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Love Day is June 12. On June 12th of 1967, interracial marriages were legalized! I'm in a facebook group called "All Those In Favor of Sexy Interracial Dating." it is pure awesomeness.

often i feel my parents think my problems are petty.

they are very real to me.

why doesn't my mom ask more about robson? has she heard enough?

what, is she jealous? good grief i should think not.

this conflict i'm experiencing is real, it's the farthest from fake i could ever imagine.

why am i writing today?
why do i write in general?

i believe these questions should be addressed each time i sit down to write. why do it if there is not a reason behind the motions?
why waste time?

mom asked me the other day about almost famous, a movie i mentioned to her for the umpteenth time. she asked me if i ever thought about changing majors, and referred i am assuming to a career in writing. i suppose i still do. but where would i go from here?


oh, kill me now. isn't that the copout? isn't that surrender?
isn't that spitting out what has already occurred in the world?
isn't that describing when, who, what, why, where, and how over and over again?
isn't that bland?
purely informational?

and imagine me as a reporter...would i even be interested in what i was writing about? and if i'm not intrinsically interested in my subject, i would surely sink.

writing books typically requires one to be a reporter, though--the author of white oleander interviewed many adopted kids before she started writing the tale of ingrid and astrid.

and i like interviewing! i love inventing questions to ask people!
i love finding out weird information about foreign locations, fascinating careers, and darn near anything that captures my fancy...

but the question is, could i force myself to fancy the happenings around me, like politics, or the ricin scare, or any current event whatsoever?

i NEVER watch the news. i NEVER read the newspaper. when i find out about news, it's because my parents call me, and i proceed to be bored.

the only time i really paid attention to the news last semester was when i thought rita might mow down all of houston.

i had to have the living shit scared out of me first.

12:51 pm - Monday, Mar. 13, 2006


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