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i cried

okay, you know what?

i'm writing this shit, i'm so fucking tired of my roommate.

i was planning on going to a certain protesting event (the invisible children) but then decided not to. then out of the blue, the day of, i decided i would go after all. so, i packed up my things, and told her, "so, i'm going to this global commute thing," and her response was, "thanks for telling me." i did tell her, and then i told her i wasn't going after all, and then when i changed my mind i assumed she wouldn't want to go after all! the sick fuck! i hate her!

thank god we only have two more weeks. she's giving me the silent treatment, and i am glad as all hell.

if she was so intent on going to the event, why didn't she just get up and go herself, like i did? why the fuck does she need someone to go with her to places? i have sat through many a concert, movie, dinner, what-have-you alone and happy as a clam. gain some independence, you freak! i didn't know anyone when i got up and started packing, i met people there who i had never seen before. they were sweet, kind people. i just don't get it, i don't get her and her crazy oversensitive feelings. she has begun to ignore me, and i don't care. good fucking riddance. your happiness is not my responsibility.

AND (what a sick fuck)

last weekend she and a few of OUR friends were going clubbing, and she nor anyone invited me to the night out. now, i would not have said yes if they had asked me, but i still like to be asked. this is why i love ruthie so much, she's so open to anyone and everyone coming to whatever she has planned. she can make you feel so welcome you think you're at home.

so iffin's she's mad at me (and she is), she has not the right.

- Sunday, April. 30, 2006


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