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"just do what comes naturally." - robson on being physical, what a great guy! one of the few i know my parents would really think highly of.

leila asked me if robson had asked me to be his girlfriend yet, and he has not. i'm not worried about that though--why make it all so formal? if someone asked me who robson is, i would probably say i was seeing him, not that i was his girlfriend, but what do titles matter? i'm not bothered that he hasn't asked me yet, and i'm not really expecting him to. in my head i already consider him my boyfriend, and i suppose for him it's likewise but i'm not too concerned. i'll wait and see if he puts up the whole "in a relationship" thing on facebook. i'll follow his lead.

on a *same* note, he said he liked me today, in R2, that room full of people, that unofficial living room of the tenth floor. of course no one was paying attention to him or i at the time, they were all busy with other conversations. naturally i told him i liked him too.

so maybe part of liking someone is being able to french kiss them. i hope so.

we saw the movie Saw in david's near itemless room tonight, which wasn't toooo awkward, although i did notice robson became much more affectionate while we were there, all grabbing my hands and wrapping me in his green blanket like the phantom of the opera. maybe he knows about the whatever-it-was that went on between david and i? senses it? oh goodness, i have no idea. the bottom line is that david didn't make a move--robson did.

but something struck me today, gnawed on me for quite a while. i have imagined david and i without clothes on many a night. robson?


oh. my. gosh.

tie. red.


natalie, james, kara, some other girl and i met tonight to make the french presentation. i think we'll get a good grade, but natalie worries so much, the poor dear. i'm sure we'll do fine, it's people like her who become valedictorians.

i slept through my alarm again today and didn't go to french conversation. i'm beginning to think i'll burn in david's (read: french instructor's) hell starting now.

i also learned today that robson's mother is a housewife. uh oh. housewives and i have automatic bad history.

i wonder what david's mother does.

i did NOT just think that.


oh! and we (that is robson and i) went to wendy's this afternoon. very boring, not much to say. the REAL fun part was just hanging out with him in his bedroom. kate and bao came in, and did i mention i LOVE kate?! she's such a sweetheart, and knows just what to say to make people feel at ease, even if she doesn't realize it. wowsers.

shoutout to kate! I LOVE YOU, KATE!


and poor leslie ate some bad chicken today and threw up. all my pity goes out to her, that must suck. kate also mentioned she threw up ramen noodles in the shower the other day, but not our showers. YAY KATE.

-------------- far there is kate and bao, jenn and greg, marco and leslie, brandon and emily, and robson and i. i never thought i'd be half of a couple in a group such as this, so small and contained and easily jostled. wish me luck!

robson and i playing mancala in his room. ramon took this one.

1:45 am - Wednesday, Mar. 08, 2006


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