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medium well

so i'm definitely rooming with anya next year! w00t! it's official!
it would be funny if my mom randomly broke into song with this parody that i invented:

"You better shape up,
'cause I need a daughter,
and my only one is you,
You better shape up,
You better undastaaaaand,
To my mind I must be truuuuuue!"
i reread part of my diary from 1997, when i was ages 10-11. i was going through my parents divorce.

at the beginning of one of the entries, written in scraggly handwriting, is this:

"I am feeling medium well today.'

now, i don't usually think i'm cute, but this is a precious little phrase. it reminds me of those little things you hear as a child, those things you think mean one thing, but really they're something completely different. children are great at 'misusing' words to their benefit, they seem to excel at getting their point across uniquely, even if it means comparing their day to a steak.

- Saturday, May. 27, 2006


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