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1.) spell your name out in band names.:
Jimmy Eat World
Autumn Effect
Nine Inch Nails
Everything But The Girl
Engine Down

2) Have you ever had a song written about you?: sort of. my dad once wrote songs for computer games (like ultima, be impressed) and he wrote one called "janeane's french horns" or something. i was a baby then. so yeah, i have!

3) What songs make you cry?: "Yesterday" by the beatles reminds me of my parents' divorce.

4) What songs make you happy?: lots...lately it's kung fu fighting and jackie blue. i love the song jackie blue!

WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?: black pants, an awesome tye dye t-shirt with a cactus in the middle. it screams and it was only ten bucks, so i had to have it.

WHAT SONG ARE YOU LISTENING TO?: Expo '86 by Deathcab For Cutie



HOW ARE YOU?: alright. procrastinating.


HAVE A BAD HABIT?: procrastinating.

GET ALONG WITH YOUR PARENTS?: as often as i can.

BOYFRIEND?: single at the moment.
CHILDREN?: someday
BEEN HURT?: yeah, but not too bad
YOUR GREATEST REGRET(S)?: not hugging david. i should have hugged him. dag nabit!
GONE OUT WITH A SOMEONE YOU ONLY KNEW FOR THREE DAYS?: HAHAHA. i've gone out with a guy i met on the internet. i went out with a guy i randomly met at a half price books store; he gave me his number. i also went out to dinner spontaneously one night with a guy i met on a bus. we were on our way home from a rehearsal for the austin city limits music festival last semester, and randomly decided to go have dinner. he was 27, and i 19, so i never called him back. again, HAHAHA!


YOUR CD PLAYER HAS IN IT RIGHT NOW?: the who's "Who's Next?"
CELEBRITY CRUSH: joseph fiennes
IF YOU WERE A CRAYON: i would count on you not holding me over a flame.
WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?: music, writing, french.

Seven things in your room:
1. my almost dead bamboo
2. black and white say anything poster
3. iPod
4. 0g of chocolate (i'm MSing, i need the endorphin release badly right now)
5. my low self esteem
6. a bunch of unsorted laundry
7. my roommate leila, doing her homework

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex:
1. eyes
2. smile
3. general openness, outgoing people
4. candid people, people that won't be fake, genuine people
5. good senses of humor
6. someone who is attracted to me in return
7. someone i can trust and who makes for good conversation. i especially like those who can talk about personal and controversial issues, and not be afraid. i feel so much that when people talk about certain issues, they can't help but like each other afterward. and when i say 'like', i mean respecting someone and enjoying their company, not necessarily a romantic liking.
8. confidence
9. cheerfulness, optimism, a zest for life
10. i like the skinny, nerdy, artsy types
(i know, i cheated, i want 10)

seven things you say most
1. yo diggity (online only)
2. whoosh (also online only)
3. wow
4. i'm sorry
5. i'm not sure
6. really
7. great

Do You: i do.
Smoke? nope
Read the newspaper?: not too often, which is ironic (and perhaps unfortunate?) as i am going to be a journalism major now
Pray?: yes
Floss?: not nearly as often as i should...maybe once a month, whenever i think about it

Have you ever:
Been in love?: i thought i was...maybe not. probably just puppy love. yeah, i'm referring to cousinly love. yikes!
Had a medical emergency?: yeah, i broke my left wrist in 7th grade at church camp.
Had surgery?: only to remove my wisdom teeth, thanks be to God!
Swam in the dark?: well, yes, but there were lights built into the side of the pool. sounds sexy!
Got Drunk: nope
Ran away from home?: no, but i wrote a story about me running away when i was in 5th grade not long after my parents divorced.
Beaten someone up?: no, ha! it's not really in my nature.
Gotten beaten up?: nope. although a girl pushed another girl on my behalf my freshman year in high school! i didn't see her do it, but she told me later. the chick didn't mess with me after that.
Slept outdoors?: yes, for the first time last weekend. i did the global night commute and spent the night outside the capital building. it was my first time to sleep under the stars. granted, i didn't get much sleep, but oh well. i've also slept in tents, but that doesn't count for really sleeping outside.
Pulled an all nighter?: sure, many times.
If yes, what is your record?: hm. i have no idea.

Been on radio/tv?:yes
Been to a party: yes
Gotten lost in the woods?: oh, probably! i'm not good with directions.
Do you have any gay/lesbian friends?: yes
Wallet: do i have one? sure. what kind of question is that?!
Coffee: frappucinos, and occasional black, the real stuff
Cologne/Perfume: j'adore and eau fantastique.

In the last 24 Hours have you...
Cried: no! the last 48, yes, but 24, no! (like i said, i'm MSing).
Bought something: yes, foodzorz. chocolate (again, endorphins), and other food products.
Gotten sick: no. go me!
Sang: yes, just now i was singing to death cab for cutie
Been kissed: no. ah, well.
Talked to an ex: no. i don't mind talking to him, though. robson's a pretty cool guy.
Talked to someone you have a crush on: eh, no. not really. he's cute, but my real crush is somebody else. i'm referring to matt, a kid on my floor. the REAL crush is david, another kid on my floor. SO hot, and irish, but he's blonde instead of red. ;) oh, david!
Had a serious talk: yes, with mom. fortunately i didn't get yelled at!
Missed someone: yeah, my mom probably. not too much though.
Hugged someone: no
Argued with a parent(s): no! that's something i'm very, very, VERY thankful for, especially since major arguing could very well have occurred, considering my circumstances. (i'm dropping a class).
Masturbated: no
Threw up: no

Thing you drank: water
Thing you ate: a granny smith apple
Place you went: bathroom, haha!
Person you kissed: geez. robson. way to make me sad, idget! i haven't been kissed in over a month! not even a peck! in a month! good grief... that's okay, someday i will have a husband who will kiss me everyday, and more than a peck. that's the plan.
Person you talked to: zinnia. that's depressing because LEILA is my roommate, she's mad at me, and she's sitting right across the room from me right now. we've barely spoken all day.
Person you IMed: marcus, oddly enough. he's the dude i met on the internet and then went for coffee with at midnight.
Song you heard: "lightness" by deathcab for cutie

- Tuesday, May. 02, 2006


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