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single awareness day

i'm starting to see how people grow old quickly. i'm so busy lately with the play and school anymore, it's insane. i just want some time to be alone, the weekend is never enough. i can't believe it's already three or so weeks away from spring break...i don't want to go home. maybe i should just tell that to my roommate and my mother, two people who think i'm leaving. nine days...i'd love to have nine days to myself here in austin. i'm an only child, i don't bore easily...

and it occurs to me just how independent i am, especially with my roommate. she always asks me if i want to go eat, go to the grocery store, or run an errand with her, and it's getting fairly annoying. she can consume food without me by her side, this i am sure of. meh. meeeeeeh.

and it's v-day today, aka single awareness day. i'm really not unhappy, just worried about how all the day's events will unfold. i just need sleep, and to have my homework done. friday hurry up! i need today to be friday in the worst way. but hey, tuesday has only been in motion for 32 minutes, so i'm not doing too well, am i?

also something i've noticed:
guys talked to me yesterday. huh. i communicated with a whopping 8 males yesterday, which is a lot more than usual. and i even spoke with 3 at once in the elevator! yikes! (that would be jaime, matt, and robson). i now know everyone but david. er, i know him but he doesn't know me.

what other males did i speak with?
-jonathan, a guy who had the same french class as me at utsa
-a kid from my rtf class (doesn't count as a potential dude, he was just taking a survey)
-david (he's the play director, not the guy i'm eyeing)
-some other guy in the play
-the dude in the audio visual library

ok, ok, some (or all) of these are anything but possible boyfriends, but i still am amazed at the sheer number of men i've spoken with today.

is that lame or what?

oh well. happy valentine's day, crazies.

12:28 a.m. - 2006-02-14


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