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last play night! dad visits! was the last day of the play! didn't see robson all day (nice little break, people need that) but dad came to a-town! he called at 4:22ish and asked if he could come. he could!

after the play we went to kerbey lane and oddly enough didn't encounter leah (albin in 2nd half of play) and her father, who were there at the exact same time. after that we went to the cast party. strangely enough it was my first college party (and cast party) and dad went. i am a strange STRANGE girl. anyhow he was certainly welcome and even told me i could drink champagne, he wouldn't tell mom.

champagne on a sunday night!

i didn't drink any and magan protested. why not take advantage, right?
i don't know. i want to encounter alcohol in college on my own terms.
there was no way in hell i was going to drink in front of my dad; it's too...

and dependent is one thing i'm not.

...and do you remember gigglepants boy, the one who sat on the lawn? m. k. champion. that's his name. that's his friggin' NAME. saw him at the play, made eye contact, looked at my watch, and then looked directly back at him as if to wonder how long until the show, or until he shows up in my life. the redheaded dude who found a seat next to him came through the door i was holding open, and he asked me if i was acting in the play. i told him no, i was doing sound and lights, techie stuff. i hope i see this m. k. again. i'm pretty sure i will. he wrote this:

"all i know is a sideways glance
is more than enough to set a heart a-dance."

so if he's any advocate of his own writing, he may have caught on.

the next gigglepants thing is march 22. i am SO THERE. i need to go mark it on my calendrier.

yes, i am a sucker for guys, even now that i "have" one.

- Sunday, Mar. 05, 2006


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