backyard crowing


uncle out of rehab

tommorow is mom's birthday!

ack, this cold thing is driving me nuts. all i do is sneeze. at least i haven't on robson, just in class and whatnot.

"What's attractive about a runny nose?" - some anthropology book i sneaked a peak at, it was elyse's and quite fascinating

uncle carl got out of rehab. dad says that now he feels less able to beat the alcoholism since now the spotlight is on him, and everyone knows. but we're all praying and rooting for him; i know he can do it.

i also got a check from g&g, and a twenty from granddad and grandma. YAY.

still nothing from dad, as usual. i should have made that man pay me while he was in town, but i honest to goodness forgot. mom would never believe that last sentence, though. she's convinced i'm scared to ask him for money. i'm convinced i often can't wait to die already.

- Tuesday, Mar. 07, 2006


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