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cheapo discs with dad

i'm completely and utterly sleep deprived, but dad and i finally made it back to houston.

we started the journey getting out of the dorm 25 minutes late, so there's now a $25 bounty on our heads. shame on us! ah, well. it's really not my fault, and dad has said he will take care of it. mom will go bonkers though, she was expecting this kind of shenanigan.

now time for mom's yells. i will be mauled whenever i wake up, so part of me wants to just stay asleep as long as i can. hey, if i stay up now, i'll sleep till later!

dad and i went to cheapo discs, a very austin record store i've discovered on north lamar. i'm in love with that place. they have a wider selection of records than anywhere else i've seen (but i haven't been to too many record stores yet, don't think i'm a connoisseur), and the staff is friendly. they have a contest where you leave them your e-mail address and then guess what contestants will win what reality shows. american idol, the amazing race, and american inventor were some of the ones i saw. if you guess the winner, you have a chance at winning gift certificates. why didn't i enter? oh yeah, i was dead on my feet.


then we ate and went to strait music to look for some kind of drum mike. dad was almost late for work.

"Ohhhhh, BIG FUN!!!"
-every friggin' furby in the world, even the ones that have lost their batteries

ta ta!

- Wednesday, May. 17, 2006


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