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i suppose i should write, as wednesday is well on its way.

i checked the mail today, nothing but a bank something for leila. mom says she sent me a card, which i appreciate ever so much. i regret what i said before, about the only lesson that i learned from that situation was that i hate her. i don't hate her, of course, and my angry words were written in the heat of the moment.

would you look at that?! i'm using the passive voice. "my angry words were written" sounds less accountable than "i wrote angry words" now, doesn't it?

i have a french test tommorow that i haven't studied for, but i'm not stressing too much. i had an anthropology lab today, and i get to go do it over again tommorow grace a my wonderful t.a. i think she understands math makes me cry, even when there is little of it.

jaime helped me set up this cool downloading program (a bit like soulseek), and i've been watching old episodes of the o.c. lately. that's another first here lately--first time to download something other than music illegally.

i'll be completely honest, jaime brought a big smile to my face when he came to help me out. it feels like forever since i've hung out with the tenth floorians; i miss them. it was they who made me think to myself, "you know, someday i may genuinely miss college." it was they who made me want to take pictures of everyone and post them all over facebook for the world and her brother to see. i had planned to make two albums, the first consisting of pictures of austin and its architecture, the second containing only photos of people i have met in this city, primarily tenth floorians, the ones i'm so thankful for. the title for the first album was, "what i once loved about austin," and the second, "what i love about austin now."

yes, i am cheesy, but little gestures like that are the ones i always remember.

my only final is (i think) on may 10th, and it's in french. we aren't required to move out of the dorms until the 16th or 17th, so i'm very tempted to tell my parents that my last final is the 15th or so. i just love this city, and i want to stay here and enjoy it for as long as i can before i go back to houston. i don't want to lie, and i probably won't, but i have a bad feeling mom will demand i come home the second i exit my last final, probably to look for a job and figure out what community college courses (oooh, a triple C!) i will enroll in. but i'm not ready for that. yes, i know it's a month away i'm talking about, but i don't want to leave this place. i need some sort of closure for this year, i don't know what it is...i want to feel a goodbye, as holden caulfield said it. i know i'm returning next year, don't have another sophomore year of college, and this is it for me. i'm not even sure what is so special about the year anyway--perhaps it's nothing extraordinary at all. i like to think that my life is fairly...i like to reflect. i want that chance.

i told myself i wouldn't write anything about robson today. so i'm not.

it has been twelve days since he broke up with me, and we were together only a month. soon two sundays ago will be ancient history, and in some ways, i've already forgotten his name.

robson who? yeah, right. get real, janeane.

did i mention i sold back some books the other day to raise money to feed myself? yeah. YAY.

i'm listening to "How Bizarre" by OMC. gotta love the 90s...

i hope dad's job hunt is going well. i never hear from him about it, but maybe he'll hear about it soon, as grandma and grandpa are coming to visit him for i don't know how long. they will be in houston for easter weekend. no, i'm not going.

i remember last easter! it was so fun and free! i was in love with life. i need to get back to that, whatever it was. oomph.

and here's a fun quote:
"You never know with a smile, it could lead to a dance."
-from a friend of my french conversation prof's

11:51 pm - Tuesday, Apr. 11, 2006


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