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a question i saw somewhere on the internet, and cut and pasted it into a wordpad file--it is what i struggle with:

Is it important in this life to live every moment to its fullest, and try to do everything that interests you even if some people consider it immoral?
i always give people 2 eprops on xanga because i always forget to change the number. part of me feels like giving less than two would seem unreasonably critical, as most of my xanga friends write for fun only.
we all crowded into the room, having waited outside for a nervous four minutes.

(okay, i started a story about a guy who changes his major last minute by not taking a math test. he throws his calculator at the clock because he doesn't want to be an electrical engineer anymore; he never did. his dad did.)
the first time i saw the movie "Closer" was in the amc theater with my friend amanda a few months ago. the actors were once old and young--now they're just actors. how has this changed me? why do i now see four people, instead of two old people and two young ones?
okay, idea for a story:

romance story -- two very high profile actors -- one is *like* jude law, and gets engaged to a model (or some sort of famous person) and the other comes from (maybe) less wealthy background.

the two meet and play lovers in a major motion picture, sort of have a thing for each other, but never really DO anything about it--not even kiss offscreen. so then the jude law guy messes up his thing with his would-be fiance, and our main girl sees that he's a floozy. then what? do they end up together? i don't know, maybe. if so, not without much drama.

*realizes this story is soooo typical*

- Sunday, May. 07, 2006


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