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meeting a posse! maybe i'll have friends ce semestre!

Okay, I want to remember from tonight's festivities:

Ashley - Roommates with Jennifer. Sweet girl, she stopped watching the movie tonight to go out in the hall and have a conversation with someone on her cell phone.

Jennifer - Roommates with Ashley. Some people (like Blake) call her Jen. She is a pseudo-vegetarian and likes Bolthouse farms drinks, or whatever they're called. She has a loud magenta comforter that her boyfriend Robson gave her when he spilt hair dye on her black covers. She is Jewish and a bit of a goth, I guess. She is a biology major. Her twin also goes to school here and is an engineering major who paints beautifully, although I think she lives in a different dorm. Jennifer saw me once in the laundry room, I vaguely remember it, and she reminded me of it. She seems wary of me, I'm not sure why. Perhaps I seemed rude in the laundry room, I don't know.

Robson - Jennifer's boyfriend, who wasn't present tonight and who I'm not familiar with.

Blake - A big guy, extremely friendly. He was my partner for taboo during one of the rounds, he likes games and Magic the Gathering cards.

Tim - One of the Asian guys, cute. He's a gamer guy, like a lot of the rest of them.

Greg - Another gamer guy. Cute, short, loud, and blonde. Cute? What am I saying? He's very attractive. He may come off as obnoxious to some, but I don't know...but David still seems cooler, and more my speed.

Dallas - The guys's RA. Nice guy, but strict from what I hear. Still, he got involved tonight and played taboo with us. He's nice, and quieter than I would have imagined.

Emily - One of my next door neighbors! Very nice, is a nursing major and LOVES football. Her roommate (Rachel) accidentally walked in on her making out with her new man friend last semester.

Leslie - Asian girl who wasn't present for most of tonight's festivities. Very sweet, always has her door open. Enjoys cheesy Disney soundtracks.

David - Of course I know who this is. He wasn't there tonight though, I'm not sure if he even hangs with these people, but maybe. I wouldn't be surprised if he did.

Who else?

-a cute hispanic guy (Him: "Something they wear in my country." One of the girls, hesitantly: "Sombreros?")

-another cute Asian guy other than Tim whose name I can't remember

-another guy I was partners with for taboo.

-probably others that I am forgetting, I met so many people tonight it's not even funny!


12:29 a.m. - 2006-01-15


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