backyard crowing


i, i, i...

I hurt: myself
I love: guys
I hate: ridiculousness (which is relative)
I cry: all the time
I fear: everything
I hope: for everything
I sadden: constantly
I feel alone: sometimes
I kill: nothing
I talk: when i can
I listen:all the time
I break: if i can
I see: what i want
I smell: butter
I relate: to everything
I taste: popcorn, at the moment
I drink: no alcohol
I work: consistently, sometimes (ha).
I remember: lots
I hold: on
I hide: and seek
I pray: to God
I walk: a mile in other people's shoes
I drive: a car
I read: with a mind
I burn: paper
I breathe: oxygen
I play: the bass clarinet
I miss:my family, but not very much or very often
I touch: people, or at least i hope i do
I learn:from everyone, so long as i'm not being an ignorant jerk
I feel: helpless
I smoke: nothing
I know: what i know (that's a paul simon song reference)
I dream: awake or asleep
I have: what i need
I think: i'm okay
I want: to fly
I fall: up
I wait: for long
I need: you
I live: my life,


i love my roommate! she is so fantastically awesome! we went to moe's today for burritos and coffee.

- Monday, Apr. 24, 2006


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