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janeane tries to write a poem but then gets distracted

today i got my third installment of the hepatitis b vaccine. usually people get this little process done with when they are a few months old, but not me, because somebody forgot. and i'm not at all pointing fingers, too much of that happens in my family already.

i tried to tell the lady at the doctor's office about my health insurance situation, but she didn't listen. i tell her we haven't met the deductible this year yet, and she doesn't even look at me. she then tells me she will call the insurance company to see if we have met the deductible, so i go along with the charade. my appointment was for 2pm, but with all the nonsense (and a toddler screaming all the while, it's a pediatrician) i didn't leave the place until 3pm.

i then call my friend susie q, because she asked me to call her after my appointment is over. she wanted to hang out afterward, and i was up for it. so she calls me, and gee! she already has one friend over, and isn't allowed another. i cannot WAIT until i am the payer of everything that needs paying for myself. then the rules are all mine. *rubs palms together*

ah, but that's when years slip past us and we wake up each morning a little more fat, wrinkly, and disgruntled. better to be young and freedomless? nah.

and anyhow i want to be a cool grandma. you know, like the ones that dress up in tye dye and curse and become vegan and travel to africa to join the peace corps for a couple of years and couldn't care less about what people think of them; because hey, they'll die soon. why should they listen to you?

which forces me to wonder: am i a boring young person?

and: why am i a french major?

if you had...
the eye of an eagle
the brain of a savant
the nose of a beagle
the ear of the blinded
the feel of a fish
the touch of a lover
the voice of a stream
the scent of a buttercup
the heart of a believer
the piety of a nun
the obedience of a daughter
the respect of a son
the curiosity of a child
the patience of the mild
the joy of a
i wouldn't care.
or, alternatively...i wouldn't love you.

"ooooooh, marie! i sure hope you're happy!" - sheryl crow

"It's my hobby, let me have it." -Elyse
that's something my roommate said last year when her friend complained that she had too many dvds. it's the quote i will use if anyone tries to tell me i have too many cds.

- Tuesday, Mar. 14, 2006


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