backyard crowing


chris is still chatting with me? huh.

(1:01) [Chris] donna whats up
[jane] not much
[jane] comme d'habitude
(1:01) [Chris] add me to your my space now
(1:01) [Chris] coome se pa?
(1:01) [Chris] haha
[jane] that means as usual
[jane] sorry i won't do it
(1:02) [Chris] for why?
[jane] the boogieman thing, remember
(1:02) [Chris] you know im cool
[jane] no i don't
[jane] meh
(1:03) [Chris] :(
[jane] ;)
[jane] you'll survive
(1:03) [Chris] i have many women on mine i never stocked any of them haha
[jane] stocked? well, i've never stocked anyone either
[jane] stalked maybe, but not stocked
(1:04) [Chris] wow im retarded ttoday
[jane] i don't have people on my shelf
[jane] hehe, that's okay
[jane] it's sort of fun
[jane] don't feel bad
(1:04) [Chris] i dont feel bad
(1:04) [Chris] haha
[jane] well good
[jane] neways
(1:05) [Chris] yeah
(1:05) [Chris] wow your so mysterious
[jane] cool
[jane] thanks
[jane] hehehe
* jane gives chris the eye
(1:06) [Chris] haha ur weird haha
[jane] did you say you were in college
(1:07) [Chris] na graduated two months ago
[jane] sweet
[jane] are you out in the working world then
[jane] is it wonderful or worse
(1:09) [Chris] right now no taking some time off to concentrate on some things first
[jane] that
[jane] 's good
(1:09) [Chris] yup
[jane] what things?
[jane] if you dont mind my asking
(1:10) [Chris] things i cant tell you about :)
[jane] oh
[jane] ok then
[jane] sorry
(1:10) [Chris] dont be sorry
[jane] ok
* jane kisses chris gently
[jane] hahahaha
[jane] can you drink in canada at age 18
(1:12) [Chris] well most parts are 19 but montreal is 18
[jane] do you use celsius or farenheit?
[jane] miles or km?
(1:13) [Chris] celsius and km
(1:14) [Chris] whats up with these questions
[jane] sweet!
[jane] i dont know im bored
[jane] i dont know what else to say
[jane] that's why i've resorted to kissing
(1:14) [Chris] haha i didnt even seen that
[jane] are you curious about tx at all
[jane] you can't spell texas without sex
(1:17) [Chris] haha nice
(1:17) [Chris] never thought about that
[jane] i forgot until a few seconds ago
(1:18) [Chris] haha
(1:18) [Chris] anything new?
[jane] so texas is a pretty boring subject for you. well, it is to me too
[jane] i'm avoiding reality as usual
[jane] trying to get away from money problems
[jane] by ignoring them
(1:19) [Chris] hah that aint good
[jane] yup
(1:19) [Chris] just become an actress or create some art money aint everything
[jane] good stuff too, i have a new roomie who is quite cool
(1:19) [Chris] you dont live at home?
[jane] i agree, but in order to get a degree it's fairly necessary
[jane] nope, a dorm
(1:19) [Chris] cool
[jane] thank goodness
(1:20) [Chris] haha
[jane] they drive me nuts
[jane] they're wonderful too though of course
[jane] "they" being my family
[jane] do you live with the rents?
(1:21) [Chris] my mom
[jane] that's cool
(1:21) [Chris] yup
(1:21) [Chris] shes cool
[jane] i vaguely remember a chat we had before
(1:21) [Chris] yes so do i
[jane] your dad isn't as involved in your life?
[jane] something about my mom and watering plants?
(1:22) [Chris] yeah haha
[jane] that was such a long time ago
(1:23) [Chris] kinda
[jane] feels like it to me
[jane] so much has happened since then
[jane] i met my roomie and we've hung our bookoos
[jane] out
[jane] ha
(1:24) [Chris] bookoos?
[jane] bookoo sounds like "beaucoup", which means "a lot" in french
[jane] it's slang
(1:25) [Chris] oh yeah hehe
[jane] well, i ought to run
[jane] er....sleep
(1:25) [Chris] you gotta go?
(1:25) [Chris] k goodnight
[jane] yup
(1:26) [Chris] think of giving me
[jane] mwah
[jane] sorry?
(1:26) [Chris] your myspace
(1:26) [Chris] sleep on it haha
[jane] hmmm...okay i've thought about it
[jane] no
[jane] you could still be a boogieman you know
[jane] bonne nuit
(1:26) [Chris] alrighty
(1:26) [Chris] when im famous
(1:26) [Chris] dont come around haha
[jane] hehehe
(1:27) [Chris] goodnight
(1:27) [Chris] ;)

1:34 a.m. - 2006-01-24


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