backyard crowing


i hope i'm never deafened

listening to: the indigo girls, Rites of Passage

oi, i love the indigo girls. i really hope i never grow deaf in my old age, i'd much rather be blind or mute.

so i'm debating whether or not losing one's cellphone is such a bad thing or not. for one thing i don't have to worry about the parents calling and mom only has the internet at work, so she can only e-mail me there...but i need to talk to her! ahhhh!

good things are (clap clap) happening.

i remember...

during high school one day I took a day off (mom gave me 1 per semester, we dubbed them 'mental health' days and dad was always quite the skeptic) and I can remember saying to her in the garage, "See, you learn something everyday, even when you're not at school!" she couldn't stop laughing. and really, most of my education wasn't from a classroom. nor is anyone else's, i'm willing to bet.

- Sunday, Feb. 26, 2006


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