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more Blaine/the Between Boyfriends Book

[jane] hi blaine!
[jane] i downloaded bill nye the science guy :)
(1:52) [blaine] hey jane, that's cool
(1:52) [blaine] how are you
[jane] good, listening to mogwai
[jane] i move back in day after tommorow
[jane] i'll have a new roommate, i don't know who she is yet
[jane] and how are you?
(1:53) [blaine] not too bad
(1:53) [blaine] really tired though
(1:53) [blaine] i'll be in bed before long
[jane] are you sick of school yet?
(1:54) [blaine] only been a week, so no
[jane] tommorow is a monday for you
[jane] oh good
[jane] i miss you
(1:55) [blaine] aw
(1:55) [blaine] you shouldn't
[jane] i know i shouldn't
[jane] so have you bought all your books?
(1:57) [blaine] not even close
(1:57) [blaine] i've bought like two
(1:57) [blaine] i haven't needed them much so far, so i'm holding off
[jane] atta boy!
[jane] jk
[jane] i think there's a book called atta boy
(1:58) [blaine] well i don't have to buy it this semester
[jane] hehe, yeah i think it's a kid's book
[jane] so after this semester you'll have your english degree?
(1:59) [blaine] no, probably after the summer
[jane] wow! that must feel great
(1:59) [blaine] it doesn't feel bad
[jane] and then journalism school
(1:59) [blaine] we'll see
[jane] are you debating not doing the journalism school after all
(2:00) [blaine] not really
(2:00) [blaine] i don't really like to make plans that far ahead
(2:01) [blaine] i don't have to apply until june
(2:01) [blaine] so we'll see how things go
[jane] do you know what you would do if you didn't go off to do journalism?
[jane] or you're just not sure yet
(2:03) [blaine] i don't know, i suppose there are a lot of things for a person to do out there
[jane] my mom is all concerned now as to what i'll do with my french degree
[jane] she's just now getting terrified
(2:04) [blaine] work for the government of canada
(2:04) [blaine] bilingualism is a pre-requisite
[jane] i could? or you could?
(2:04) [blaine] you could
[jane] but is it all i would need?
[jane] that would be great i think, only i'm not a citizen
[jane] I am a citizen of the world!
(2:05) [blaine] lots of people seem to come and work in canada
[jane] i would need to be a canadian citizen, wouldn't i?
(2:05) [blaine] who knows
[jane] that would be great though, especially if i could live in quebec
[jane] have you been to quebec?
(2:06) [blaine] yeah, when i was young
[jane] out of curiosity, would you say girls looking for an MRS degree are giving up on themselves?
(2:08) [blaine] i don't know what MRS degree means
(2:08) [blaine] and life is more than school
[jane] an MRS degree is when a girl quits college b/c of a guy --she goes off and gets married, she becomes a MRS.
(2:09) [blaine] then no
(2:09) [blaine] if that's what they want to do
(2:09) [blaine] school is always there later
[jane] but what if things fall through with her new loverboy?
[jane] what if she can't support herself?
(2:10) [blaine] it's not 1910
[jane] what do you mean by that?
(2:11) [blaine] there are plenty of jobs out there for a woman to get
[jane] you mean that people can survive on their own and support themselves on minimum wage if they try hard enough?
[jane] an untrained woman?
(2:11) [blaine] why minimum wage
[jane] because that's the worst it gets
(2:12) [blaine] not everybody who didn't get a college degree makes minimum wage
[jane] that's the worst case scenario
[jane] i realize they don't
[jane] but i mean girls who SEEK an mrs degree yet don't have a boyfriend to begin with? is that a bad wish to have? are they not confident enough to think they'll make it through college?
(2:13) [blaine] who does that
[jane] who? my friend leah
(2:14) [blaine] if you're asking if that sounds like a retarded way to live, then yes
[jane] she wants an mrs degree, i don't understand it
(2:14) [blaine] it's stupid
(2:14) [blaine] i don't even want to give a good reason why, but people like that are of no use to me
[jane] my mother is freaking out about that stuff. she is divorced
[jane] doesn't want me to be trapped
[jane] but i am the furthest thing away from wishing for an mrs degree
[jane] so yeah...she and i had a big talk
* jane cringes
[jane] i hate saying 'big talk', it makes me sound like i'm five
[jane] good grief
[jane] anyways
(2:17) [blaine] yeah, i guess you get to a certain point where you realise you don't have anyone to please
(2:17) [blaine] not even mom and dad
[jane] when was that for you?
