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i don't know if i'm even the girlfriend type, or the married type. maybe i simply won't marry. i think i'm too independent for much commitment--it's how i'm built. or maybe i'm just scared. how many guys want to up and move to france? what is there in france that we don't have here? why do i write all the time? am i wasting my time? surely i need to travel; surely travel will be a huge part of my life. i'm addicted to anything new and different, in my nature is a need to keep discovering. i don't want to become old in my way of thinking. i realize eventually one day we all become wrinkled and our limbs and organs stop functioning properly after a time, but my mind is what i most want to continue to flower with youth. if i can't skydive at the age of 50, so be it; but i don't ever want to run out of cliffs to jump within my head. life's real challenges are mental in the first place, i'm convinced.


So, do you think that listening to Enya's music promotes good money-spending habits?

This is what my dreams are telling me lately.

- Friday, Mar. 10, 2006


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