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spring break dreams

okay, so here's a dream i had a couple of days ago:

i am about to get married, about i don't know who the lucky guy is. i throw a shower at my house (which is for some reason many stories high in the dream, perhaps it's that i consider my dorm my home) and instead of a frilly, postured event, it's a typical college shindig; alcohol and dancing abound. i walk up the stairs and sit down next to three people. one is a police officer, one is some innocent guy, and the last is a man in black, who is trying to kill unaware little me. the policeman shoots the innocent guy, and i cannot figure out why. then it dawns on me that the man in black is looking to kill me, but he has suddenly dissapeared. he roams around the mansionlike house, killing all of my friends and family. i witnessed him killing dad in particular, but i can't remember what his weapon was. then only i remain in the house, and i know that i can kill him, so i lock all the doors and board up all the windows, he's trapped. i then take a thick black rubber cord and drape it around the house, and i lead it straight to me, the bait. i wait impatiently for him, but he never comes. then everything gets fuzzy, and i stay at some friend's house for the night. i am dumbfounded as to how he got loose, i wonder where he is. the next morning i ride my bike around my house, which is surrounded by cop cars and flics investigating. i can't figure out why he didn't come get me the night before. he wanted to kill me, yet he couldn't even face me.

robson's latest dream, it was over spring break:
he goes to the doctor, who tells him there is fatal poison in his veins. he knows he will die slowly and painfully with this posion in him, so he shoots himself while he gets a moment alone. he then becomes a ghost and talks to people he knows, friends and family. they don't seem too freaked out about his being undead and all, oddly enough. then he finds out he could have lived, because he heard the doctor wrong. so, sad ending...

robson never scares at horror movies, he always laughs at other people who jump. he noted that this dream scared him, and didn't want to tell it to me over the phone...yet after i explained the above dream, he revealed it.

we played monopoly for two hours in the study lounge tonight. ick. sooooo boring and all the while i was wishing we were making out instead.

i remember one day elyse told me to just ask chris (a guy i was then dating) "Wanna make out?"

i wish i had her kind of bravery! i would find an entrance such as that embarrassing and nerveracking to deliver. i mean sure, the guy would probably oblige, but even then what would he think? some guys are turned off by girls so forward as that! i wouldn't want to lose robson over one simple question. i wouldn't mind a make out session at this point, though...

at what point do people start kissing with tongue in a relationship? am i in too much of a rush? should i just swallow a bullet like he did in his dream already? can i be in a relationship? huh? can i?

- Tuesday, Mar. 21, 2006


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