[jane] how freeing!
[jane] i hope i experience that soon
(2:19) [blaine] my parents don't pay for my stuff, so i don't really feel obligated toward them
[jane] is higher education expensive in canada?
(2:20) [blaine] apparently not as expensive as there
[jane] well, and i'm sure some schools are different than other
[jane] s
[jane] i just realized that after this semester i am half way through college
[jane] yipee!
[jane] (unless i get a graduate degree or a second degree, which i'm thinking about)
(2:22) [blaine] that's pretty good
[jane] yeah, i'm excited
[jane] living on my own is closer than i thought
[jane] i'm thrilled
[jane] yet it feels like i have only just started college
(2:23) [blaine] so you're glad it's going by, but you're going to miss it
[jane] did you go to college right out of high school?
[jane] yeah, some of it. my freshman year was awesome. last semester was just okay
[jane] i feel bad when people ask me how college is and i just sit there and lie to them
[jane] i mean, it's a fortunate thing to be educated at all
(2:25) [blaine] yeah, i went to a university for a year and quit, then took a year off
(2:25) [blaine] then started up at the one i'm currently at
[jane] and did you start out as an english major?
(2:26) [blaine] no, you weren't allowed to pick a major in first year
(2:26) [blaine] so you had to take a bunch of garbage
[jane] oh? huh.
[jane] our first two years are mostly required garbage too
[jane] with some leeway on the type of garbage, of course. take science, but one of six different kinds.
[jane] that kind of thing
(2:28) [blaine] yeah, that kind of stuff bothers me, but oh well
(2:28) [blaine] i just take whatever seems the easiest
[jane] i take what i don't think anybody else will take
[jane] weird obscure subjects
[jane] unless it's math or science, in which case the easiest is always the wisest decision for me
[jane] but even then, i put myself in astronomy for some reason
[jane] good night, i think my mother has no confidence in me at all
[jane] yet her standards are so high
[jane] she says she has confidence in me
(2:31) [blaine] you're going to bed?
[jane] yet i don't feel it at all
[jane] no, not for a few more minute
[jane] ss
[jane] are you?
(2:31) [blaine] pretty soon
[jane] i was just using 'good night' as an expression, hehe
(2:32) [blaine] oh
* jane hugs blaine
(2:33) [blaine] thanks jane
(2:33) * blaine hugs jane back
[jane] awww
[jane] you'd think i was an affectionate person!
(2:34) [jane] you're not huh
[jane] not in life, no
[jane] i wish i was, sort of
[jane] are you?
(2:36) [blaine] not overly, no
[jane] i guess being affectionate is typically a feminine characteristic
[jane] or it's perceived that way
(2:38) [blaine] seems like it
[jane] would you mind repressing your feelings? that is what we ask of the world's males
[jane] i think
[jane] sometimes
[jane] and women getting mad too--like anger is unfeminine
[jane] am i making any sense to you?
[jane] oh geez
(2:39) [blaine] yeah, it makes sense, it's just not stuff i really think about
[jane] so it doesn't bother you?
(2:40) [blaine] no
(2:40) [blaine] i pretty much do what i feel like doing
[jane] i just finished a book today by cindy chupack (author of sex and the city) called between boyfriends
(2:40) [blaine] there isn't some audience out there to play for
[jane] 'between girlfriends' -- that's a much better term than single! hehe
[jane] then again that implies being single is somehow a bad state to be in
[jane] so nevermind
[jane] perhaps it sounds less lonely
[jane] or intermittent
[jane] like, 'well, i don't have a boyfriend at the moment, but i may tommorow. check back then.'
(2:43) [blaine] i guess if all that stuff is really important to you
[jane] and it's not, really
(2:44) [blaine] who wants a stupid boyfriend or girlfriend rather than none
[jane] that book is hilarious though
(2:44) [blaine] what does that prove
[jane] nothing, except the ability to maintain a relationship i guess
[jane] and that one is appealing
[jane] to the opposite sex
(2:45) [blaine] not really overly interesting or unique skills when you think about it
(2:46) [blaine] winding up married and with kids is pretty much the norm
(2:46) [blaine] anyway, i'm tired
[jane] ok blaine
(2:46) [blaine] i'll talk to you later on jane
* jane kisses blaine
(2:46) [blaine] take good care
(2:46) [blaine] haha aw
[jane] you too
(2:46) [jane] you're cute jane
(2:46) [blaine] have a good move back to school
[jane] so are you :)
[jane] thanks!
(2:46) [blaine] later

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