backyard crowing


8 months

i have known david exactly eight months now. actually, a few days longer, since i met him in an elevator.

i met him in an elevator, and i said goodbye to him in an elevator.

that's sign enough for most people that it's time to move on.


listening to: snow patrol
hoping: i'll get to really write tonight

apparently snow patrol has a new album out.

went to wimberley (yes, with an extra 'e' that i wasn't expecting) and shopped till i dropped.

hopefully we don't get burned out on each other.

"Somebody's had their laxative." (or muscle relaxer, or whatever)
"If you wish to partake in wrapped candies during the performance, please unwrap them NOW."

for some reason, the word 'laxative' works for me in this context, even though it makes no sense. muscle relaxer might be much more amusing to the rest of the public.

janeane: 4
spiders: 0

saw clouds tonight underneath the stars. brilliant.

saw 'joseph and the technicolor dreamcoat' at the emily ann theater tonight.

i now have a record collection. i mean really, a RECORD COLLECTION. yup yup.

i miss david. i don't even know david.
sometimes (like last night before i fell asleep) i think about he and i talking to each other, married, in bed. he turns to me and says it's the best sex he's ever had in his life. i smile and kiss him on the cheek, and cuddle closer.
je reve.

i can feel my tired feet at this point, and a shower did a world of good for my backache.

- Monday, May. 29, 2006


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