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it's a small world after all

"Today is yesterday's tommorow, tommorow's yesterday is today, and today is tommorow's yesterday." - my fantastic roommate leila and jaime, who i have now dubbed a sort of God of the 10th floor, since he seems to know everything that goes on, and yet still loves everyone and wants people to be happy and good to each other

i'm starting to get to the point where i think i may genuinely miss college someday.

"My eyes hurt when I stare at the sun Because it's really bright I can't see colors right anymore The dog is turning indigo"
- this is off of jenn's facebook profile, it's a message lacking all grammar left by her twin sister jessica, and i think it's hilarious even though i don't know the girl.

i just hope i don't lose track of myself. i can't.
there's my libido, and then there's who i am. two separate entities competing with one another, how do normal people function?

so i found out from the ever-handy facebook that jenn is in a relationship with greg. yes, this is the same greg that works at tcby, the same greg that i once found angrily charming (before robson, and before even david). at one point (did i tell you this, diary?) i left a little note on his door saying "LUXURIOUS powertools!" after a fun night of the awesome game known as apples to apples. same greg! what a small world we live in. i only hope the drama of the 10th floor never gets so out of hand that i regret staying here next year.

and i also noticed jenn is taking portugese. i wonder if she was doing that anyway, or if robson had anything to do with it.

leila told me she thought that right after robson and jenn broke up, jenn was already seeing greg. so i don't know how it all went down. i just assumed they broke up because of artistic differences.

jenn is an awesome person, i always admired her when i knew her well, she impressed me. she's so serious and full of interesting things to say. she has her beliefs and she doesn't take just any joke lightly--which is for her a good, good thing. i have nothing in all honesty against her, only awkwardness. i wish her the best, and i know a slight pang upon finding out about her new beau is completely ridiculous, and has soon been forgotten.

- Monday, Mar. 06, 2006


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