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i have an anthropology test today. ahhhhhhhhhhh!

there's also one on friday in rtf. and the fafsa is due on friday.

so, i have no time to write to your pretty little face, anyone who's paying attention.

i did, however, give my two cents to a friend who was wondering, "If we speak differently to different people, how do we know our true selves?"

my two cents were as follows:

"...and on the talking as your true self thing...when you're talking to an elder or a boss, you probably wouldn't address them saying 'yo' or 'hey you', as you might with a buddy. this is common sense, and a practical way to keep your job. but at the same time, if you're always speaking for someone else's benefit, i suppose it's difficult, as you say, to find your true self, or your voice.

it's easy to let yourself be drowned out by another's presence.
i guess the key is to find your voice, use it loudly and proudly, and disregard any naysayers."

two tests this week, il me faut andele.

- Wednesday, Mar. 29, 2006


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