backyard crowing


this has been annoyed by zinnia


i hate mean people. (argh, doesn't everyone?) last night i decided to be funny and write "WRITE OR DIE!!!" on our (scratch that) MY whiteboard on the outside of our room. you know, just to get a reaction, or someone to continue the joke. but no. zinnia came by while i was elsewhere and wrote something in spanish, and then later knocked on the door and told me "Geez, yeah, that's a scary threat. That's scary." Yeah. And I am the bloody cookie monster. Be afraid.

i even posted a pic of zinnia on facebook, because i'm nice!

the douche!

to make things worse, brisa came by later and wrote another little something in spanish, too. thank you, people with no sense of humor. you are what makes the ever-loving depressED world go round.

and i'm listening to HEART, because that is angry, go fuck yourself music.

9:09 pm - Wednesday, Mar. 22, 2006


lovesounds - futuresex


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