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explanation of my first kiss, eek!

i just lost everything i wrote, so trying angrily to piece it back together...

i'm really not too angry anymore, all i needed was a few minutes and billy joel to soothe my nerves.

"i got the old man's car, i got a jazz guitar, i got a job at ZAN! ZI! BAR!"

i wish i could play the piano when i hear his music. i want to dance with robson. chinese disco, baby!

krista and lisa and i went to jamba juice today, we talked for about an hour straight! it was lots of fun, and they got accepted to an exchange program next year to go to new hampshire! how exciting, they're such nice people and deserve only the best. i'm so proud! they work incredibly hard at school (i was always amazed at their report cards on the fridge, usually one B and the rest were A's!) and they truly care about whatever they're studying, even if it's not a crazy interesting topic (organic chemistry, anyone?). i've known them (twins) since we were tiny tots, kindergardeners infact. kindergarteners? i can't schpell that word!

Kinny-garners. That's right, I'm quoting my own short story.

the word for "child" in german is "kinder". there is a chocolate bar brand called kinder as well. so it's like when you eat a kinder bar, you're eating children. YUM.

i wish robson would call...he should call before midnight, and it's now 11:01. it would be nice to hear his voice again, he's such a sweet guy. i'm excited to be going back to school again, i can hang out with him and get hugs and pecks again! wow i am a nerd. yes, a never ending radical dudette. i wonder when he will go in for the kill and just kiss me, tongue and all? i shouldn't be too hasty. remember last time i tried to french kiss a guy? oh, the horror! i don't want to think about it.

i guess since it's the only thing on my mind, i will tell you about it.

we were on our first date, seeing charlie and the chocolate factory at the movie theater. we had started the night by going to 59 diner, so that was quite fun, and now picture this:
we're in my car, and i'm dropping him off at his car. we get by with rather awkward goodbye, and he says to me oh-so-matter-of-factly, "i'm going to kiss you now." okay. "okay", i reply, not knowing what to expect.
end of story: he leans in for a peck; i don't. embarrassment ensued.

i don't want to talk or write about this little situation anymore, i'm in a perfectly nice guy standing right now and haven't managed to ruin anything yet. good NIGHT!

- Thursday, Mar. 16, 2006


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