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i heart hippies

today i went to the record store twice, and i went for the first time yesterday. this is the record store in wimberley, mind you, i'm on vacation. it's inside an antique store called "Shared Memories", and i heard about it from the old lady at the wimberley visitor center. the hippie owner of the shop has this tiny little closet piled high with crates upon crates of records selling for a dollar a piece, and two dollars for double albums!

this beats cheapo discs in austin by a long shot, in fact i've seen a couple of albums that i paid 4-5 bucks for there, for 1 buck here. ah, well.

i'm taking advantage of this sale, i've bought 30 or so records from the guy. the last time i went in, he didn't charge me tax, said it was the 'after-hours' sale! hah!

mom says he'll remember me.


i noticed he was wearing a Hotel California t-shirt, so i commented on it, as it's the very album sitting on my turntable at home right now. he told me he saw the eagles in houston at rice stadium years ago, and that melissa etheridge was playing before them that night. he said that he hadn't heard of her before the concert, and that when she got up on stage and began to sing, the crowd of 90,000 emitted a noise that literally KNOCKED HER DOWN. she got back up and dusted herself off, saying, "Well! Hellooooo Houston!"

(or something like that).

anyways, isn't that a great story?! i'm glad he wore that shirt. can you imagine NINETY THOUSAND people? woah. :)

- Sunday, May. 28, 2006


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