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give me your hand, i want to contact the living

mom's birthday is in four days!

so robson kissed me! just on the cheek, and it was somewhat awkward, but sweet nonetheless and now it has become a pleasant habit. he's sleeping now i'm sure, as i should be. i wish i could fall asleep in planes and cars now, because if i could do that, i would probably be back in his room right now, spending a chaste unconscious night with him. he's more affectionate than i'm accustomed to, but i love that! i love being close to him, but he's never there for long. that bed of his is small though...or i am just to big for it. or WE are just too big for it. i don't understand why he likes slightly oafish me, when he has a glorious, thin, lean body.

the guy is just so...nice. i mean he is genuinely polite and caring and why would a girl break up with him ever? and why did he come to me?!

i want to hug him, or kiss him goodmorning or goodnight.

we didn't go clubbing, we just rode the bus to 6th street and walked around, talking. we sat on a bench for about an hour, chewing the fat.

and i'm starting to realize just how close he is with his roommate, and i can't forget a best friend's approval. i don't think there's any problem there, ramon is a cool guy.

i was thinking earlier about how badly i need mom to call me, but really--it's fine. life is fine. i'm going to figure it out.

- Saturday, Mar. 04, 2006


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