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buts (that's 'goals' in french)

i had a really horrible dream last night that felt so real--too real, it disturbed me as i thought it was occurring.

it was halfway through the semester and i realized that i hadn't gone to a single class period of my intro to journalism class, and i hadn't turned anything in. i was screwed.

i'm making a list of things that i'm going to improve on for next year, in order to help me get my grades up to a 2.25 gpa. here it is:

1. read more of what you're supposed to read. 80% or more.
2. do NOT miss class. you can't afford it.
3. do NOT be late to class, get there early so you get a good seat up close.
4. do NOT procrastinate. get things done as soon as they are assigned. get your knees in it. don't hesitate, just do what you know you have to do.
5. study somewhere other than your dorm room. pcl, study rooms, and fac are all good places.
6. do one social thing a week. budget the time you spend with friends. i mean it--one social thing a week, no more.
7. do NOT do the french play next year.
8. go ahead and volunteer at acl next year if you don't have major testage coming up--it's only one weekend, and you love it.
9. talk to your professors!
10. if there isn't a study group, make one.
11. get into a regular sleeping schedule.
12. do NOT spend too much time surfing the internet.
13. if you don't want to study, make small goals with small rewards. for example, say to yourself, "after i reach page 30, i can break for 15 minutes of web surfing/snacking/jumping up and down/whatever." this will make studying go faster.
14. be aware of the grades you need to be making along the way.
15. find tutoring if you can for your classes, and GO TO IT.

2:36 pm - Wednesday, May. 31, 2006


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