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sometimes i think maybe it's just that i think i'm too fat to have a boyfriend, because that's probably what mom thinks about herself sometimes. i'm so far from her situation, though, i don't need to worry...only i do, and i do all the time.

she called me tuesday in a rage because i have 5 overdraft fees, one after the other. i'm so sick and tired of my life. i'm just so tired. i don't feel like hearing her bitch anymore, but i know summer is bitching defined--that is, unless i can go to hawaii, which is pretty much hopeless seeing as she didn't even want to tell me about that possibility.

i don't feel like calling her back, or dad for that matter, because he doesn't know robson broke up with me yet. this is one of those times when i wish my parents would suck it up and communicate with each other once in a while, despite their differences. if he already knew, he would have called, and i wouldn't need to fill him in on everything. i should call both of my parents, and each call will suck righteously. mom is pissed as all get out and dad will try to care, only he'll be busy with something, so he won't be able to talk or listen to whatever i have to say. this morning life was okay...until i decided to up and skip my anthropology lab. then it was a monstrous effort to get up and go to my rtf discussion section, but i'm glad i went.

i can't keep running like this. i hate my life.

leila's great grandfather was president of panama for a few years! it's always interesting learning about her family history. and by the way, her brother is autistic....more on that discussion later, if i remember to mention it.

- Wednesday, Apr. 05, 2006


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