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Donnie Darko!

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-madison square gardens?
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-Imagine Lennon Remembrance
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oy, i <3 ny!


I found this on someone's blog, it's hilarious, i often feel like this:
"I don't know, I don't know. I don't know why I update. There's nothing to say."
-no clue as to who


Okay, this is HILARIOUS, found it on myspace:
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For RTF we saw Donnie Darko and then took a survey. Here are my answers.

Donnie Darko Survey answers:

In your own words, what happened in this film?

At the start of the film, suburbian teenager Donnie Darko sleepwalks out of his house, following a giant bunny rabbit named Frank. He escapes death because some sort of unidentifiable plane engine falls from the sky and into his very bedroom. From this point on, he continues to have hallucinations of Frank throughout the movie, and because Frank saved his life, he feels he must obey the bunny. Frank convinces him to flood his school by busting the water tank and then burning down Jim Cunningham's house, and he tells the kid exactly when the world will end, which is in about a month. He also meets a girl during the story, and they start dating, and a teacher who tells him about time travel. He learns that his ancient neighbor "Grandma Death", or Roberta Sparrow, wrote a book on the philosophy of time travel, which frightens him. The book reflects his hallucinations, and he writes a letter to Miss Sparrow, yet is afraid to speak with her. At the end of the film, he throws a party at his house, and suddenly feels an urge to go talk to her, as the world is ending in only a few minutes. He drags his girlfriend and a few friends with him, and knocks on the front door. Remembering a clue that his teacher unintentionally gave him, he tries knocking on the cellar door, and enters the cellar where he and his girlfriend are captured by some school bullies. One of the bullies has a knife to his throat, but he does not kill Donnie because a car drives up to the house, running over and killing the girlfriend. Two people step out of the car, and one of them is Frank. Donnie then takes out a gun that he was led to earlier in the film and shoots Frank. The kids leave the scene and Donnie drives off with his now dead girlfriend in the passenger's seat, and he smiles--I'm not sure why. He parks on a cliff and watches a thick cloud in the sky, and time reverses until the beginning of the film, when the engine (an engine of a time machine, perhaps?) falls into his room. This time around Donnie is killed because he does not sleepwalk to the golf course, and his would-be girlfriend stands outside his home, and asks a neighborhood kid what happened. She of course never met Donnie, and waves confusedly to his mother.

What if anything, is Donnie's goal?

I think his goal is to recover from his mental illness and lead a happy, unhindered life. Yet at the same time he smiles fairly often, so he seems in that way like he is not too troubled, but perhaps some of the smiling is simply present to help the audience understand how 'ill' he is. He is the tortured genius or artist, and he wants people to tell the truth and give honest, forthright advice, unlike Jim Cunningham. He is also like many highschoolers focused on getting the girl, so she is another goal and companion of his. Donnie wants to see the "good guys" of his world (such as his teacher, Karen Pomeroy) to succeed and gain recognition for their hard work.

What are the themes in this film?

1. We do not understand what other people go through everyday, or what inner battles they may face. We do not know their history or what wrongs they have endured, so we should respect each other and truly care.
2. Do not believe everything you hear. A heralded person may have no clue as to what they are talking about, so form your own opinions, and stay skeptical. Make your beliefs yours.

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