backyard crowing


break my ankle, will you?

i'm writing in blue in hopes that the temperature will go down.

my mom has asthma! my uncle is in rehab! i am healthy!

"'Cause I came, and I spoke, and you ran.'" - Guster

r stayed, d ran. what else is there to know?

....well. it was quite a day, once again. i am taking these days one at a time, and eventually spring break will be here. a week from day after tommorow and i will be on a bus. YAY.

i figured out why i'm so crazy lately, i just started my period, right before the play. at least i have it though, and nothing's wrong with my reproductive system. it's an inconvenience, yes, but i like knowing that i can (hopefully) bear children one day. the messiness is worth the eventual potential outcome.

i think i'm getting sick though, in addition to the monthly dot. i really hope dad and grandma send money soon. dad is taking $50 out of what he usually gives me every month to replace my cellphone. i don't really want one in the first place, especially if it's refurbished. the stupid insurance policy says it promises a refurbished WORKING phone, but what good is a refurbished phone? ahhhh! whatever phone company we have is lame, lame, LAME!

but i guess that's all, other than that i need to apologize to david for having acted like a jerk the other day. i'm so nervous. i'm ridiculous.

somebody shoot me.

honestly, i keep hoping i break my ankle or something.

9:52 pm - Wednesday, Mar. 01, 2006


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