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rude people give me something to write about

i put the following entry on my xanga page too, so it addresses a few people i actually know:

erm...i guess i'll write something here, since i haven't in quite some time. i'm involved with a play now called "La Cage Aux Folles", and working on the set furniture, props, etc. life is extremely busy, and i just read the script of donnie darko, has anyone seen that? well, i'll be seeing it tonight with my rtf class, i'm looking forward to it.

but that's boring, i suppose...

so, i'll tell you instead about this truly obnoxious dude that tried to sell me a magazine the other day in front of jester. here was the conversation:

Him: Are you friendly?

Me: Ummm...yes?

Him: (laughs) Ok, you're probably like "Wow he's weird!"

Me: No. (I hate when people make that assumption, that you don't want to talk to them or that you think they're strange. Don't accuse me of thinking something mean, because I'm probably not. You're not in my head, dickhead.)

Him: Could you give me a couple of minutes of your time? It'll be really brief I promise.

Me: Yeah, okay. (I had nothing better to do.)

Him: I'm conducting this poll. I'm supposed to get people to like me, do you think you can do that?

Me: Okay...

Him: (Sits down on the ground, so I sit as well.) Do you like magazines?

Me: Sometimes.

Him: (Handing me a card with magazine titles on the front) I'm trying to win a trip to Paris, and to do that I have to win points. Now, have you ever been to Paris?

Me: Yes, twice. I'm a french major.

Him: Really? Well I'll give you my extra ticket then, we can go together. (Catching the attention of his friend) Hey, I'm giving her my extra ticket, okay? Sorry man.

Me: (Laughs) Okay...

Him: Where are you from?

Me: Houston.

Him: Houston...that's cool. Do you know anybody with the family name Seas? Because my last name is Seas, maybe you know some of my family.

Me: Yeah, I knew a Kate Seas*.

Him: No way! She's my cousin.

Me: Yeah, we were in band together! She was a drum major, I remember.

Him: That's wild! my friend over here met somebody who knew his aunt! Very cool. (calling out to friend, pointing at me) Hey, she knows my cousin!

Him: Oh, right. Um, so just ask me how much a few of these magazines cost--anything that interests you, ask me how much it is.

Me: (Scans the card)

Him: What do you like to do? What's your major?

Me: (slightly annoyed) French.

Him: Do you like cooking? We have some cooking magazines. I think there's a french cooking magazine.

Me: Not really.

Him: Music? Movies?

Me: Yeah, I like music.

Him: Well, we have Rolling Stone and Spin magazine, do you like those? Most people pick Spin, it's more interesting and it gives me triple the points anyway. So ask me how much Spin costs.

Me: (humoring him), how much is Spin?

Him: (rattles off numbers, 86 cents an issue or some shit like that) So, would you like to help me?

Me: (uninterested) Um, how? Like by buying a magazine?

Him: Yeah.

Me: Oh, I'm not going to buy anything.

Him: (seriously, looking straight at me without raising his voice at the end of the question) Why?

Me: (can't believe he is actually asking this) Well, because I am a college student and I have tuition to pay, it's expensive.

Him: Everybody else here is in college, and they're buying magazines.

Me: (walking off) Well, sorry.

Him: People around here are fucking weird.

Me: Fucking weird? So I am fucking weird? Why's that?

Him: You ask somebody how much something is, and then you don't buy it.

Me: (now completely unenchanted) I thought I was helping you! Don't you win points if I ask you something?

Him: (angrily) No! I only get points if you buy something! (mutters to self)

Me: Whatever. Good luck, Paris is beatiful.

Him: GD, if I hear another 'good luck' I'm going to shoot something.

Me: (walks off for good, and for her own good)

So that was one of the rudest encounters with a salesmen--or anyone, for that matter, I have ever experienced. I'm not even mad, just amused by the whole outlandish situation. I guess some people just aren't meant to be in sales. But...

I could argue that kid into the floor which was refreshing, rarely do I feel so certain that my side is best, or that I'm doing the absolute 'right' thing in a given situation. I'm glad I met that jerk, it was a boost of confidence.

*Names are changed to protect the very, VERY innocent. Kate is and was my friend; I don't blame her for a minute.

11:33 p.m. - 2006-02-04


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