(1:48) [Chris] hah
[jane] no, i need to hit the sack
(1:49) [Chris] coo well goodnight jane
[jane] but not too hard, i don't want my hand to hurt afterward
[jane] goodnight
[jane] bonne nuit
(1:49) [Chris] ;)
(1:49) [Chris] i wonder if your cute
(1:49) [Chris] i wont be able to sleep now
(1:49) [Chris] haha
[jane] hehe
(1:50) [Chris] i will never know :(
[jane] awww
[jane] poor boogieman~
(1:50) [Chris] please dont call me that i dont like it
[jane] ok then
(1:51) [Chris] if i was a boogieman u wouldnt be talking ot me :)
* jane kisses chris
[jane] goodnight babe
(1:51) [Chris] ;)
(1:51) [Chris] peace

at some other point in time...

[jane] i'm a midnight something-er
[jane] jk of course
(1:25) [Chris] haha
[jane] gotta love the steve miller band
(1:26) [Chris] your a mystery to me
(1:26) [Chris] sometimes
[jane] awww
[jane] you've never heard that song?
(1:26) [Chris] of course do i look musically retarded to you?
[jane] hahaha
[jane] well, i can't exactly see you with my eyes
[jane] so who's to know?
[jane] and hey
[jane] according to you, you're a dweeb
[jane] although i highly doubt that
(1:27) [Chris] i only speak the truth
(1:27) [Chris] you seen my pictures no?
[jane] no
[jane] what are they on your myspace page
(1:27) [Chris] i'm a neomaxizoomdweebie
(1:27) [Chris] yup
[jane] okay
[jane] just a sec
[jane] you're a 35 year old woman?
[jane] um, what?
(1:29) [Chris] 35 year old woman?
[jane] do you mean you're at
[jane] b/c there is a 35 year old woman at that address
[jane] hahaha
(1:30) [Chris] oh my god are you serious
[jane] so
(1:30) [Chris] someone has that as there myspace name
(1:30) [Chris] omg
[jane] yeah
(1:30) [Chris] im dying of laughter
[jane] and she's a 35 year old woman!!!!
(1:30) [Chris] i just said it because of the breakfast club
[jane] BUUUUURN!
[jane] hehe
[jane] i've seen that movie
[jane] do they say that blasted word in it?
(1:31) [Chris] yeah
(1:31) [Chris] you seen my pictures?
[jane] no
[jane] i thought they were at that address
(1:32) [Chris]
[jane] ok
[jane] just a sec

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