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at 1:29 pm:

have you ever blah blah blah'd?

well, let me just obnoxiously interrupt you and say that that, my friend, is precisely what i did today. it was fantastic.

(i wish i had something interesting to say in place of 'blah blah blah' today). alas.

later that day:

lately i feel more and more like i just want someone closely related to me to die, so that i can inherit some money, take a semester off, and have a right to feel sad about something for a while. you know, something people can really sympathize with, something i can't possibly hide. i actually looked at scissors today in cvs and thought about buying them and slitting my wrists right there and then, in the bathroom. and it scared me, i don't think i've ever plotted my own demise in such a real manner. i would never do it, and if i did, i wouldn't get away with it. someone would walk in just before i did the deed, i'm convinced. God has plans for me yet, i need to remember that.

later still that day:

leila, brisa, zinnia, elisa and a few other people i don't know went clubbing tonight and didn't invite me. i would not have said yes anyway, but i would have like the invitation, anyway...meh. i'm watching leila's movies instead, a lot like love and just like heaven. i'm in the mood for cheesy love stories tonight.

1:29 pm - Friday, Apr. 21, 2006


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