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nerf wars, aka what never ending radical dudes do on friday nights

i apologize in advance if this page takes forever to load with all the pics.

so, it was a friday night. the tenth floorians gathered in R2 and watched The Replacements. we then asked, what's better than a nerf war in the game (ahem) study room? yesssssss...

i have GOT to get a nerf gun, this looks like too much fun.

here's kate, being cool in the hallway before the battle started:

kate went to school with robson, but they never met. she's a frosh and dating bao. i just learned she has an ex-fiancee. wow.

before the destruction:

ramon, paul, and brandon being charlie's angels:

emily, who also documented the destruction that night:

hank joined the battle with his uber cool gun:

knock 'em dead, babe!

tammy, an innocent bystander:

and here's a picture that emily took--L to R is me, tammy, and brandon:

jorge was also a part of the fiasco, but i didn't get a shot of him. i have a real facebook album now!

- Friday, Mar. 24, 2006


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